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How To Customize The Picture Of Your Future

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
I’m Adetunji Matthew, an Economist, Social Media Manager, software Developer/Marketer Sales Consultant, and Ecompreneur. I’m popularly known as “Matt” As an artist and designer, I aim to create something brilliant daily. Eager to learn more, I use my free time to get better at w hat interests me, whether it's researching, teaching, or even something entirely new.
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How your future will look like as a graduate is a function of how you acted like as an undergraduate. As a student, the picture of your future is in a mirror. The mirror is located in your interior (inside of you). It is not actually to make you inferior, but that you may become superior in your exterior.

It is your duty to fully customize this picture to suite your taste.

The efficiency of a car is not determined by how the car looks in the exterior. A car would still function even when the side mirrors are broken and the outside begins to rust. But no matter how expensive a car engine may be, it will knock when it lacks oil.

You don’t see the engine from the outside. But, it sponsors the motion which is visible from the outside.

The above rule also apply to us as students. It states that, “what makes you superior in life is not in your exterior but interior. Interior in this context speaks of your natural abilities.

Real beauty is in the inside. Never customize your outward appearance at the expense of your potentials. Your appearance attracts attention but, it is what you carry that determines your position. In this article, I will share few tips to nourish your inside.

Customize The Picture Of Your Future In These 7 Ways

1. Customize your brain

Read a quality book every day. Spend to read, it is the foundation of knowledge. What you know determines the rate at which you will grow. It is the information that you have today as an undergraduate that will determine your formation tomorrow as a graduate.

The more you are exposed to books, the more you are exposed to information. Take time to learn new things everyday because, what you don’t know is senior to you. Invest in your personality.

Make profitable investments. The money you spend on mary-kay is enough to buy key-books. Study books that contain the information of your desired future. Customize your future through featured books.

2. Customize your hand

It is not every student that will succeed in life. Some will actually suck seeds. You cannot customize your future by just sitting down. Use your hand to work things out. The earlier you get out of your comfort zone as a student, the better for you.

When people see or hear about my results, they admire it. However, it didn’t happen without quality sacrifice. One of the sacrifices is sleepless nights and restless days. The better the product, the higher the price tag.

Orange juice is sweet. However, it doesn’t come until you subject orange to high pressure. One of the problem with Nigerian students is that they do not want to make things happen. They only want to see things happen.

The more you sleep, the more your natural abilities slumber. The more you relax, the more your inside begin to collapse.

Success is a product of two reactions. Hard/wise work + Prayer = Success. Do not allow laziness take the best out of your life. Begin to customize your work.

3. Customize your dreams

Dream even when awake. Nothing provokes the real you like dreams. In this context, I do not mean metaphysical dream, I mean the Luther king definition. Which is vision, forward-looking, even when awake.

Your dream determines your drive. Vision is the passion that drives your emotions. It triggers your inner man. What you see determines what you can seize. What can you see?

4. Customize your association

Since everything in this world are mearnt to relate, it is therefore imperative for you to edit your association list. It is also advisable that you widen your circle of friends.

Do not spend too much time with them if you feel that they drag you back. Makes friends that:

  • Care about your future
  • communicate great things to you
  • have realistic expectation
  • Makes your life better

5. Customize your vision

The things you see or hear have ways of affecting your life. What you feed your mind with depicts your action. Accept information that you will be proud to process.

6. Customize yourself

Know yourself better. Do not be carried away by the success of others. There is gold in you. All that is required of you is to dig a little bit further. Let people know that you are far better than what they think you are,

7. Customize your believe

Believe that you can actually customize your future. Strive to make your life better through positive view of your abilities. Forget all your fears, make your dreams clear, never say yes to obstacle.

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