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19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide

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For many people, making money online would be an absolute dream come true. If they could find a way to make money with a website or some other online venture, they could quit their job to focus on entrepreneurship, spend more time with their family, and finally take back control of their time and their lives.

The crazy thing is, earning money online isn’t a pipe dream. Some individuals make as much as 6 to 7 figures over the internet monthly and there is no trick to it.

You too can be a part of the lot. All that is needed is the right information.

Now, here’s the good news. The majority of online revenue strategies aren’t that complicated. Like any business venture, your online income takes time to grow. You need to be willing to devote the time and energy required to get your idea off the ground, and you need grit to stick with it even if your journey is slow when you first start out.

If you’re angling to earn money online but aren’t sure where to start, here are several of the best and most realistic strategies to consider.

The resources in this article are seasoned with practical online-money- making ideas tailored for beginners who intend to know how to make money online from home in Nigeria, And importantly, most of the online business ideas shared in this guide requires little or no capital to start.

However, the information shared in this post isn’t one of those get-rich-quick schemes which are littered all over the internet.

This is my ultimate guide on how to make money online, and I’ve worked hard to keep this completely FREE.

On this page you’ll find all the best ways to make money in your spare time whilst at university based on our own experience. We’ll keep adding new ways to this page so go ahead and bookmark it. And please do share your own ideas in the comments!

If you are seeking for ways to make money online that isn’t a scam, this post is for you!

Why should you make money online?

During the inception of the internet in the early 90s, many people were unsure about its future and a lot of people possibly didn’t see it’s potential.

Fast forward to 2020, over 4.5 billion people use the internet worldwide, that’s more than half the worlds populations, and that number continues to grow rapidly.

Source: Internet World Stats

Where ever there are people, there is the possibility for a market to exist.

This means that as internet users continue to grow in Nigeria, there would be an increase in demand for services. This, therefore, presents an opportunity to make money online through the internet.

How can I make money online?        

Image 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 55

Making money online is about providing a creative solution to people’s problem.

It is basically no different from the conventional method of making money–which usually involves providing a service or goods.

Your money increases as the value of the service(s) you provide increases.

This article is structured with practical ideas to help you make money online legitimately.

Some online “gurus” claim they’ll teach you the “secret” on how to make money online after you’ve purchased their ebook or course.

Such promises are wrapped in lies purported by broke bloggers beaming to take advantage of honest naïve people.

If you haven’t heard it before, let me be the first to tell you…

‘There are no secrets to making money online. All you need is a strategy’.

What do I need to start making money online in Nigeria?

All you need to start making money online is a reliable internet connection, a PC or a Smartphone.

There are a lot of MLM schemes and scam approach to wealth generation promoted by a lot of websites, giving you false promises of making a million bucks in 24 hours.

Such schemes are often scam leading to more losses than gains. Trust me; I’ve had my own share of losses in such deceptions.

However, if you’re seeking for a genuine online approach to wealth generation that will stand the test of time, you’ll find this resource very informative and helpful. Enjoy!

            19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022] 

#1. Freelancing:

This involves being hired to work on different jobs for a short period of time.

The advantage of freelancing is that you decide when to work, you’re in control of your time and you can do it at leisure to make extra cash on the side.

Some freelancers earn over $1000 per month. The first cash I made online was through freelancing.

Upwork Income Screenshot
Here’s a screenshot of my Upwork earnings the first year i stated working with them. As you can see, a total of $452.67 was deducted from my earnings. That equates to 16.9% of my total income. Remember, Upwork generally takes 20% off the top, but after you earn a certain dollar amount with one client they reduce the fees. I’m not sure how it compares to other platforms, though. That could be standard
Fiver Earning Screenshot
I’ve also worked with fiverr for 3years and earned over $8000, I was able to build a good profile for myself.

Basically, if you’re just starting out an online business, freelancing is the way to go.

It offers a wide range of opportunities for writers, graphic designers, web developers etc.  It requires zero amount of money to begin (apart from money for data of course).

The journey of freelancing begins with finding a good virtual market place where you can offer your skill as a service and get hired by interested clients.

The Positives

  1. Low barrier to entry: #confession-I definitely could have tried much harder with making my profile shiny and fabulous than I did. But again, I didn’t have much going on at the time, so I took the chance to see what would come of starting from the very bottom. So even if you just have yourself and no experience, you can do it too!
  2. Easy to find jobs: There are SO many jobs posted per hour! I can only speak for the writing jobs, but there are plenty of opportunities.
  3. Low Pressure: Since the pay is often low, it makes for a very good environment for learning (This is just my opinion). I like that I was able to start from scratch and work my way up to more demanding and higher pay work. I wasn’t in a position to be worried that I could deliver because I had already done it successfully before and had great reviews from my clients. It’s a fun way to test the waters for new services you’d like to provide.

The Negatives

  1. Fees: That 20% fee can hurt a bit at times. Because if you look at the screenshot below of my billing summary, you’ll see that I earned a few hundred dollars more. But I totally get it, Upwork has to make money too! After a certain dollar amount with each client, the fees reduce, so that’s cool at least.
  2. Low-pay: I don’t think this is the best method if you’re trying to get rich off of freelancing. One of the biggest complaints I have heard about Upwork is the ridiculously low pay. I have seen offers for as little as $1 per 1,000 words. At some point, it’s not a good use of time for the payoff, so it’s definitely something to watch out for. I feel like I found some great clients!
  3. The platform is sometimes buggy: The messenger has played me several times and sometimes I don’t get notifications that I need to get. One weird thing I experienced was waiting for a client call with the tab open, but I never got a notification that he was calling. That was awkward…haha But, such is life.
  4. It takes awhile to get payment: Before you can receive payment from Upwork, you have to have at least $100 (after fees) in earnings available before you can cash out. Then it takes a few days for the transfer to hit your account. It’s not a big deal if you’re not in desperate need of the money. So I wouldn’t recommend this necessarily as a super quick way to get some extra money in your pocket.

The above is basically applied to all other freelance platform out there. You may decide not  to use Upwork or fiverr for startup like I did, you may also choose register on different platform.

Below are some of the best virtual markets in 2022 where you can earn money through freelancing:

  •  Upwork
  •  Fiverr
  •  Freelancer.com
  •  99designs (This is specifically for graphics and 3D designers)
  •  Elance

If you’re a beginner and want to make quick money online with zero investment, it is advisable, to begin with, Upwork or Fiverr

If you follow the steps recommended below, you can start making money online within hours right from your bedroom.

Ogun State Nigeria
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 56

Pro tip: when listing out your skills, be very honest. In a bid to improve your chances of being hired, you might be tempted to list out skills you necessarily aren’t good at. Don’t do it! Only state skills you have some level of proficiency.

After your account has been approved and everything has been put in place, you can now proceed to step 3.

Step 3: perform a job search by typing a keyword relating to the service you offer (e.g. writing). When you find a job you want, click on “submit a proposal”.

