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How To Study For Long Hours At Night Without Sleeping Off

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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One of the major challenges of students all over the world is the ability to study for long hours at night without sleeping off. So many students cannot even study up to 10 minutes at night before they doze off.

I understand that it is not easy to wake up and study for long hours at night. After all, you are trapped all day with series of engagements. The night is a golden opportunity for you to rest.

However, late night studies is something you have to do. Especially when you combine work with academics and need to cover up some topics as fast as possible.

There is always a way out. You can train yourself to control the night. I decide when to sleeping while studying at night. This is as a result of personal training and discipline. I don’t sleep off while studying at night. In this article, I will share the secrets of studying long at night with your eyes open.

10 Tips To Study Long At Night Without Crashing

1. Develop A Positive Mindset:

Like I always say, your mindset is what determines your life-set. Wanting is caught up in the stream of determinism and it is what you continually accommodate in your  mind that your body eventually responds to.

If you must cultivate the habit of studying at night, then you need to start developing it from your mind. Tell yourself, “I will study very long this night and nothing will make me sleep off”. This may  not solve the problem, however, it is the beginning of the solution.

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2. Watch Your Health Set:

Having developed a positive mindset set, the next thing is to check whether your health is set. By health set, I mean being physically and mentally sound to study at night.

There is nothing you can do to stay long at night if your health says no. Always ensure that you are fine. If otherwise, take the necessary medications.

Malaria makes you feel sleepy all the time. Ensure to treat malaria when you feel the symptoms. One thing about malaria is that it can be in the body for long time. You sometimes don’t know it is Malaria.

The conclusion of the matter is that you should ensure to be healthy. If you pamper sickness, it will hammer you in turn.

3. Watch Your Diet:

It is true that the kind of food you eat is an important factor that determines whether you can stay long at night to study. However, I cannot recommended any food for. Just follow what works for you.

If eating heavy diet before night studies makes you sleep, quit. On the other hand, if it makes you stay longer than taking light meat, stick to. The bottom line is that you must tell yourself the truth. Telling Yourself the truth is honesty but telling others is integrity.

4. Take Time To Rest First:

Like I said earlier, you are trapped everyday with series of engagements. This will make you come back home tired. Such situation is understandable. At least blood runs in your vain.

Therefore, take at least two hours to rest or sleep before you begin night reading. This will make you wake up stronger and healthier. Exercise your body for about 5 minutes and then begin your studies.

With this, you should be able to stay awake for longer time.

5. Be Active While Reading:

Everywhere is quiet. The atmosphere at night tends to trigger sleep the more. Only active reading will make your eyes open to study long.

When I talk about active reading, I mean a reading habit whereby you are 100% involved. The following are ways to be active while reading:

  • Get a jotter and pen to put down important points.
  • After every topic, write down what you can remember without looking at the book. This will initiate a serious mental and calculation process strong enough to keep you awake.
  • Recite and explain the points to yourself.
  • Be with a calculator to solve calculation problems when it applies.
  • Move around a little when your brain is getting saturated or at Flash point when the field of sleep is getting strong.
  • If sleep persist, play music while solving problems. You may want to get an ear piece to drive sleep once in a while. This will work like magic.

All these would help.

6. Sit Down While Studying At Night:

The closer you are to the bed, the more the temptation to sleep. You need to sit on a chair while studying so that the signal to sleep will not continue to run in your brain.

When you begin to hear ministrations like, “just sleep for 5 minutes and then wake up… “; understand that the power of your foam is at work. Quickly overcome it. 5 minutes sleep may become 5 hours sleeping and you will wake up the next day.

7. Good Light Condition:

This is very important as well. Ensure to study under a bright light at night. Research shows that students tend to sleep off earlier when they study under a dull light. Dull lightening condition may also affect your eyes.

8. Group Reading:

Interactive reading at night pays. When you study with one or two persons at night, it becomes easier for you to study for long hours in the middle of the night without Sleeping. This is an advanced form of active reading.

9. Miscellaneous:

There are minor activities that can help you  while away time. This includes chatting, updating status, replying mails, doing your assignment and preparing your materials for the next class or exam.

10. Add Yours:

What works for you? Let me know by commenting below. It will go along way to help others.

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If you find this write-up helpful, feel free to share this with others.



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