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Ultimate list of free stuff for Student

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthewhttp://www.aidthestudent.com
I’m Adetunji Matthew, an Economist, Social Media Manager, software Developer/Marketer Sales Consultant, and Ecompreneur. I’m popularly known as “Matt” As an artist and designer, I aim to create something brilliant daily. Eager to learn more, I use my free time to get better at w hat interests me, whether it's researching, teaching, or even something entirely new.
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Ultimate list of free stuff for Student 4

Have you at any point thought about what number of free things you can get from the Internet? If you make a stride back and took a gander at the circumstance you will understand that you can get a huge number of free stuff from the Internet. These complimentary gifts can be things like free pens, free contents, free web facilitating, free enrollments and memberships to some online destinations and many schedules, music CD’s, mouse cushions, games, programming, huge amounts of digital books, office gracefully tests, aroma tests, nutrients, and.. well pretty much anything you can envision! 

As we as a whole know, cash can be somewhat close when you’re experiencing the student dream. This is the reason getting your hands on stuff complimentary is so fulfilling, and it’s far superior when it’s an online complimentary gift. There’s nothing that will fill your heart with joy more than getting something for nothing. So now you realize that there are loads of free stuff that you can get from the Internet, the main thing that you are most likely reasoning currently is “the place’s the best spot to discover these complimentary gifts.” 

Indeed, honestly there are numerous spots over the Web where you can discover complimentary gifts. The best places are most likely claim to fame catalogs that offer free stuff. These are regularly huge classified registries that contain and list a lot of complimentary gifts that are offered by a wide range of sites/organizations over the World Wide Web. For instance, freebies king is an enormous classified catalog that offers free stuff. 

So your inquiry currently is likely, “for what reasons do such a significant number of organizations part with free stuff and for what reason are there such a significant number of them doing this?” There are numerous reasons why organizations part with free stuff. One of the fundamental reasons why organizations part with free stuff is so they can advance their business. At the point when these organizations part with free things, they ordinarily engrave their business subtleties on the free stuff. This is so they can advance their business, which will consequently give their business more presentation from the World Wide Web, yet also from the disconnected world. 

As we all know, money can be a bit tight when you’re living the student dream.

This is why getting your hands on stuff free of charge is so satisfying, and it’s even better when it’s an online freebie. What better feeling is there than getting some good old fashioned Royal Mail post through the door?

So with that in mind, we’ve listed some of our favourite things that are genuinely free of charge. All freebies mentioned below have been tried and tested by us, and the total value exceeds N100,000!

100% free things

Here’s our pick of the very best free things available right now:

Discount sweepers 

Try not to let the deceptive name fool you. I’ve requested twelve complimentary gifts from this site. Latest was an anti-inflammatory medicine test, dental replacement powder, razor test. They list the connection to tests in order request to one side of the site page. Glance through the rundown and request what’s intriguing or everything. They additionally have a coupon board, a discounting board, deal board.

Click here to visit the website

Free2try  These locales have been around for a while, pressed with free and preliminary items.

Click here to visit the website

CoolFreebies  They guarantee to present 130 pages of the weeks sans best stuff. Download cut workmanship, textual styles, games, midi documents. Most loved items are free telephone cards, coupons.

Click here to visit the website

Totally Free Stuff  Stacked with free stuff, everything from mouse cushions to travel leaflets

Click here to visit the website

TeenFreeway  This is an extraordinary site a youthful companion gave me the scoop on. They have a young “out of control new flavor” to their complimentary gifts. A lot of free banners from the most recent films, heroes, or network shows. Free magazine memberships to youngster magazines, Free cosmetics, free music CD’s. Everything the normal teenager would adore.

Click here to visit the website

Complimentary gifts For Women  The greater parts of their complimentary gifts are equipped to ladies. Look at these site women, print out free scratch pads, free schedules, and games.