Screenshot. Aidthestudent.com
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 57

Step 5: write your proposal and proceed to submit your application.

Pro tip: Your proposal is one of the most important determining factors a client considers before choosing to hire you. You would want to try to make yours stand out.

Do not be too casual. Try to maintain a good level of professionalism in the tone of your writing. Don’t beg to be hired and don’t make absurd promises. Upwork has a lot of freelancers and competition can be high. Only apply for jobs that were posted within an hour. Anything above this means the hirer has probably received more than 20+ proposals.

Screenshot Aidthestudent.com
only apply for jobs that are submitted below an hour

Step 6: Don’t forget to add a payment method. You can fill in the details of your Nigeria bank. It’s cheaper than using PayPal or Payoneer.

Simply go to settings and on the left portion of the screen, click on “Get Paid.”

Get Paid
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 58

 If you want to learn more about Fiverr, here is a blog post of it.

#2. Become a Data Reseller.

As of 2019,  Nigeria is currently ranked 7th globally with the highest number of internet subscribers. This is above the likes of Germany, Russia and the UK.

Screenshot 2019 08 26 08 19 23 304 Cn.wps .Moffice Eng
Source: Hootsuite

This is no surprise as the current population of internet users in Nigeria currently stands at 98 million. And this figure is expected to increase to 187 million users by the end of 2023.

Internet data is one of the most sort-after commodities in Nigeria. Nigerians are heavy internet users who are always in constant need for data bundle subscription.

Such a situation presents a great business opportunity to make money selling internet data to this growing number of people.

Data reselling business involves getting data at cheap prices (wholesale prices) from data reselling companies and then, selling to end-users to make a profit.

As a data reseller, you buy data in large scales and sell to people in smaller chunks.

When you buy data in large quantity from network service operators (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL etc.), they sell to you at a cheaper price.

For example, the normal retail price for 9MOBILE 1GB is N1000. But as a data reseller, you’ll be sold this same 1GB for as low as N500.

Hence, when you buy @N500, you sell to your customers at maybe N900. that’s N400 profit you’ve made.

Now, let’s assume you’re able to make 100 sales in a week, that’s N40,000. That means in a month, you’ll be making roughly N160, 000 profit!

This is a great business opportunity that many people are unaware of.

What makes it even so much great is the presence of social media which makes getting customers extremely easy!

You don’t have to struggle to get customers, actually, they’ll be the ones running after you.

With the internet, getting 100 sales weekly will be like child’s play!

Img 20190909 124036
Text message sent by FirstBank Nigeria.

Have you ever wondered why your bank always send you messages prompting you to buy data using their mobile App or USSD code?

This is because banks make billions of Naira monthly selling data to you.

How do they do it?

It’s basically the same concept I explained above.

They buy data in large quantities at a cheaper price from network service providers, and then, they add their own profit and sell to you.

This is basically the concept of data reselling.

The good news is, banks are not the only ones who can benefit from this business. You too can also become a data reseller and start your own data reselling business and start making money.

Don’t worry, you don’t need heavy capital for this. Neither do you need a website or a mobile app.

All you need for this business is a smartphone with an active data connection.

I’ve written all you need to know about data reselling and how to get started on another blogpost.

If you want to learn how to become a data reseller, how you can get data bundles at cheaper prices, and how you can make money selling data, click here now!

#3. Blogging:

Blogging is all about writing and sharing information, ideas and opinions. At the early stages of its inception, blogging was referred to as an online journal.

In recent times, however, many have come to take blogging as a fulltime job and as an income-generating venture.

Linda Ikeji- a popular Nigerian blogger runs her blog that’s estimated over $70M in net worth and generates over $520k monthly.

19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 59

It is exciting to know that a blog can generate millions for its owner. However, before seeing any considerable growth or receive an earning from a blog,

you’ll need to invest your time and mental energy into writing quality content and growing your blog.

To make money online blogging, you need to generate a good deal of traffic. And this stuff takes time.

Unfortunately, many do not have the patience and they often give up halfway.

How long your blog takes to grow depends largely on your commitment and niche. It’s not just about writing, you need to know who your audiences are and what kind of content they like.

The secret behind making money online through blogging is to create value.

You must have heard the infamous phrase “content is king”, this is true.

It’s no use starking your blog with hundreds of blogposts if the content you’re pushing out isn’t of good quality. No one would read them; even if they do, they’ll never come back.

Tips on how to make money online in Nigeria from blogging.

1. Choose a profitable blogging niche.

Gone are the days when you’re told to blog about what you love. The new reality is that that advice doesn’t work anymore.

The direction of blogging has since taken a new course. Profit in blogging is hinged on the popularity of the niche.

Even if you want to blog about your passion, ensure it is marketable and your topics are in demand. That is, people are searching for stuff relating to it.

There’s no problem blogging about your passion. But if you want to make money online fast (which I presume you do. Else you won’t be here reading this 10,000+ word guide!) dump the entire “blog for passion” motivational talk and approach blogging as a business.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of jumping into blogging without doing appropriate niche research. You don’t want to put hours into writing stuff that people won’t read.

Below are some of the most lucrative blog niches Nigeria.

  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Personal finance/ money blog
  • News/politics
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Fashion
  • Business/finance/money
  • Agriculture/food recipe.
  • Tech/computers/ gadgets etc.

These are but a few. You can run your research using Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends – to get an accurate glimpse of what people are searching for.

Entertainment blogs are the most common in Nigeria. And as you might rightly guess, the niche is saturated with publishers and half-baked contents.

Also, it requires a great deal of time since you’ll need to push contents as regularly as possible to keep your blog afloat.

Pro Tip: Begin with either Fashion, Sports or Business niche. If you know at least something about fashion, good for you. The fashion niche is probably the most profitable and it has a wide range of affiliate program options.

2. Maintain consistency.

To make money online blogging, consistency is more important than sporadically publishing contents.

When you’ve succeeded in creating your blog and it has begun to get some attention, the next step is to begin monetization.

This is how money is being earned from a blog. Good news is, there are different monetization options available for you to incorporate into your blog.

Some include, affiliate marketing, direct ad sale and sponsored posts. I’ll dwell more on these later.

3. Blog for others.

You necessarily do not need to own a blog to make money online blogging.  You can simply write for other blog/websites and get paid to do so.

There are numerous blogs that pay you to write. Some examples include: pulse.ng, inc.com. Some of these blogs pay within $20 – $100 per article.

4. Sell ad spaces on your blog.

If your blog revolves around a particular niche and your contents attract a good number of readers, individuals and companies will offer to pay you to have their adverts published on your blog.

You can offer options such as sponsored posts or banner ads.

It’s worth noting that blogging takes time to yield significant payoff.

To get traffic to your blog, you’ll have to dedicate time into marketing your blog on social media and online forums; and also learn Search Engine optimization (SEO).

good thing is, If you have the patience, the returns are worth it.

5. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most common ways bloggers monetize and make money online from their blogs.

