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How to make money listening to music (2024)

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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You probably listen to music daily, but did you know that you can get paid to listen to music online?

If you often listen to music while using your computer, watching TV, eating, or working, there are plenty of applications, websites, and music services that are free to use and will pay you to do so.

Being paid to listen to music is a legitimate way to earn money online from home or anywhere with an internet connection, and it’s a pleasant side job if you enjoy music. In this post, I will outline 10 websites that will pay you to listen to music and how you can make money on them. 

1. Spotify

With Spotify, you can instantly stream millions of music on your computer, mobile device, tablet, or television. Press play to start streaming whatever you choose, including the newest songs and old favourites. Additionally, you may download songs to listen to offline. You may instantly access limitless, ad-free music with Spotify. However, have you ever considered making money off of your Spotify playlist?

If you’re able to create playlists that a lot of Spotify users listen to you may be approached by artists to include their songs in your playlist for a fee, especially up-and-coming artists. New artists may contact you to be included in your playlist if it has thousands of plays per day. 

You may utilize services like PlaylistPush, which allows you to put your playlist in their directory, which is a great resource for artists looking to be included in high-quality playlists. 

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2. Earnably

Similar to Swagbucks, Earnably offers fast cash and gift cards to users who do easy online activities, complete surveys, and view videos. But unlike other applications, it doesn’t provide you rewards for playing games.

Listening to music is one of the ways you can use Earnably to earn money and gift cards. As you listen to your preferred radio stations, you will accrue points. Your points may be redeemed for gift cards from your preferred brands and stores or quick PayPal cash.

To increase your earnings, you may invite your followers, friends, and relatives. You will get 10% of an Earnably member’s lifetime earnings when they sign up using your exclusive referral link.

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3. Musicxray

The biggest and most dependable music-listening website that pays you to listen to music is called Musicxray. For every song you listen to, you get paid. It only takes 30 seconds or less to listen. 

You may choose the genres you want to listen to, so you can be compensated for your tastes in music. It’s a fantastic opportunity to supplement your income while doing something you love. This implies that the quantity of music available for listening is contingent upon the tracks that musicians within your favoured genres are sharing.

Up to $12 per hour, or around $0.10 per 30 seconds, is what Music Xray pays. To cash out, you must have at least $10. The funds are available for withdrawal from your PayPal account. There is no cost to sign up. If you are active on this site and want to listen to music all day, you may make between $100 and $200 every month.

4. Playlist Push

If you could listen to music and get paid for your reviews, how awesome would that be? You can accomplish just that using Playlist Push. The platform’s goal is to assist independent musicians and vocalists and elevate gifted singers to a higher level. This website is for you if you believe you have a good ear for music and can write reviews.

You must be the owner of a playlist on Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music to be eligible for the curator program. Additionally, you should have a sizable following; if not, your application may be turned down.

Playlist Push provides a competitive wage rate. You may get $12 for reviewing each song. Direct payments are sent to your bank account.

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5. Nielsen Market Research

You may use the great Nielsen Market Research app to earn money while enjoying your favourite songs. The Nielsen app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. 

You provide the Nielsen app access to your device when you download and install it. After that, the app will monitor your device’s browsing habits for market research, including the music you listen to and the streaming services you use. 

After that, you will get payment from Nielsen for taking part in their study. You may earn money, for instance, by using Nielsen’s Computer & Mobile Panel to listen to playlists you’ve previously created and saved on your devices. With the Nielsen app, you may earn money while listening to music on your devices without any hassles, even if the annual income cap is just $50.

6. Current App

If you’ve been wondering how to be paid to listen to music, you can use the Current app to get paid real money for playing music on your lock screen. With the Current music app, you can browse and listen to over 100,000 radio stations.

You will get points for each time you play music, which can be exchanged for free money. You get more money the more you play. Additionally, you may earn money and gift cards to encourage your friends to download the Current app.

By using this app, you may also be paid to do surveys, express your genuine opinions, invite friends, and carry out other activities. 

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7. Slicethepie

One of the most reputable and well-known websites and applications that allow you to listen to new songs before they are released is Slicethepie. After you listen to a song, they will ask you to submit a review. It’s a fantastic method to express your opinions and earn money if you like listening to music.

You can’t choose which songs to evaluate. You may listen to them all at random, chosen by Slicethepie. Before they are sent to you, all of the songs are anonymous. 

Before you can begin writing a review for a song, you must listen to the music for at least 90 seconds. Your review must be at least 45 words long. You might be paid extra for more in-depth evaluations.

The remuneration for each review varies from $0.03 to $0.15. It may not seem like much, but it adds up. Once you have at least $10, you may use PayPal to withdraw your earnings. There is no cost to sign up.

8. RadioEarn

RadioEarn is an internet radio station and app that pays you to listen to music. There is no cost to sign up. For every fifteen minutes spent listening to music, you get points that may be exchanged for money or gift cards.

These points will be converted into USD after the following month. You have three options for withdrawing your profits: Bitcoin (BTC), Amazon Gift Cards, or bank transfers (wire).

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9. HitPredictor

HitPredictor is a service that compensates users for online music ratings. Instead of receiving a wide variety of music, you may choose the genres you want to listen to on this website. However, this implies that sometimes there won’t be anything for you to go over.

You may rank certain songs or artists on the website according to your preferences while you listen to music. With every rating, you will get points. 

You may participate in lotteries for $50–$100 iTunes gift cards or, at 1,250 points, free DVDs and CDs after you achieve 500 points. You may participate in a ton of competitions and earn more rewards every day.

10. UniqueRewards

With the rewards website UniqueRewards, you may easily get money doing the things you like. There are several methods on UniqueRewards to be paid money. You may earn money with this app by playing free games, viewing movies, listening to music, reading emails, buying online, and clicking advertisements. It also pays you to complete offers and surveys.

If you’re a Unique Rewards member, listening to the radio may earn you money. Any radio station that you want to listen to is yours to select. There will be a captcha every half an hour. For each captcha code that is submitted, you get rewarded. 

$20 is the minimum sum required to pay out. Once a week, on Mondays, you may withdraw your profits by check, PayPal, or Bitcoins as long as you have at least $20 in your account.


The amount of money you may earn from online music streaming will depend on how often you use one of the aforementioned applications or websites to stream music in exchange for payment.

The length and quality of your evaluations will determine how much money you may make from online music listening if you are paid to listen to songs and write about them.

You won’t get wealthy by listening to music, therefore this side project won’t assist you if your goal is to generate money without a job. However, it’s a terrific activity to perform while you’re engaged in other activities, like eating or watching television. To put it simply, you need to sign up for many platforms to increase your revenue.

Even while it doesn’t pay as much as conventional employment, listening to music will nevertheless put a little additional money in your pocket each month. 


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