Click here to visit the website

  1. KFC – Nom nom nom… this trick to get free KFC wings or popcorn chicken is just one of the ways to get free food at KFC.
  2. CV review  click here and receive a CV review, plus help on finding a dream job.
  3. eBooks – Pick up free books here (Kindle) and here.
  4. Snack box – Get some healthy (or not-so-healthy) snacks delivered to your door for free.
  5. Premium rate calls – Call premium rate numbers for free using our tips.
  6. Beauty samples – From perfume to foundation, we’re always posting free beauty samples – join our Telegram group to get alerts as soon as the freebies are available, as they tend to go quickly!
  7. O2 sim card – Perfect for claiming O2 Priority Moment deals. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on offers like free cinema tickets and pizzas!
  8. £5 H&M voucher – H&M will take your old clothes and recycle them, and they’ll give you a £5 voucher for each bag.
  9. New products – Join product testing websites and get sent free stuff in exchange for sharing your thoughts.
  10. Vodafone VeryMe freebies – Are you on Vodafone network? They’ve got a snazzy freebie app just for you.
  11. Free lottery draw – Just sign up to Pick My Postcode (one of a number of free lotteries) and check the site daily to see if you’ve won. It’s free, and bagging the jackpot is more likely than winning the national lottery!
  12. Watch Freeview channels online – Use TVPlayer to stream all Freeview channels online. You can watch without a TV Licence as long as you do this.
  13. Free photo prints – Start building your personalised bedroom wallpaper! There are around hundreds of free prints up for grabs (P&P not free).
  14. Free bets – NOT gambling! Use our step-by-step guide to matched betting to beat the bookies and make money out of the free bets on offer without risk.
  15. Birthday freebies – Our ultimate list of birthday freebies (that’s stuff that you can get for free on your birthday) keeps on getting bigger and includes food, drink, beauty treatments and more!
  16. Cinema tickets – Get around one free cinema visit a month (occasionally more!), sometimes even to watch exclusives that haven’t even been released yet. And don’t forget to check out our guide to getting cheap cinema tickets, too.
  17. Cloud storage – Use Google Drive to backup or store 15GB of files and in turn speed up your computer. Additional storage space can be bought, but 15GB for free is a good start!
  18. Coffee – This is one for the caffeine addicts. Grab a free coffee at the Department of Coffee or, if you have O2 Priority, at Caffe Nero. Pret are going one better – a month of unlimited free coffee! Or get coffee with a croissant for free here.
  19. Software – Antivirus, office software, image editing and more in our free software list.
  20. Boots Products – Get free products if you become a Boots tester.
  21. Samples, vouchers and money – Sign up to legit survey sites and get free stuff (or money) in return for your opinion.
  22. International calls – Use Skype to make free calls when you’re abroad (and at home) using WiFi.
  23. Quit smoking kit – Start your road to recovery today with this NHS freebie.
  24. Food! – They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but our list of ways to get free food would suggest otherwise.
  25. Anti-theft device tracking – Use Prey to track your laptop or smartphone if they are ever stolen.
  26. Household items – Check out local free listings on Gumtree and Freecycle for people’s unwanted stuff.
  27. Recipes – There are loads of cheap and cheerful ideas on our student recipes page, plus a few ideas for dinner parties.
  28. Cocktails – Get a free cocktail most months from your local Pitcher & Piano. More info in our deals section!
  29. Prosecco – While you’re in the mood for free alcohol, you can also pick up a free glass of prosecco (the drink sometimes changes at different times of the year, like Christmas) at your local All Bar One. Cheers!
  30. Beer/gin/wine – You want more free drinks? Go on then. Ember Inns give out a free bev to anyone that downloads their app, and there are extra free drinks available once you collect some points. Simple.
  31. Cashback – Join Quidco and/or TopCashback for free and get money every time you buy something online. If you’re new to all this, check out our guide to cashback.
  32. Water-saving pack – Be kinder to the environment and cut down your water bill with these water-saving freebies.
  33. Free doughnut – Just follow these instructions and head to your local Krispy Kreme branch for your freebie!
  34. Cookie – You’ll get a free Subway cookie every time you use your receipt to fill out the online feedback survey.
  35. Student money cheat sheet  This awesome page will change your life and save you £1,000s (and yes, it was written by us).
  36. Magazines – Swot up on some current affairs with a free copy of The Week magazine as well as The Economist.
  37. Supermarket cashback – As we explain in our guide to the best supermarket cashback apps, you sometimes get up 100% off selected items in your weekly shop.
  38. Meal plan – Save your brain power for uni, as we’ve got you covered with our free meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks!
  39. Museum entry – National museums and art galleries have free entry in the UK. Check this list.
  40. Eye tests – It’s well worth a check up, so get a free eye test – even if you don’t think you need glasses!
  41. Condoms – Find out where you can pick up some free condoms near you.
  42. Gym pass – Grab a free three-day pass for Fitness First or check out our cheap gym guide for more.
  43. Sanitary products – Some student unions have committed to offering free sanitary products. Bodyform also regularly offer a free sample.
  44. STI test – It’s better to be safe than sorry! Discover all the ways you can get a free STI test.

Best free trials

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Credit: Universal Cable Productions

These freebies are for the seasoned money saver. The companies below offer you a free trial with the hope that you’ll convert into a paying customer… but you beat the system by cancelling as soon as your trial is over so you don’t have to shed a penny!

Here are some of our top free trials:

  1. Audiobooks – Sign up to Audible and download a free audiobook. Cancel within 30 days.
  2. Kindle Unlimited – Always got your head in a (e)book? Sign up to Kindle Unlimited for a 30-day free trial and get unlimited access to over one million books, unlimited audiobooks and selected magazine subscriptions.
  3. Amazon Prime + Prime Video  Students get it free for six months. This offer is one of the best, for sure – especially as you can use it to watch the Premier League for free!
  4. NOW TV – This service holds all of Sky’s amazing shows (including Sky Atlantic), and you can get a seven-day free trial. Time it right and you could even end up watching Sky Sports for free.
  5. Credit report  Find out your credit score and what the banks think of you. Just cancel after receiving your report (more on credit reports here).

These are all 100% safe and legit, so you don’t need to worry about your details being shared anywhere.

As soon as you have received your freebie, set a reminder on your phone or calendar to cancel the trial before it ends. And for more freebies just like this, check out our list of the best free trials.

Limited time freebies

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Ultimate list of free stuff for Student 5

Understandably, most good freebies won’t hang around for too long and will be subject to availability, so you’ve got to act quick!

We post any limited edition freebies we find on our Facebook page on a daily basis, as well as our Facebook group and our Telegram group. Alternatively, you can sign up to our weekly newsletter for a roundup of the best.

It’s always worth checking our regularly updated freebies page too!

See latest free stuff »



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