AdSense makes it easy for beginners to earn money online by displaying ads on their website. You earn from Google AdSense in two ways.

Namely; CPM and CPC. This stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions and Cost per Click respectively.

CPM (the M stands for 1000 in Roman Numerals): This is calculated on a per thousand view. What this means is, you get paid every time 1000 people view an AdSense Ad on your website.

The amount of money you get from every 1000 view varies depending on your blog niche and the country your visitors are viewing your contents from.

CPC (Cost Per Click): This means that whenever anyone clicks on an AdSense ad on your website, you get paid.

Opera Snapshot 2020 07 10 174822 Www.aidthestudent.com
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 60

From what we’ve discussed about Google AdSense, you can see that your earning potential is highly dependent on the amount of traffic you’re able to get on your blog.

This is reason creating good quality content is key. You can easily sign up for a Google AdSense account and begin monetizing your blog.

However, you should also be aware that Google upholds very strict rules on websites interested in displaying adverts from AdSense.

Due to the large number of bloggers and website owners interested in AdSense, Google very often turns down applications. This usually occurs when a website fails to meet the quality of Google’s Webmaster Rules.

Pro tip: Before applying for AdSense and to improve your chances of being accepted, ensure your blog is devoid of plagiarism.

Do not copy or steal contents from another blog, It will harm your website in more ways than one. Spend time to craft your own contents. It will pay off.

Do you want to start a blog and begin making money online? Click here Now!

#4. Information Marketing.

Information marketing as the name implies is the process of selling information. It involves the organisation of knowledge or information into a readable format (usually as an eBook) which people can only access after paying a fee.

Smartmockups Kcgr5P29 3
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 61

An eBook I authored. A typical example of information marketing.

This is one of the most lucrative online business out there that is capable of generating passive income in the long run.

With a bit of work and little capital, you too can begin your own online business in information marketing.

Internet users scour the web daily sourcing for information and many do not mind paying for it if they believe it will solve their problem.

If you are vast or knowledgeable at a particular topic, you can almost immediately begin to make money online through information marketing.

The key is to provide a solution(s) to a problem.

For example, Agriculture in Nigeria has been given much attention in recent years. Nowadays, professionals from various works of life are now venturing and showing interest in agriculture.

People are searching daily and sourcing for information on how to start a farm or raise a particular crop. Below is the average figure of the number of people that search monthly for the term “How to start a poultry farm” on Google.

Search Engine 1
An average of 1,000 to 10,000 monthly searches.

From the stats above, you can be sure that a good percentage will be ready to pay for quality information that proffers precise answer(s) to their query.

For an individual who knows a considerable extent on poultry, information marketing would be a huge opportunity to commercialise that knowledge and put it into good use.

Such a person can decide to write an eBook on how to set up a poultry farm and give illustrative examples on the best breed of birds to rear. Such information would be rushed by the market.

For the purpose of better understanding, I’m only using agriculture as an example. You don’t have to write about poultry or fish farming to make good money online from information marketing.

There are numerous topics you can write about that people would be interested in buying. The key is to provide a solution to a problem.

I personally spend a fair amount of money purchasing eBooks and online courses.

This is how I develop my craft and improve myself. Valuable information is seldom cheap, and those who know the value of knowledge wouldn’t mind paying to get it.

There are basically three ways to earn money online through information marketing.

(I) . Create an eBook.

Creating an eBook is just like writing a conventional book. The only difference is that an eBook is not printed in hardcopy (optional). It can only be read using a phone device or a computer with the aid of a PDF reader/application.

Smartmockups Kcgr5P29 3
Exampke of an eBook i created. Click here to go directly to the page

To make money online through eBook creation, you must have more than an intermediate knowledge on the topic you’re writing about.

You don’t want to sell half-baked information and leave people disappointed or unhappy. Virtue demands you give people value for their money.

Pro tip: Before writing an eBook, run in-depth research on what people are asking. The goal is to provide a solution to a problem which may otherwise be unknown or unavailable to them.

19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 62

As earlier mentioned, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to run your market research.

Imagine if you can come up with an eBook that answers the question “How to Secure Student Visa to Study Abroad“, and you decide to sell this eBook for N2000 a piece.

If 50 persons purchase this eBook of yours in a month, that’s N100,000 by the end of 30 days. That’s a good profit.

After creating an eBook, the next thing is to market it. You might need a website for this.

You don’t need to spend money in this regard, you can easily get a free WordPress or BlogSpot website.

Basically, a website is needed to talk about your eBook. It is intended to give potential buyers a glimpse of what to expect when they purchase your book.

It also houses your contact information and info on your payment options.

Marketing of your eBook can be done on various social platforms or even forums. I’d highly recommend Facebook.

All you need to do is create a page and run some Ads. Ensure you monitor your ROI closely.

When a client sees your ads, they click on your site’s link and proceed further to make a purchase if you’ve done a good word marketing on your site.

(II) Create a membership site

This involves a process whereby an individual pays a fee before accessing a portion/segment of a website.

Membership Site
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 63

An example is Medium. This site provides insightful articles free of charge to public users. However, there are articles that are only available to premium users.

That is, you have to upgrade your membership subscription by paying a particular fee before being allowed to view some articles.

If you’re able to build a site that serves good value to the audience, you can decide to make some of your contents premium.

Or make it mandatory for your audience to pay a certain fee in order to access exclusive content reserved for premium members only.

Before creating a paid membership website, there is a need to establish yourself as a thought leader or a professional in your niche. You need to build an audience and establish trust.

You can hire a developer to create a membership website for you or if you run your website using WordPress CMS, you can easily create a membership site using BuddyPress plugin.

(III) Create an online course.

This has to do with creating a subject in a particular field and addressing various topics relating to it.

You can decide to teach your course either through videos (which is usually more preferable) or you can go with the option of creating written content and then linking it with a membership site.

Udemy 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 64

You can start making money online from home by uploading your courses on  Udemy or Skillshare. You simply need to make an 8 – 20-minute video and have it posted on any of these platforms. Whenever, a student register for your course, you get paid.

#5. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing involves the process of earning a monetary commission from every product you promote on your website through a referral link (affiliate link) that consequently leads to a sale.

Affiliate marketing operates similarly to a referral scheme. When a visitor makes a purchase on another site via a referral link they clicked on your website, you get a commission. Easy enough?

Affiliate 2

This is by far one of the most profitable ways to monetize a website and make money online blogging. It is a very lucrative online business venture that secures long term generation of passive income.

When done right, you literarily earn money while asleep depending on the amount of traffic you are able to pull to the affiliate website.

To earn money online through affiliate marketing, you simply need to get an affiliate link ( referral link ) and have it embedded on your website/blog.

You can get an affiliate link from an Affiliate Network. There are numerous Affiliate Programs out there but the ones listed below are undoubtedly some of the best currently on ground.

However, to make money online through affiliate marketing, it will be beneficial to have a solid idea of how an affiliate marketing system operates.

