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27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Do you want to earn passive income from your blog or from your website?

Are you confused about choosing the best affiliate program after looking at several affiliate programs over the internet?

Do you want to know the best affiliate programs to join in 2022?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, then this article is for you. This blog will help you to find the best affiliate programs to earn from your blog or website while sitting at home in 2022.

But before going to find out the best affiliate programs in 2021. We will see what is affiliate marketing & why it is one of the best ways to make money from your blog.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing refers to promoting a company’s products in your blog or website & when someone buys a product from your website. The company will give you a commission for the sales made through your affiliate link & all you need to do is to encourage your readers to buy the product from the link.

For Example: If you want to earn as an Amazon affiliate. First, you would need to register for Amazon’s affiliate program. After registering, you will get an Amazon affiliate’s link which you need to use when writing about the products in your blog. So, if anyone purchases the product by clicking on that link, Amazon will give you a commission of that sale.

Now, Let’s see the benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

No Costs Involved:

If you have a blog with high traffic then there is no need for any investment. Coming to Operating costs, most of the companies won’t charge you to become an affiliate to them.

Make Money While You Sleep:

Since your blog is on the web, it will be accessible to everyone 24*7across the globe. So anyone can visit your blog & click your affiliate link to make a purchase at any time from any part of the world.

Adding Extra Value To The Readers:

Apart from writing blogs, as an affiliate, you can write about product reviews, alternative products & product offers. So, you can add extra value to your audience by helping them in purchasing a product.

How To Choose An Affiliate Program:

An affiliate program is a contract between a company & you where the company pays a commission for every sale that is made through the affiliate link.


If you are starting a new blog, you need to stick to one niche as chasing two rabbits at a time may end up catching none of them.So, It is recommended to sign up for the affiliate programs that fall into your niche. For example, if you write about fashion tips, then affiliating cosmetics, apparel & beauty products will bring you more clicks as they fit into your niche.

Cookie Life:

When a user clicks on an affiliate link and visits a product page they might not buy it right away. They will check out the product, take some time to decide, and only then  buy it.

Because of this, all affiliate programs have something called cookie life. This is the period of time until which the affiliate will be given a commission for a referral.

For example: Let’s say the cookie life is 30 days, if someone visits your affiliate link today and buys the product within the next 30 days you will get your affiliate commission for the sale.

There are affiliate programs that have a cookie life of 90 days or even 120 days. So the more cookie life an affiliate program offers you have more chances of making a commission.

Commission rate:

Commission rate is the amount of money you will be receiving from the company when any sale happens from your affiliate link.

In this blog, you will know best affiliate programs in :

  1. Hosting
  2. Website Builders
  3. Themes
  4. Landing Page
  5. Email Marketing
  6. SEO Tools
  7. Analytics Tools
  8. Sales and Support Tools
  9. Graphic Designing
  10. E-Commerce Marketplace

Best Hosting Affiliate Programs

If you write about blogging tips or online business strategies, then registering for hosting affiliate programs will be fruitful to you as they fit into your niche.


Kinsta offers a Premium WordPress hosting ranges from $30 Per Month – $400 Per Month. Using Google Cloud & LXC software containers makes their hosted sites load so faster when compared to the other providers.

27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 26

Commission Rate: $50- $500 per sale + upto 10% recurring lifetime commissions

Cookie life: 60 Days

Their commission rates are very high & they also offer a decent recurring commission. You will get access to their private FaceBook group & expert interviews that will help you to learn more about affiliate marketing.

You may think Kinsta’s audience is limited as it provides hosting only for WordPress websites but you know what, 37% of the web is built on WordPress & it’s growing fast too. so. Kinsta’s audience is not limited.

Click here to register for the Kinsta affiliate program.


Dreamhost, known for its premium hosting services & uptime, is one of the leading hosting providers for all types of hosting solutions in the industry.

Image 1
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 27

Commission Rate: Up to $200 Per Sale

Cookie life: 60 Days

They provide $50 – $250 for annual sales & $15- $150 for monthly plans. As Dream host is good in commission rate & a well-known brand, the only pitfall in affiliating Dream host is that they process the payment after 97 days of the sale as they offer a 97-day money-back guarantee.

Click here to register for the Dreamhost affiliate program


Affiliating a reputed brand’s products will fetch you a good number of link clicks rather than affiliating a small company’s products even though they are giving you more commissions.

When it comes to the web hosting industry, Bluehost is one of those reputed companies that is providing hosting solutions since 2003. Bluehost along with its other hosting companies is hosting more than 20 Million sites.

Image 2
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 28

Commission: $65 per sale(They can go up to $120 if you’re bringing more traffic)

Cookie Life:60 Days

Bluehost offers various types of hosting services at different price segments where $3/ month being the least & $120/month being the highest. You will get a commission of $65, whenever any user purchases Bluehost through your affiliate link within 60 days.

Bluehost has paid more than $5 Million in commissions to its affiliates in last year alone, this shows how powerful Bluehost’s affiliate program is in the affiliate industry.

Click here to register for the Bluehost affiliate program.


Hostinger is well known for its cheaper hosting services & the free hosting server in the market. They offer various hosting services that includes  Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS & Minecraft hosting.

Image 3
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 29

Commission: 60% per sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

You can get a commission of up to 60% per sale which is great & a special affiliate manager will be given to you to analyze your performance & helps you to fill the purchase gaps.

A lot of newbies choose Hostinger in their early days as it gives them a lot of features in their lowest priced segments too. In addition to these, Hostinger has a higher conversion rate in recent times.

