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10 websites that pay you to answer questions (2024)

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On the internet, there are several opportunities to make money. Among them is responding to inquiries. Answering questions from others is a simple way for users to earn money online. 

There are websites specifically devoted to offering consumers these kinds of services. On these websites, users may ask experts any question they have about any subject, and experts will respond in return for payment.

Should the response be valuable, the specialists may profit handsomely from them. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? These question/answer websites are thus ideal for you if you are knowledgeable in a certain topic and would want to make money in your free time.

Below are 10 websites that pay you to answer questions. 

1. JustAnswer

The most popular website for experts to earn a career is JustAnswer. They feature a very user-friendly chat system that makes it simple to interact with clients. You must be very skilled in the subject you are applying for to be considered an expert on the website. One may choose from a variety of areas, including finance, computers, law, and animals, among others.

After selecting your area of expertise, you will need to submit your credentials, which include a scanned copy of your diploma or degree, certificates, and other documents, along with your personal information. After submitting your application, you should hear back within five to ten days.

PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards are the payment methods used by JustAnswer. The payment rates for each question vary from $20 to $50 or more.

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2. FixYa 

Fixya is a website that offers solutions to problems or questions individuals may have about products. Users may ask questions directly to the experts, who will respond via email if there are no feasible answers. Experts who answer questions are often not compensated; however, if you upgrade to premium status, you will begin to get payment.

Being involved in the community is a requirement for becoming a premium expert. Experts get scores ranging from 1 to 3, based on the quality of their response. Three tiers of expertise are also present. You advance to various levels based on the amount of points you get. The premium professionals are at the very top. You will have access to paid inquiries as a premium expert, which you may respond to for payment.

FixYa premium experts get between $3 and $5 for each response they submit. In addition to setting your compensation rates, you may assist users with live sessions. 

3. StudyPool

StudyPool is an online question-and-answer platform with a focus on tutoring. Through the platform, individuals may earn money online by responding to inquiries from students about assignments and homework. Tutors just need to go through the many subject categories, choose a topic, and respond to the question about that topic.

You must register using a Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account to become an instructor. After that is finished, finish your profile by adding your majors and education. Following that, you are free to choose from a list of questions to respond to.

StudyPool uses PayPal to pay its instructors. Questions start at $1 and go up from there.

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4. PrestoExperts 

The main feature that sets PrestoExperts apart is its round-the-clock assistance for a variety of queries in any given sector. You may choose from more than 600 categories that precisely match your service description to become an expert.

To become a member of PrestoExperts, you must fill out an application that includes your data and your area of knowledge. The wonderful thing is that, as long as you are an expert in each category, you may register for more than one. You’ll get an email invitation as soon as a job opens up.

PrestoExperts uses PayPal or checks to pay its experts. For a session, your rate per minute must be configured. Whether it’s a phone conversation or a chat session, your service fee will begin as soon as you answer the phone and continue until the conclusion of the session. Experts often start with a small cost of $2 per minute and work their way up. 

5. Experts 123

Another app for questions and answers is Experts123. It functions quite differently from other standard web pages. The way it works is that the specialists may be paid to write articles that benefit readers or to respond to inquiries.

Your earnings increase in direct proportion to the number of visitors to your replies or articles. The business may also ask you to create compensated articles for additional customers if you get a sizable audience for your articles.

You must first register on the website and complete your profile to access it. Fill out your areas of expertise after that. You may write on a wide range of subjects, including technology, health, and beauty.

PayPal is how Experts123 compensates its users. You may earn any amount of money by writing articles and responding to inquiries. The revenue portion of the money made from the adverts on your content determines the payout rate. For every organization that pays them to produce an article, freelance writers might get $10 to $20.

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6. 6ya 

6ya is a website that offers assistance to users with a variety of queries and responses. In essence, you are paid to assist customers over the phone. A typical call lasts between four and five minutes. You are free to choose your hours and comfortable workspace.

Direct call answering is available from your smartphone. Once your profile is set up and your call hours are determined, you may begin operating as an expert. You may join more than 600 categories to provide support services. As of right now, 6ya provides services only in the US.

You won’t be charged anything for service calls that last less than a minute. You will be paid $3 automatically for calls that go longer than one minute. 6ya pays via direct deposit.

7. Wonder 

Wonder is a research-based website with Q&A sections. As research analysts, users become a part of the community and begin earning by responding to inquiries via the website’s research dashboard. Researchers must investigate the queries posed by users and provide relevant responses. Payment is not made to researchers until the client is satisfied with the response.

You must first complete application work as a research analyst at Wonder. Following that, you may decide whether you wish to work as a writer or a source (researcher). Users must complete a three-step application procedure that assesses their critical thinking and English language proficiency. The employer will send you an email to let you know if you pass.

PayPal is how Wonder pays its researchers. A writer makes $15–$18 per hour, but a source makes $8–$20.

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8. Earn.com

The concept behind Earn.com is to recruit professionals in various disciplines and pay them for doing tasks and answering questions.

You must create a profile on Earn.com and list your qualifications. Following completion, you will begin to receive questions about your area of expertise from researchers, recruiters, and businesses. You are paid to respond to them. 

Earn.com uses Bitcoin as payment. Thus, this may be your greatest chance to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency.

9. HelpOwl

HelpOwl is a free resource site that provides answers to questions. This website assists users by answering their questions and awarding points to those who have answered them. Here, the questioners don’t pay you to respond to their inquiries; nonetheless, you get points for responding to more questions. These points may be exchanged for gift cards.

You must create an account to begin answering questions. You may begin answering questions and posting reviews to earn points as soon as your account has been validated. Points may be earned in a variety of ways. You will get 750 points for completing a business evaluation, 50 points for posing a question, and between 10 and 1000 points for responding.

HelpOwl uses gift cards from Amazon and Walmart to compensate its members. You may exchange 50,000 points for a $10 gift card.

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10. Maven 

Maven is a well-known micro-consulting firm that employs consultants worldwide. These advisors provide users with guidance on daily decision-making. Maven serves as a worldwide marketplace for information, helping businesses make choices, carry out research, complete surveys, and provide insights.

To become a micro-consultant, you must first register and complete an application. After that, decide on an hourly consultation fee that seems reasonable to you and begin developing your profile.

Maven uses Check to pay its users. Based on their level of experience, Maven consultants choose their hourly pricing. 


If there’s a subject that you are an expert in, then you should try out the above websites to make money answering people’s questions. It would take a lot of your time and you would make a comfortable income from it. 


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