An affiliate marketing system is made up of four parties, namely:

Affiliate 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 65

(I) The Merchant.

This is the creator of the product. It could either be an individual or a company.

For example, an individual or company who creates an online course might want to boost its sales and decide to incorporate the efforts of others.

Such individual (or company) who issues out a commission to anyone who refers a buyer is known as the merchant.

(II) The Consumer

The consumer is a buyer who makes a purchase through a referral (or affiliate) link.

(III) The Affiliate

The affiliate is the person who does the Affiliate marketing per se. This is the individual who acquires an affiliate or referral link and tries to promote a product on his/her website or social media channels.

This is the party that earns a commission from the purchase made by a buyer they referred.

(Iv) The Network

The affiliate network acts as a middle man between the merchant and the affiliate. The affiliate network provides a wide range of products from which an affiliate marketer can choose to promote.

Below are some popular Affiliate Networks you can sign up for and start making money online through affiliate marketing:

Top paying affiliate networks

(a) Amazon Associates.

This is by far the most popular and largest Affiliate Network in the world. This is partly due to the fact that they’ve been in business since the 90s and they have a diverse range of products.

Amazon Associate
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 66

To become an Amazon Affiliate in Nigeria and start making money online from home, below are the steps to take.

  • Set up a website/blog: This can easily be done using WordPress. To become an amazon associate, you must have a website which you’ll embed the Amazon Affiliate link into.
  • Go to Amazon’s official website (affiliate-program.amazon.com) and click on “Join Now for free“. You’ll be redirected to the Sign-in page. Then click on “Create Your Amazon Account”.
  • Fill in the details and submit.
  • The next page requires you to fill in your account information, website/app details, and your phone number for verification etc. Click submit after completing the application.

(b) Jumia Affiliate.

Jumiaaffliate 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 67

Jumia is one of the largest eCommerce markets in Nigeria and its affiliate program makes it very easy for bloggers to monetize their blog/website.

Follow the steps below to become a Jumia Affiliate and start making money online.

  • Visit the Jumia affiliate website and click on ” Become An Affiliate.”
  • Complete the form and click on “Start Earning.”

Jumia provides a variety of Native Ads option which you can place on your website. You can also earn money by referring people to Install the Jumia App.

Commission rates depend on the kind of products purchased by your referrals. You can earn a commission up to 13%, on all orders a customer makes within 7 days from clicking on your ad.

(c) Ali Express Affiliate.

Though AliEpress is a popular international online retail market, most Nigerians are not aware of the money-making potential it presents.

19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 68

Apart from Affiliate marketing, you can also shop for products on Aliexpress at very affordable retail prices and sell to people around you and make a profit.

Products from Aliexpress are almost 100-200% cheaper than conventional stores.

However, if you aren’t interested in selling products, you can simply refer people to the website and earn commissions by becoming an Aliexpress affiliate.

Follow the steps below to register for Aliexpress Affiliate Program.

  • Visit the AliExpress Affiliate program website and click on “Register“.
  • You’ll be redirected to an application page where you need to fill some Infos. Click complete profile when done.
  • After completing the processes above, you will receive a notification stating that your application is being processed. Login to your account every now and then to see the status of your application by visiting portals.aliexpress.com

The Affiliate Networks listed above have a cache system which stores the IP address of the visitors you refer.

The IP information is stored for 30 days which means that, even if a referral doesn’t make a purchase immediately, you get a commission for any purchase your referrals make within 30 days counting from the day they clicked on your referral link.

#6. Set Up an eCommerce Store.

An eCommerce store is an online shop that sells varieties of products over the internet. An example is Amazon, Aliexpress, Jumia, Etc.

E Commerce Online Store
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 69

These eCommerce stores do not necessarily have a physical building that houses the product they sell. They simply link sellers with prospective buyers.

In setting up an eCommerce shop, the goal isn’t to be a jack of all trade.

You do not want to set up an eShop that sells “everything” – this will set you up in competition with big names such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba etc. These guys have been in the industry for years. You’ll be overwhelmed by the stress to compete.

Hence,  It is advisable to target a particular niche and narrow down your products.

To begin an eCommerce store, you need to choose a product that you want to sell and begin the process of setting up your eCommerce website.

Do not worry. Setting up an eCommerce website can be completed within a matter of a few hours and you do not need any coding or programming skills to kick things off.

There are various eCommerce building tools you can choose to set up an eCommerce website. Examples are Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Woocommerce (ideal for WordPress) etc.

19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 70

Pro tip: For a beginner and someone who is just starting out, the easiest way to create an eCommerce website is to use a website builder called Wix. Simply go to their website and get registered for free.

Creating an ecommerce website with Wix can be done in less than an hour. And it also comes with great packages.

These eCommerce website builders provide all the essential functionalities and tools needed to operate and successfully run an eCommerce shop.

They take care of the credit/debit card payment process and also provide insightful analytics to help you better understand your market and track your sales.

You can create your own products to sell or simply get products from retail sellers. You can get your products from sellers around you or more preferably, from Aliexpress and ship to buyers who place an order on your eCommerce website.

Pro tip: Before setting up an eCommerce store, it is very important to run market research before deciding on what product you want to sell on your eCommerce website.

To boost your earnings and improve your tendencies to make money online from your eCommerce shop, It is advisable to make your decision based on trending products that people buy regularly, or more preferable, that solves a problem.

Don’t assume you know. Undergo your research and you’d be surprised by what you’ll find.

You can make use of Free Product Research Tools such as ThinkWithGoogle or Amazon Product search.

#7. Begin a DropShipping Business

A Drop Shipping business involves you selling goods without initially buying them.

Dropshipping Model
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 71

It operates similar to an eCommerce shop but the difference is hinged on the fact that you do not physically have in your possession the products you sell. You simply serve as a link between a buyer and a supplier.

This is an online business you can operate from your office or the comfort of your home.

It does not require much intensive work and unlike an eCommerce store, you do not handle the shipping of the products you sell – this is done by the supplier.

Whenever a buyer places an order on your website or online market place, you simply contact the supplier and they proceed to make the delivery.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business

(a) choose a niche.

There are numerous drop shipping businesses currently running online. Competition may appear intense but a sure way to stand out from the others is to offer good value to your customers.

Select a niche where you can offer services that customers may not necessarily be getting elsewhere.

Do not focus on choosing a broad niche. Choosing a more narrower niche, in this case; a sub-niche has been proven in time past to have more customers who tend to be more willing to buy on the spot.

For example, you can pick a niche from electronicsand further narrow it down to phones and gadget. You can even go further and focus only on Samsung phones.

In this context, you can offer extended value to prospective buyers by setting up a blog teaching them how to track stolen phones.

(b) Search for suppliers.

Suppliers are wholesalers who deliver and ship the products ordered by your customers.

To make money online through a dropshipping business, the heart of the process is to scout and look for suppliers capable of providing the products you intend to sell.

select a reliable wholesaler who wouldn’t disappoint in forwarding deliveries to your buyers.

