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Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery 2024

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthewhttp://www.aidthestudent.com
I’m Adetunji Matthew, an Economist, Social Media Manager, software Developer/Marketer Sales Consultant, and Ecompreneur. I’m popularly known as “Matt” As an artist and designer, I aim to create something brilliant daily. Eager to learn more, I use my free time to get better at w hat interests me, whether it's researching, teaching, or even something entirely new.
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Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery 2024 Download

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X Crypto – Sajad Meme Coin Mastery
Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery 2024 4
Sajad Meme Coin Mastery
Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery 2024 5
Sajad Meme Coin Mastery Free Download
Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery 2024 6

X Crypto – Sajad – Meme Coin Mastery

The ULTIMATE Meme Coin Trading Program

Everything you need to know to make a consistent $profit trading meme coins on any blockhain!

MemeCoins/Shitcoins are pumping right now like crazy! Don’t miss this unbelievable opportunity. Volume moves markets and there are some incredibly easy setups I see again and again every single day with meme coins. It literally feels like printing money. There is a lot of learning to do and I use special bots and tricks to make massive returns. In this training I share everything with you. You will want to keep this info to yourself!


  • Introduction To Meme Coin Mastery(4:32)
  • Understanding Memes That Work(11:47)
  • Looking For Cluster Narratives(4:12)
  • Overview Of Meme Coin Platforms(4:15)

Best Meme Coin Platforms

  • Dexscreener Tutorial Part 1 (Basics)(10:10)
  • Dexscreener Tutorial (Part 2)(10:28)
  • dextools overview(5:37)
  • coinhall overview(4:30)

Setting Up Your Trading Accounts & Wallets

  • How To Buy Coins TraderJoe & Raydium(8:04)
  • Downloading Wallet Extensions(4:43)
  • Which Crypto Wallet To Use(4:34)

Researching Meme Coins & Technical Analysis

  • Finding New Collections For Trading(5:33)
  • Lifespan Of A Meme Coin(15:08)
  • How To Analyse Meme Coins(10:36)
  • Longer Term Meme Coin Pumps(7:08)
  • Meme Coin Technical Analysis (General Tips)(19:45)
  • New Meme Coin Launches (Token Holders)(5:27
  • Reviewing Socials and Liquidity(7:34)

Liquidity Pools And Burnt Tokens

  • How Creators/Devs Make Money From Coin Launches(7:32)
  • Understanding Liquidity Pools(6:40)
  • Locked-Burnt Liquidity Simple Explanation(11:30)
  • Liquidity Rug Pulls(6:49)
  • Slippage Tolerances(8:04)
  • Frontrunning Trades(6:27)

Trade Mechanics

  • Optimal Buying & Selling Strategy(6:18)
  • Target Prices & Taking Profit.(3:40)
  • Trading & Positions Sizes(11:53)
  • How Do You Know Pump Is Over?(9:06)
  • Common Topping Patterns(3:26)
  • Using Momentum Indicators To Your Advantage(9:09)
  • What To Do With Sideways Price Action?(7:02)
  • Certain Levels Which Are Magnets(2:58)
  • Common Bottoming Patterns (Two Tap Setup)(5:18)
  • Where To Look For Larger Pullbacks(12:22)

Assembling Your War Machine

  • Setting Up Your Sniper Bot(8:06)
  • Optimising Bot Preferences(1:11)
  • Bonkbot (Advanced Tips & Tricks)(3:57)
  • Bot alternatives (if technical issues)(2:13)
  • Scan Collection Contracts Fast & Easy(6:52)
  • Universal Bot For BlockChains Including ERC 404 Tokens(5:53)
  • Bots That Analyse Creator/Dev/Team Wallets(3:06)
  • Using Rugchecker For Solana Coins(4:03)
  • Analysing Telegram Groups(6:54)
  • Bots That Review Alpha Calls! (Including ROI)(7:26)

The Degen Playbook

  • Panic Dip Strategy (Wave 1)(13:30)
  • Consolidation Breakout Strategy (Wave 1)(5:58)
  • Exhaustion Flip Strategy (Wave 1)(11:00)
  • Live Trade Setup (Wave 1)(15:08)
  • Live Trade Outcome (Wave 1)(5:42)
  • New Coin Launch Rapid Workflow (Wave 1)(12:38)
  • Second Wind Strategy (Wave 2)(13:45)
  • Classic Buy The Dip Strategy (Wave 2)(8:41)
  • Filtering For The Best Daily Entries (Wave 2)(10:09)
  • Looking For Breakout Fibonacci Targets (Wave 2)(8:34)
  • Trading The Multiples Strategy (Wave 3)(10:25)
  • Trending Breakout Strategy (Wave 3)(9:29)
  • Live Trading (Wave 3)(7:24)
  • Luck Vs Strategy (Wave 3)(7:19)
  • Finding Trending Coins With Volume (Wave 2+3)(5:04)
  • Using Software To Find Trending Memecoins EARLY (Wave 2+3)(4:11)

Meme Coin Trading Mindset Mastery

  • Trading Psychology (Important)(7:11)
  • Trading Strategy Mindset For Max Profits(7:59)
  • How To Measure Success(3:11)

Bonus Strategies (Money Glitches!)

  • Finding Tokens Before Volume Pumps(5:20)
  • When To Trade Volume Pumps (3 Scenarios)(6:10)
  • Setting Up Volume Trades Live(13:27)

Current Longterm Memecoin Setups!

  • How To Find Trending Memecoins FAST(6:50)
  • The Magic Fibonacci Number for Wave 3 Pullbacks!(4:54)

Base Network Memecoin Trading

  • Unibot Trading Bot Setup Step By Step(3:38)
  • How To Fund Base Wallet From CEX (Coinbase Example)(3:49)
  • How To Fund Base Wallet Using Metamask Bridging(2:30)
  • Best Bots For Analysing BASE Contracts!(7:01)

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Payment Options:

Bitcoin Wallet:

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Usdt (erc20 network): 0x6869ec0482b9dc652e3e2511d5815ba1c515c3e5

Etheruum (ETH): On Request

Perfect Money: On request

Wise Transfer: On request (attracts an extra $5 fee)

Skrill: on request (attracts extra $10 fee)

Payoneer: On request (attracts extra $10 fee)

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