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How To Improve Your Writing Skills And Become A Great Writer Overnight

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I am not very good at writing. This is the complain of so many persons who wish to go deep into writing.

Some persons go as far as concluding that writing is not their talent. Everyone has the potential to write; all you need is ONE IDEA. The gist right now is that you are about to experience total salvation in writing.

I am not doubting the fact that some persons are talented writers. But the good news is that you can be a skillful writer overnight.

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When it comes to sending messages on Instagram, WhatsApp and And Facebook, writing is fun. However, the story is not the same when you try to put down some writings for official publication.

At this point, a question comes to mind, how can I be very good at writing? This is exactly what I am about to share with you. Trust me, you will grab everything you need to become a great writer.

Steps To Improve Your Writing Skills And Become Great A Writer

1. Constant Practice

The best way to learn how to be a good writer is to write. The more you practice, the more you become what you practice. Little wonder people say that practice makes perfect.

The more you write, the more you enjoy writing and the more writing ideas flow in your veins. With time, Nations will begin to hear about you.

This was how every great writer you have ever heard about started. Nobody wakes up to be great. For every product, there is a process.

There would be challenges at first. As a matter of fact, people would laugh at your write-up. But do not be discourage. Those who laughed at you will later rejoice with you.

2. Be Yourself

When last did someone say to you, “your writings are unique”? Be careful of unhealthy comparison. Writing is to add value and not to compete.

Don’t say, I want to write and be like Isaac Inegbenehi. Fake is very expensive to maintain. Discover your writing style and stick to you.

Readers appreciate unique content. This unique content they desire will only come from you and you alone. This is because, you are the best of you and there is no one like you.

Begin to look from within and draw out what you are best out. This will later announce you. Write on what you are passionate about. Go for writing patterns that produce the desired results for you.

3. Make It Simple

Don’t write to impress but to express. Nobody may really get impressed.

Ensure to express yourself in a very simple written English. Communication is effective only when your readers or listeners understand you.

Don’t make your work difficult by using long paragraph and sentences. Ensure to break down your work into smaller paragraphs.

Once in a while, define some terms to make understanding easier for your readers.

4. Be A Good Reader

Nothing makes a good writer like a good reader. The more you read other people’s work, the more knowledge you are exposed to and the more you are able to deliver.

5. Learn New Words

The more words you learn, the more you are able to write without stress. Remember, it is what you have in your head that takes you ahead.

30 Quick Tips To Become A High Quality Article Writer

The following are 30 proven tips on writing with some input from the work of Harsh of Shoutmeloud. I am very sure that they will interest you and as well help improve your writing skills astronomically.

  1. Blog about topics that interest you.
  2. Don’t doubt your writing ability.
  3. Choose your interested subject and write on it.
  4. If your research gives you the “green signal”, then step forward to write deeper about that subject.
  5. Proof-read your work.
  6. Make your writings extremely simple.
  7. Keep Remarkable And Catchy sub-headlines.
  8. First few lines of your article will tempt readers to read your article completely.
  9. Write Attractive Headlines to drive readers.
  10. Share your write-ups with friends for their feedback!
  11. Continue to improve on your writing skills.
  12. Write with passion.
  13. Keep taking breaks between the Writing & Editing to give your mind rests.
  14. You keep yourself engage, curious & open in your writing..
  15. Make a daily routine learn words from the dictionary, for adding up a nice collection of words in your article”¦
  16. Try to Follow the old way of Writing .i.e. the use of pen & paper.
  17. Read the Grammar books for the better use of grammar in your article.
  18. Keep different types of writings.
  19. Keep Challenging yourself on writing difficult contents.
  20. Don’t Go for the quantity of your article, always Go for the Quality.
  21. Always accept criticism and try to learn from it..
  22. Always read, think and write”¦ And Read More.
  23. Read your articles loudly so that you can understand “What you want to say to your readers“.
  24. Try to Reduce the maximum number of words from your article to make it briefer & easy to understand but by reducing the words that don’t mean to reduce the main voice of your writing.
  25. Visit the Public Forums and listen to the people about what latest they are talking about”¦ This can help you to generate a new topic idea for your new post!
  26. Make Notes of the random ideas strikes on your mind.. This will help you to develop your article’s structure.
  27. Use the Simple & Declarative Sentence..
  28. Always try to Avoid the Passive voice on your writing.
  29. Make a Limit Use of the adjectives and adverbs.
  30. Again Recheck before Clicking the “Publish” button..

Best Regards!


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