To find suppliers, simply type “wholesale” + name of the product into Google search box .  e.g. “wholesale” + electronics

Opera Snapshot 2020 07 10 195230 Www.google.com

You can also search for reliable suppliers using platforms such as Worldwide BrandSaleHooSampleSource or WholeSaleForum.com.

You also want to beware of scammers who pose as suppliers. Always watch out for suppliers who demand monthly or annual subscription fees. Avoid such suppliers, they are likely to be scammers!

Undraw Phone Call
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 72

After identifying a potential supplier, contact them via phone call or email and ask if they carry out drop shipping services. Take note of their response rate.

If their reply comes in late, they may not be a good pick.

Choose a supplier that respond promptly to emails as this tells a lot about the quality of their customer service — which you will largely depend on when you begin your dropshipping business.

When you’ve chosen a reliable supplier, you can proceed further to register or open an account with them.

Some suppliers may require you to submit an application and provide some necessary documents for means of identification. This process varies for different suppliers.

(c) Choose the right products.

Identifying the best product that attracts sales is a vital aspect when setting up a dropshipping business. Choose products that are not readily available in your locality that can only be mostly gotten online.

19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 73

Running your market research using free tools such as Google Shopping Insight is a good way to have a peep into what people are mostly buying around you.

You can also use eBay’s advanced search and take note of top-selling products. Pick products with high selling prices so you can consequently make higher profits. Avoid products that sell below $ 50.

(d) select your selling platform

You can choose to create your own eCommerce website or simply sell your products on an existing online market place such as Amazon, AliExpress or eBay.

If you’re going with the latter, you simply need to register as a retailer on any of these platforms to get listed. It is faster and they take care of the technical work such as processing of payments.

However, if you plan to create your own eCommerce website, there are various options you can employ that necessarily do not require any bit of programming on your part.

First, you can make use of a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly or Mobirise. If you plan on using WordPress, you can simply install the WooCommerce plugin and have everything needed to run an eCommerce website.

Also, these CMS platforms have thousands of themes and template designs you can choose from to style your website.

If however, you want more control over your website,  you can create one from scratch or hire a developer to do so for you.

You’ll need a Payment Gateway account and a Merchant account so your customers can make credit/debit card payments on your website. You can easily get one from Verisign.

(e) List out the products you have for sale on your website.

At this point, it is assumed that you’ve decided on what products to sell and you’ve made a necessary agreement with your suppliers.

Here are some pointers.

  • Get good quality photos of your products and upload them to your eCommerce website.
  • Set up prices for your products. Don’t make your prices too high so you don’t lose your customers to your competitors, and don’t make it too low so you don’t incur a loss.
  • Research on standard prices on other eCommerce stores or online market place. Don’t sell below cost price and put into consideration your expenses
  • Write a well-detailed description of your products and provide all necessary information about the item.
  • Include your contact information. How do you want your customers to contact you; Phone or email? Well, Include both!

(f) Contact supplier when a customer makes an order.

As a dropshipper, you serve as the middle link between your buyers and the supplier. You do not have these products physically present with you.

Hence, whenever someone purchases a product on your eCommerce website, you promptly contact your supplier to process the delivery.

Ensure you avoid making delays as this will consequently affect the reputation of your business. In the business world, the customer is king! Do not keep them waiting for too long.

You pay your supplier based on the agreement you’ve made with them.

(g) Notify your customer when their products arrive.

When the product arrives at the designated location, contact your customer to inform them.

Undraw Order Confirmed 1M3V 1
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Constantly maintain communication with your customer along the course of delivery and periodically send follow up emails to keep them informed on the status of their order.

(h) Market your dropshipping business.

The final part a of drop shipping business is proper marketing.

Creating a top-notch eCommerce website seasoned with quality content doesn’t guarantee that people will see it. You need to reach out and get them.

This is where digital marketing comes in. You can market your business by advertising and promoting your business on Google or across various social media channels.

If this process appears daunting for you and you have no experience with digital marketing (email marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing), you can contact us and we will help you market your business online and drive traffic to your eCommerce website.

We will help you identify your target audience and serve your business to people who are more likely to become paying customers. Click here  to speak with us today.

#8. Perform Paid Online Surveys. There are companies that constantly run product testing before they launch their products to the public– it could either be a new app or a website.

Undraw Customer Survey F9Ur 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 75

Hence, they pay online survey platforms to help them carry out surveys so they can get people’s reactions to their products. The online survey platform then gives a little cut to the individual who takes these surveys.

You can make money online taking paid online surveys during your spare time.

While this won’t make you a millionaire, it is a legit way to make money online without any capital investment.

That dead time when you aren’t busy, you can engage yourself and make some side cash by taking paid online surveys.

There are numerous paid online surveys all over the internet. You can search for them on Google by typing “paid online surveys with good review”.

When you identify a paid online survey site that you deem legitimate, ensure you read their terms and conditions as well as their FAQ.

This is very important as you want to be certain that you’ll get paid in cash.

19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 76

Most online surveys pay cash using PayPal and some make payment using gift cards. This is basically the reason you must go through their FAQ page to identify how you’ll be paid.

Focus on the ones that make use of PayPal or pay cash.

Online survey websites make their payments based on a minimum payment threshold. This means that you need to attain a certain amount to be able to withdraw your money.

You earn money by taking surveys and for each survey you complete, you get points.

These points are then converted to cash when you reach the minimum threshold for withdrawal.

To increase your earnings, register with different paid online surveys so you can earn more. Some online survey websites pay $20 – $70 dollars as a minimum threshold.

Pro tip: Avoid online surveys that request you to make any form of payment or provide details of your credit/debit card. Such online survey websites are most likely to be a scam!

Also, In choosing a paid online survey website, look out for websites that have good ratings. Some examples of online survey you can try right now and start making money: Swagbucks, Onepoll, MySurvey, and SurveyBuds.

#9. Start a YouTube Channel

Undraw Video Influencer 9Oyy
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 77

Sharing information, opinions or ideas through videos is known as vlogging. And YouTube is best the medium to upload and share your videos and also earn money online doing so.

Video has become a major part of the web and has basically dominated every other form of content.

Is vlogging a lucrative means to make money online?

Short answer. Yes! And there is a good reason for it.

In 2019 many social networks have modified their algorithm to make videos have more organic reach. That is, videos have been programmed to appear more frequently in the newsfeed.

This clearly shows that in the coming years, videos will be given more relevance than images and texts.

Basically, the world’s population of internet users increases daily. This equates that people will be seeking for more faster and more efficient means to get information.

A 10,000-word article can be chunked down into a 15 minutes video. Which would you prefer, Reading a 10,000-word article or watching a 15 minutes video and getting pretty much the same information?

you’re right, videos are more effective.

If you have some level of knowledge in any field, you can start creating videos and begin sharing your knowledge with others.

With a bit of consistency, you’ll attract a dedicated audience and begin earning money online with from your videos.

