Useful tools and resources for students

Useful Tools And Resources For Students
Useful tools and resources for students 2

Aid the Student has been the resource students trust to improve their finances. We now have over 1,000 regularly updated guides.

For some of our meatier guides an online calculator, comparison tool or editable checklist can make life a whole lot easier when putting our advice into practice.

This page is a live collection of all the handy tools and resources we’ve created for students, from understanding your specific loan repayments to finding the best phone contract. If you want to see the tools to use to grow your blog, website and online business. Head over to our TOOLBOX page.

At the bottom we’ve also picked out some highlight guides and a couple of inspirational student stories we’ve covered.

Downloads & printables

Budgeting spreadsheet

This single resource could change your world in terms of saving money. Read our budgeting guide to understand how best to use this spreadsheet.

CV template

This free CV template has been designed with students and graduates in mind. Use it as a base to build up and help structure your CV. More tips and advice in How to write a great CV.

If you are looking for the skills based CV template, you can also download that here.

House viewing checklist

Score and compare each property with our one-page printable checklist to take on viewings. This should be used in conjunction with our guide on viewing student houses to avoid nasty surprises and over-priced rental properties.

What to take to university checklist

It can be totally overwhelming trying to pack ahead of moving to university for the first time. Use our free Google Doc to craft your own personal checklist, but please read the full what to take to uni guide first…

1p saving challenge

To Aid around £670 in a year, you can use our free spreadsheet to track your progress with the 1p saving challenge (available for leap years and non-leap years).
For more info about this money-saving technique, have a read of our 1p saving challenge guide.

Student meal plan

Planning what to eat, when and working out how much it’ll cost you can seem like a chore. But not anymore! We’ve created both downloadable shopping lists and a list of recipes that will last you a month for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks!

Student Money Cheat Sheet

The Student Money Takeaway distils the very best advice from our website onto just 2 pages. It’s designed to be accessible, fun and engaging.

We created this resource in response to alarming findings from our recent student surveys, particularly with 57% reporting poor mental health due to money worries.

A printed leaflet version has been well received by over 70 university services and unions to aid them in supporting their students. To place a leaflet order please contact us.

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This page is just a snippet of what we have across Aid the Student! Use the top navigation to browse through the categories. And get in touch to request any other tools 

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