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Apart from water and light which is number one on student checklist when looking for an apartment to rent.

When you’re viewing a property for university, it’s worth taking your time to search the property and make sure everything is at a high standard. You might feel pressure to secure a house; but it pays off to be thorough when viewing the property.

We’ve put together a list of essential questions worth asking when visiting a student property.

Safety and Security Features

  1. Is there a safety blanket and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen?
  2. Does the landlord possess an up-to-date gas safety record which has been carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer?
  3. Is there any fire detection equipment and do they work?
  4. Are there any carbon monoxide detectors and do they work?
  5. Does all the furniture and furnishings comply with Fire Safety regulations (1998)?
  6. Are there locks on the windows and do they have keys?
  7. Is there a burglar alarm for the property?
  8. Are there any signs of exposed electrical wiring such as loose wires, faulty plugs or lights?
  9. Are there suitable locks on the exterior doors of the property?

External Features

  1. Is there any slipped or broken tiles on the roof of the property?
  2. Are there cracks or damage to the exterior walls?
  3. Is there any rotten timber? (Doors, Window Frames)
  4. Is the guttering blocked or broken?
  5. Is there rusting or cracking to pipes or gutters?
  6. Is there mould or vegetation growing out of the gutters?

Internal Features

  1. Are there signs of mould or damp?
  2. Is there any mould around the window frames or in the bathroom?
  3. Is there any damage to fixtures, fittings and furnishings?
  4. Is the property properly insulated? (Double glazing)
  5. Are there locks on the bedroom doors?
  6. Do the kitchen appliances and white goods work properly? (Fridges, Washing Machine)
  7. Is there any mould around the windows?
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