I want to go into vlogging but I have no video production skills?

Don’t sweat it. You don’t need any form of video production experience to make videos for the internet. All you need is a computer/laptop and a working pair of hands.

There are various video editors out there that provide you with incredible tools to create, edit and put up a good professional video.

Scrnli 9 26 2019 5 42 18 Am
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You can easily use Magisto, Biteable or Animoto to create and edit videos for free.

You no longer need to pay anyone to produce a video for you. With such apps, you can create videos right from the comfort of your home at any time and start making money on YouTube.

To start making money on YouTube, You’ll need to have at least a thousand (1000) subscribers on your videos before you can monetize your content on YouTube.

Build your subscribers list by publishing contents that are engaging and riveting. Share your videos on forums, social media and blog comment sections.

#9. Become a Social Media Manager. Intelligent companies know the importance of having an online presence and they won’t hesitate to pay a complete salary to any individual who has the dexterity to keep their customers engaged on social media.

Undraw Interview Rmcf 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 79

Social media is an indispensable tool for business growth as it creates an avenue to develop new relationships and advertise products & services.

A business without an online presence is as good as non-existent in the present era of digitalisation. Hence, large and small scale enterprises are looking for people who can keep their social media accounts active by engaging with their audience and creating compelling contents.

Social Media Manager Jobs In Nigeria
I searched for available social media manager jobs in Nigeria and over 37 vacancies popped out on LinkedIn.

I searched for available social media manager jobs in Nigeria and over 37 vacancies popped out on LinkedIn.

You don’t need a university degree to get hired in becoming a social media manager.

You simply need to know your way around a particular social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram etc.)  and understand what the audience like seeing.

Locate your clients and approach them with a proposal.

In most cases, you don’t necessarily need to approach businesses or corporate individuals to become their social media manager.

You only need to choose a niche, focus on building a dedicated following for yourself by making interactive and engaging posts on social media.

If you do this right, you can bet your luck that you’ll be noticed!

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. I’ve gotten paid managing various social media accounts for both companies and individuals just by spending a few minutes creating and scheduling posts.

Pro tip: To make money online as a social media manager, you should first create a professional profile that’s consistent with all your social media accounts.

Have a good display and header photo; write a brief bio about yourself and mention what you do;

also include relevant links to your website or social accounts that you have on other platforms. Post regularly and also contribute meaningfully to people’s posts.

As a social media manager, should get yourself acquainted with social media advertising and marketing. It will be an added bonus to your resume.

#10. Become a Virtual Consultant. If you are knowledgeable about any subject and can present yourself as an expert in the field, people wouldn’t mind paying to have an interactive session with you–to get your professional and expert advice.

Undraw Interview Rmcf 1 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 80

While you might think you don’t have enough knowledge to be hired as a consultant by businesses or corporate individuals, you’ll be intrigued by what people are willing to pay to get the tiny information you know.

The most effective way to become a consultant and an expert on any field is to get information and perfect it by practising.

Choose a subject you’re interested in and try to know every bit of what you can about it. Make research, take courses and practise. People wouldn’t mind paying if you know your stuff.

How to make money online offering consulting services.

(a) Start your own consulting business.

Although this might be quite demanding of you at the initial stage; however, it gives you more control over your time.  You can start your own consulting business taking the following steps:

  • Have a well-crafted resume on standby. Document your level of experience and other necessary information pertaining to the consultancy service you’re offering.

Most clients would like to know your level of knowledge in your field. Hence, they tend to request a resume to weigh your level of expertise.

Make your resume brief and concise. And do not claim to possess skills you do not.

  • Set up your website. You can easily create a website for free with Wix or Google Sites.

You don’t necessarily need something fancy. You simply want a webpage that puts up your contact information and accurately describe the type of consulting service you offer.

Phillips Consulting
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 81
  • Create a newsletter. A potential client can stumble upon your website via a search engine or any other means.

When they read about your services, they may not contact you immediately. Hence, it is important to have a newsletter where they can submit their emails and receive periodic emails from you.

Through these emails, you can foster a relationship and make them more yielding to request for your service.

You can use Mailchimp or Aweber to set up a professional newsletter and follow up on leads and potential clients.

  • Structure your pricing. Establish fixed fees that you charge for your services.  Do not under-price your skills as clients may perceive you to be a rookie.

(b) Sign up on websites that offer independent consulting jobs. 

If you don’t want to go through the rigour of creating your own consulting business from scratch, you can easily sign up with websites that offer independent consulting gigs.

A good place to start is Upwork. Hundreds of consulting jobs get posted on Upwork weekly. Therefore, there is a very high tendency for you to land a job on Upwork within few days.

Research On Jobs In Upwork
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 82

Over 5000+ social media consulting jobs available on Upwork

Acing freelancing on Upwork is all about maintaining a good level of professionalism. So, do well to put up a classic profile before requesting for gigs.

Consulting is quite broad and there are various jobs available on this niche. The kind of jobs available for consultants include:

  1. Marketing strategist
  2. Financial advisory consultant
  3. Project manager
  4. Human resource consultant
  5. Solutions architects
  6. Social media strategist
  7. Wealth management specialists
  8. IT consultant
  9. Business analysts
  10. Market researcher etc.

A consultant may be hired to identify problems, teach, provide solutions, or create objective planning. Your level of expertise and professionalism determines how often you get jobs.

#11. Website Testing.

Website companies are always looking for better ways to improve users’ experience and they depend on real people like you to help them identify what’s lacking and improve their products.

Get Paid To Test Website Usability Testing User Testing By Trymyui
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 83

Testing a website can take between 10 – 20 minutes to complete and you can earn up to $10 – $50 per test.

This method may not make you a millionaire but it’s quite an easy way to make money online from home especially in those times of the day when you have nothing doing.

All that is required of you is to perform some gestures on the client’s website with your phone, tablet or laptop.

In the process, the actions taken by you on such websites will be recorded and monitored.

Websites such as IntelliZoom, WhatUsersDo.com pay you to test websites. Always read the terms and conditions before carrying on with any project.

#12. Become an Online Tutor.

You basically can sell any skill on the internet and teaching is one skill that’s ever on demand.

You necessarily do not need to be a pro tutor, if you know a bit about a particular topic, you can easily transform that knowledge into an income online.

And if you know nothing about anything, you can still teach people about the effect of ignorance (using yourself as a case study). lol. Just kidding!

Undraw Teaching F1Cm 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 84

There are naysayers who make the excuse that they can’t tutor online because they are not an expert in any field.

What I’m saying is, no one is born from birth as a professional in anything. People develop themselves by learning and sourcing for new information.

Choose a field, learn what you can, then sell what you’ve learnt to others. That’s the basic cycle of earning online through selling information.

How to make money tutoring online:

1. Decide on what to teach. This should resonate around a subject you’re qualified to tutor.

That is, you should have a good level of expertise and knowledge on the course.

Don’t try to teach a subject you aren’t intellectually experienced in.

