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Welcome to aid the student

The website originated in response to the growing costs of university in Nigeris. The site provides free, impartial advice to students on how to make their money go further. School doesn’t teach you the real life stuff we write about here.

Our Mission

AidTheStudent is a platform that provides a hybrid of information and education for the individual across the globe in the areas of success, business, entrepreneurship, and inspirations. Every article is created with the purpose of providing valuable information and life’s lesson that motivates, inspires and provide business solutions that keep its audience to think the impossible, hence ATS community.

Our Mission at AidTheStudent is to empower you to find inner clarity and fulfillment in an ever complex world filled with distractions and painful moments by providing self-reflective stories and business tips from real-life stories to spur you to greater heights. All our articles are extracted from real life—lessons with the intentions to inspire and to remind you of the important elements that make life beautiful. Our Goal is to elicit greatness in you by lighting the passion in you and to give you the road-map to change your life and business in a positive direction. We do that by providing you resourceful information and inspiration in bite-sized pieces you can swallow and implement immediately. We are sincerely happy that you are here. In fact, we are honored and really looking forward to sharing transformational information with you.

Our Areas of Focus

Make Money

Looking for ways to earn some money? Keep your bank balance topped up with our money making tips and guides to cashing in online and offline.

Save Money

There are endless ways to save money, some more worthwhile than others! We're the experts on student money saving so work your way through our guides and you could save £1000s.


We're the student finance experts! ATS has campaigned for fairer student finance since 2015, and whilst the cost of university continues to rise, our guides will help you make sense of everything from tricky interest rates to repayments.

Banking & Budgetting

Learning to budget as a student is essential for survival! We’ll help you find the best student bank account available – and if you’re really savvy, a student savings account too.

Jobs % careers

2 in 3 students will have a job during university. From hunting for a part-time job (search here) to kick starting your graduate career, we've got you covered!


The biggest cost for students is rent, but student houses have a reputation for poor conditions. Improve your accommodation and save money on bills with our accommodation advice.


You can save £100s a year on student bills! For instant savings compare and switch student broadband and energy suppliers. Or learn about utilities with our student bills guide.

Deals & Freebies

Sharing only the best deals every day.. We have hundreads of Database filled with free-stuffs, Premium courses, Free eBooks,Thousands of Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins, And lots more


There’s nothing more exciting than starting uni! We’ve been there and done it so can show you everything from how to budget to choosing the best student bank account. In short, Everything you need to know about schools in Nigeria and abrord


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