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How To Answer Exam Questions With The Speed Of Light

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Speed is one of the major requirements in the 21st century. The world is currently changing at the speed of light. If you cannot change with at least the speed of sound, then you will miss out of so many things that life has to offer.

You need speed in every aspect of life. Even to Answer Exam Questions with the Limited Time, you need speed. Without speed, it is impossible to get the highest score in any competitive examination.

Nobody cares whether you know the answers to all the questions. What matters is your ability to provide answers to all the questions within the time limit. This article is to teach you how to bypass time constraints in examinations. Learn to finish and cross-check your answers in the examination hall.

The Following are Steps You Need To Answer Exam Questions With The Speed of Light… Note that the speed of light in this article implies answering questions incredibly fast.

1. Build The Speed

To answer exam questions with the speed of light, you need to first see the light. Light in this context speaks of reading and understanding the nature of questions you will likely encounter in the exam. You will never answer questions very fast under the topics you are not very good at.

Make sure you cover all the topics recommended in the exam syllabus. Go through them over and over again. Solve as many questions as possible. Any topic you read, ensure to answer at least 20 questions. That should be your minimum.

The average number of questions you should attempt under every topic while practising should be a hundred (100). Don’t just answer them, make sure you really understand them.

Solve problems to the extent that you will beat your chest and say, “there is no question I cannot answer under this topic as far as this exam is concerned”. With this, you’re building up amazing speed.

2. Practice With The Speed Of Light

Yes! the second step to answer exam questions with the speed of light is to practice and answer likely exam questions with the speed of light. I will make this very simple.

Do you still remember the saying that charity begins at home? Don’t expect to do magic in the exam hall when you fail to perform miracles at home. After building up speed, test the speed at home by attempting questions extremely fast. You may not get to the speed of light immediately, start with the Speed of Sound.

As you practice questions, time yourself in minutes. As time goes on, begin to solve questions in seconds. The truth is that nothing is impossible. This is how I prepare for major exams.

I have been in an exam situation where I didn’t solve 40% of the questions before picking the right answers. The more you solve with a pen, your brain gets matured enough to process and manufacture answers even before you write anything down.

3. Revise Everything Before The Exam:

One of the factors that can slow you down in the exam hall is forgetting what you have read. The more you forget things in the hall, the more your speed drops. In some cases, your speed can drop to that of sound and then to the speed of a snail.

To overcome this factor, you need to revise everything. This is what I called reverse flash in my article on the secrets of successful students.

Never be too busy to revise all over again. Remember, if you are not humble enough, you will stumble. Keep calm and go through it all over.

4. Read Questions With Full Confidence:

Your confidence determines your competence. The more confidence you command, the greater the response from the you-in-you. The you-in-you is the real you. It is the giant in you that takes only possibilities for an answer.

Do not read questions with fear. Attempt the questions the way you normally solve questions at home. Do not be too conscious of time when answering exam questions. This is to ensure that you don’t make mistakes. All you need is to remain in the speed of light.

When you combine the mass of the exam questions with your speed of light, some momentum builds up. This momentum will be in the direction of success and high score. The exam questions are afraid of you. So, you don’t have any valid reason to be afraid.

5. Start From Know To Unknown:

Yes! start from the simpler questions. There are questions that cannot be solved easily and as well those that do not need to be solved.

Solve the questions that will take you milli-seconds first, then the ones that will take you seconds before attempting the questions that consume minutes. Congratulations! You have attained the speed of light.

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