Your students will definitely ask questions along the line and it’s bad business if you can’t provide them with answers.

2. Develop a curriculum. Prepare your teaching lessons along with relevant answers to likely questions.

You can add study notes or guides which your students can download, so they can have a better understanding of the course as you take them through it.

3. Decide your pricing. As an online tutor, it is advisable you set your rates to be billed per hour.

Some online tutor earns between $10-95 per hour.

Decide what you charge beforehand and ensure you’re paid before you begin your sessions.

4. Choose a convenient platform to deliver your lessons. After crafting your course curriculum and developing your lecture content, the next important thing is to decide where you’ll have your tutoring sessions.

You can use skype, WhatsApp or Hangouts. Whatever platform that’s convenient to you or your client.

Don’t forget to have a strong standby internet connection. This is very important.

As an alternative, if you don’t want to go through the rigour of running your own online tutoring agency, you can branch out and work with reliable companies such as eTutor, tutor.com, Nerdify, Skooli, tutorbee, TutorVista . These platforms connect students with tutors.

#13. Register and Sell Domain Names. A domain name acts as a simple identification label used to indicate ownership over a resource page (in this case, website or blog). e.g. geeflix.com or geeflix.org are domain names.

Undraw Domain Names Rdql
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 85

Normally, every website has a unique IP address (Internet protocol) that sets it apart from any other website/blog on the internet.

These addresses come in long strings of numbers and it is usually difficult to remember. To ease remembrance, web developers came up with domain names.

Whereby you no longer need to memorise the long numbers of a blog’s IP address in order to access its content.

Simply type its domain name and you’ll be directed to its IP address where the blog is hosted.

What makes domain purchase and sale a good online business?

The industry has existed since the inception of the internet and as more web developers and bloggers come to the scene, domain sale business isn’t packing the bus anytime soon.

Facebook’s domain name was formerly cited as thefacebook.com. It was until August 2005 that Facebook purchased the domain name– facebook.com for $200,000 from the initial owners who had been the first to register the domain name.

The main idea behind registering and selling a domain name is to think of a name that people might be interested in buying. The best domain names to buy are usually those that contain generic words.

Godaddy Domain Name Search
A domain name I used to own. Now worth ₦9million+

A domain name I used to own. Now worth ₦9million+

If you cannot think of potential domain names that people might be interested in buying, you can simply choose and register any that comes to your mind and “park” it.

Parking refers to a situation whereby a registered domain name isn’t used for any purpose but kept in a safe host over a period of time until it is needed.

The longer the age of a domain name, the higher its value.

How to make money online selling domain names?

1. Purchase a good domain name. The best domain names to buy for the purpose of selling are usually those with a generic origin (e.g. pet.com or car.com).

Registering a domain name is very easy and quite cheap too; depending on the domain name registrar you’re using.

You can get a domain name registered on Namecheap for as low as $0.59/year. That’s lower than the cost of 1Gb worth of data.

2. Sell your domain name for a profit. The rate at which a domain name can easily be sold depends on the value of the domain name.

The domain authority is usually a  factor here. While you can easily purchase your domain name and park it waiting for it to accumulate in value, stocking the domain with content would hasten the process of selling it.

You can sell your domain name on seddo.com, flippa.com

#14. Sell Stock Photos. If you’re handy with the camera and taking creative shots happens to be one of your fortes, you should consider selling your photos online.

Photographer 436287 640
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 86

However, this business will be more beneficial to you if you’re a professional photographer. If you’re not, it doesn’t matter.

All you need is a good camera that has high-quality image resolution.

Dance with your creativity and try selling your photos on istockphoto.com.

#15. Get Paid to Install Apps.

Did you know that installing apps on your phone can get you as much as $25?

Well, I guess you probably didn’t.

There are some apps available on Google PlayStore that pay you when you install and have them run on your device.

Although cash payment might not necessarily come in cash, it sometimes come in Amazon gift cards and other redeemable prices.

Some of these apps even pay you in Bitcoins (please don’t hope you’d receive millions of Naira. You won’t).

You can find some of these apps on Google by searching for “apps that pay you to install them”.

Google Search
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 87

You’ll see a bunch of results and you should check them out to see if they are up to par.

However, be aware that some of these apps that appear on the search engine result might not deliver on their promise of getting you paid.

Hence, it is important to always check the review and comments made on Google PlayStore before installing them.

Paid App
This app has a 4.5 rating from over 400K people.

Don’t base your judgement on the first five comments as these could be manipulated by the developer. Do not install apps that have less than 4.0-star rating/review.

If you find 60% of the reviews to be positive, you might go ahead and give it a try.

#16. Sell Homemade Items on Etsy.

Etsy is an eCommerce website which focuses primarily on selling and promoting of handmade items.

Etsy Shop For Handmade Vintage Custom And Unique Gifts For Everyone 1024X437 1

Items sold on Etsy cover a diverse range of products including clothing, jewellery, beauty products, arts, photography etc.

If peradventure you make homemade products such as soap, essential jewellery, or clothes, you can sell them on Etsy.

Etsy is an online market place that specifically focuses on the sales of homemade products; ranging from candles, beads and even hand-knitted cardigan.

Inasmuch as it could take a while to be established as a reputable seller on Etsy, based on the fact that the market is dominated by Americans.

Nonetheless, Nigerians in the diaspora who are skilful with crafts can take advantage of this. A lot of White folks appreciate our homemade costumes and attires.

Fashion 4922161 640
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 88

You can easily establish yourself as a pro seller who deals mainly on African makes.

How to sell and make money online on Etsy.

(a). Go to Etsy.com and sign up as a seller. Choose a good username that is easy to spell as this will be the permanent name of your brand on Etsy. Choose something short and unique.

Learn How To Sell On Etsy 1024X437 1
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 89

(b). Edit your store. Use quality images of the products you want to sell. Design an attractive Etsy banner and put up a good bio profile.

Set Up Your Etsy Shop
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 90

A good and honest bio has a good effect of attracting customers. Potential buyers are always more comfortable to patronize sellers who do not try to be overly official and vague with their bio.

(c). List your products and policies.

(d). Use good tags.

(e). Promote your items. You can either advertise your products on Etsy or any other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Choosing to promote your items on Etsy will make your products appear more often on their search results when a buyer searches for a related item.

If you intend to promote your products on social media, Instagram would be a good start. Set up an account and upload good pictures of your products.

Similar to Fiver and some other online market place, Etsy takes a cut of 3.5 -5% from every sale you make. Also, you get charged $0.20 to list a product (This is basically how they make a profit. It’s quite fair).

Hence, when listing an item and deciding the pricing, take into consideration the aforementioned costs as well as other expenses.

#17. Start Trading Forex.

Forex is one investment opportunity that can convert huge returns in a short span of time. And also a very volatile market that is subject to rapid changes.

Marketing 4596071 640
19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 91

“Forex” simply refers to foreign currency exchange. It is the process whereby individuals or corporate bodies (large banks and financial institutions) trade currencies to make a profit.

Currencies just like any other commodity, are subject to fluctuations. Some days they could go high, and other days they could plummet and go low in value.

The essence of forex is to take advantage of these fluctuations. Predicting when a country’s currency may go high or low presents an opportunity to make money online.

Succeeding in forex trading begins by first understanding currency price quotes, studying charts, finding a reliable brokerage platform etc.

All these might appear daunting at first. But just like how you grow in any other aspect in life, you get better in forex trading by practising.

Good news is, you necessarily do not need to stake your cash in order to practise forex trading.

Some trading platforms offer a practise account that you can use to trade without having to lose your cash. You can take advantage of this to accelerate your learning curve.

It is no news that people lose money on forex. And you may have heard countless sermons of the financial risks involved in forex trade.

This is true. And as a beginner and someone who is new to forex, such reports might be terrifying to you. That’s valid.

Truth is, no business is 100% risk-free. But do not allow fear to deter you from trying.

When it comes to forex, test the waters by starting small. Put in an investment that you can bear to lose and see how it goes.

For an alternative, if you’re uncomfortable with trading currencies, you could trade other financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, etc.

An easy way to implement this is to trade on Wealth.ng.

Wealth.ng is an online platform that allows you to trade commodities in the Nigerian Stock Market.

#18. Become an Online Marketer.

An online marketer is simply someone who market products or services over the internet.

Have you ever advertised a product online, maybe on WhatsApp?

Those moments you inform your contacts or groups that you have a certain commodity available for sale; Or those other time you posted a flyer of your church program on Facebook and invited your friends?

That’s online marketing right there! But you probably didn’t know.

So basically, if you fall in the above category, it is evident that you already know what online marketing entails but you’re unaware of how to generate money through it.

What I’m going to teach you is how to commercialise this stuff and make it bring money for you.

Online marketing is sometimes used interchangeably with digital marketing. That’s because most people think they are both one and the same. That’s not correct.

Digital marketing involves the use of digital technologies which may sometimes go beyond the internet.

It may often involve the use of non-internet channels such as direct mobile SMS and MMS.

Whereas, online marketing never goes beyond the internet. Everything is done online.

So whenever you see a blogger use digital marketing in reference to marketing online, that doesn’t mean they are smarter than me. They just want to sound funky.

Methods of online marketing.

Online marketing comprises of few but very broad components. For the sake of brevity, I’ll focus on those that can fetch you money online in no distant time.

  • Social media marketing. This involves the use of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) to promote a product or services. The key here is to familiarise yourself on how to create effective paid ads on these platforms.
  • Search engine marketing. This refers to the process of modifying a webpage in order to appear more often on Search Engine Report Pages (SERP) whenever a particular keyword is typed into the search box. The aim here is to attract people who may be searching for a service or product you’re trying to promote.
  • Email marketing. This has to do with sending periodic commercial emails to follow up on leads or update existing customers on new products or services. It is intertwined with inbound marketing.

This list isn’t exhaustive and there’s more to online marketing than these listed above. But they’re not relevant to the subject topic we’re discussing so I’ll skip them. You can carry out your own personal research to learn further (but don’t think it is something you can master in a day).

I know you might be thinking that this whole online marketing stuff is overwhelming. That’s understandable when you feel you need to be a pro in all 3 methods of online marketing listed above. Well, you don’t have to.

To make money online as an online marketer, you can simply focus on social media marketing for a start.

It is easier and requires less amount of work. You simply get paid to help clients advertise their products or services to the right audience on social media.

You can do this in a number of ways:

1. Join a lot of groups on social media.

If you are a member of a lot of groups on WhatsApp or Facebook, you can use this as leverage to sell/advertise products.

Some groups have no regulations and allow you to post for free. You can also spread your tentacles by joining groups that are niched based E.g. entertainment groups, fashion groups, skincare groups etc.

Doing this will help you diversify and spread your reach. Hence, you can start helping people market their products on these groups and get paid to do so.

As an alternative, you can also create your own Facebook or WhatsApp group and grow it.

If you are able to increase your group membership to 50k-100k members, be sure that people wouldn’t hesitate to pay you to advertise on your group (especially if it is niche-based). Some online marketers charge an average of N12,000/week to advertise on their social media group.

2. Learn how to create social media paid ads.

All social media channels have a paid promotion feature that gives advertisers an avenue to create ads and promote their products on their platform.

Facebook ad is probably the most popular and easiest to kick off for beginners.

The main thing is to master how to create effective ads which hugely involves targeting the right audience.

Not everyone has this skill. And you’ll be a hot sauce if you’re able to get a hold of it. Hey, it is difficult. I

The world is going digital and people are becoming aware of the impact the internet can have on their business.

They know they can reach more customers online but they don’t know-how.

This is where you present yourself as an online marketer and help clients advertise their product or services online using the strategies enumerated above.

#19. Become an Intermediary Service Provider/Agent. An intermediary service agent is someone who offers services they’re incapable of performing themselves. Hence, they search for individuals who possess the skills needed to render such service.

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19 New Strategies Ways to Make Easy Money Online In Nigeria [2022]: The Ultimate Guide 92

For example, I pioneer a digital agency called Virtual7. One of the services we offer is decorative social graphics. I don’t have the pro skill.

But nonetheless, when a client asks for graphics, they’re always satisfied and thrilled by what we produce.

How can someone like me, who have beginner skills in graphics, yet create a professional graphic design that leaves my customers in awe?

Short answer. I simply find a good graphics designer who can perform the job. I bargain with him and get my own cut of the cash. Hence, I serve as a link – a middle man. An intermediary.

This is what it means to beam an intermediate service provider.

There is a countless number of people online who are looking for one service or another. Becoming an ISA (intermediary service agent) is a good way to make money online from such opportunities.

An added advantage is, you necessarily do not need to have the skills or products in your possession. You simply need to find someone who does.

To make this a little easier, you can create or form a network of people who possess the skillset to render the services you’re offering. Form an alliance with them.

Whenever a client requests for your service, contact one of your networks and forward the request to them.

Then you can both form an agreement of the cash percentage that goes to you.

Closing note:

I know you might have heard a lot of bloggers who claim to be gurus stress that making money online is difficult and you should prepare for frustrations.

Well, I don’t entirely agree.

Here’s what I’ve learnt from experience: something only becomes difficult the moment you consider it to be so.

Making money online can become a breeze when you see it as an avenue to experiment rather than a quick way to riches.

Do not be afraid to start small and do not be terrified of failure.

Some of the online-money-making ideas shared in this guide are quite easy to start and require little or no capital.

Some, on the other hand, might be a little bit technical and require your own personal research for further study.

Nonetheless, if you follow the foundation established in this guide, you too can start making money online in a matter of weeks.

If you have questions or further clarity on what you’ve read, do leave a comment.

What next?

If you’ve found this article helpful and you’d like others to get this same knowledge you’ve received, kindly share it today.

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