Click here to register for the Hostinger affiliate program

Best Email Marketing Tools Affiliate Programs

Constant Contact:

When anyone says any powerful email marketing tool, then it is about Constant contact. Constant Contact is one of the most powerful email marketing tools with automating email campaigns, follow-up campaigns, and amazing email template builder that increases the open & conversion rates.

Image 4
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 30

Niche: Email marketing

Commission: $5 for every free trial signup + $105 for every sale

Cookie life: 120 Days

You can earn a good amount of commissions with their exciting free trial commissions & you will get a tracking dashboard & premium support with their affiliate program.

Click here to register for the Constant contact affiliate program


Aweber is an email marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs & bloggers help in automating their email campaigns.

They are popular in the Email marketing industry with their AI smart template builder & AMP optimized emails.

Image 5
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 31

Niche: Email Marketing tool

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie life: 365 days

Their cookie life is one year which is one of the highest among the affiliate industry. Their pricing plans range from $20 to $150 Per Month.

And also, the Aweber affiliate program can be registered from another channel, CJ affiliate network where you can get up to $300  per account but cookie life is 45 days there.

Click here to register for the Aweber affiliate program.

Mailer lite:

Mailerlite as the name suggests they design lighter emails that load fast. Apart from email marketing tools they also provide automation tools, popup & survey tools that help entrepreneurs to know more about their online visitors

Mailer lite established their position in the email marketing industry with their convenient editor, regular reports on every campaign & streamlining features.

Image 6
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 32

Commission: 30% per sale (both initial & recurring payments)

Cookie life: 30 Days

Even though they have a small cookie life compared to Aweber, but you can get a good commission with their pricing structure that varies with the number of email subscribers for their users.

Click here to register for the Mailerlite affiliate program.


Convertkit is a powerful Landing page builder & a popular automated email marketing tool. Convertkit is a favorite tool among the newbies due to its pricing, smooth drag & drop builder & easily creatable automated email responses.

Image 7
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 33

Commission: 30% per sale

Cookie life: 30 days

Convertkit software is available in both free & paid plans that start from $29 – $4000/month. To know the exact commission you get from referrals, you can use their sliding commission affiliate calculator.

As an affiliate, you can access the Pat Flynn course for free & webinars to design your funnels. You can also access their creatives to promote Convertkit’s products

Click here to register for the Convertkit affiliate program

Best Website Building Tools Affiliate Programs


When it comes to building faster & high secured e-commerce websites, no one can beat the Shopify ecommerce website builder. They positioned themselves as the premium website builder in the industry with their unlimited premium integrations, high-quality features & customer-oriented support.

Image 8
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 34

Commission: 200% per sale

Cookie: 30 Days

You will get a commission of 200% that ranges from $58-$600  per sale if the user purchases any of their paid plans in 30 days which is pretty decent. Additionally, If you promote Shopify plus, you can get a commission of $2000 per sale which is huge.

Over the money, if you have an online store you will be getting premium priority support & access to the Shopify content.

Click here to register for the Shopify affiliate program


To survive in the competition, every business irrespective of their industry wants to have an online presence to tell about them, to connect with their customers & to promote their businesses.

Wix helps those small business owners & personal brands to build a website without the involvement of any coding or programming.

A lot of content writers, artists, small business owners prefer Wix to build their online presence or to showcase their brand as they can create a website in just 10 minutes.

Image 9
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 35

Commission: $100 per sale

Cookie life: 30Days

They have both Free & Paid plans that range from $5 -$25/month. Their commission rates are the best in the website builder industry. You will be getting a dashboard where you can track all your referrals & you will have access to their number of promotion creatives.

Due to its self-explanatory & non-technical features, Wix’s customer base is increasing rapidly these days.

Click here to register for the Wix affiliate program

Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Tools

Elegant Themes & Divi

Divi is the most popular & powerful WordPress theme which lets you create stunning websites with 800+ premade designs & a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder.

With Divi, you can have total control over your website’s visual designs as it allows you to create, design & customize every part of your website in simple steps. Apart from the theme & visual builder, it also offers email opt-in popups & social media sharing plugins that help in growing your audience.

Additionally, Elegant themes offer Monarch theme which is well suited for bloggers & online publications.

Image 10
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 36

Commission: 50% Recurring

Cookie life: 180 Days

Elegant themes is packaged as a membership plan where you will get access to all of their themes including Divi & plugins. Their membership plan comes at $67 Per year or $167 if you want to buy the lifetime membership. You will get a recurring commission of 50% for every sale made through your link with in 180 days.

Click here to register for the Elegant theme affiliate program


aThemes, a prominent WordPress theme manufacturer dominating the WordPress premium themes with its popular themes Sydney Pro & Airi Pro. Their themes are well known for their easy setup & translation ready features.

Apart from Sydney & Airi, they offer 6 other premium themes that are well suited for magazine, blog & business websites.

Image 11
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 37

Commission: 50% per sale

Cookie Life: 365 Days

aThemes offers both membership plan & theme plan, where you can buy a theme at $49 or can purchase the membership at $174 where they can access all of aThemes’s themes. You can earn up to $82 if any of your referrals makes a purchase from aTheme within 365 days.

Click here to register for the aThemes affiliate program


Astra is the most in-demand WordPress theme with more than 1M downloads in just 2 years. Astra theme is famous for its pre-built design that is suitable for all types of websites. It is easily customizable & helps beginners to import sample sites which makes them create a website in less than 10 minutes.

Astra Pro is Astra’s premium version that gives more widgets, more color & typography options & also more starter sites when compared to the free version.

Image 12
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 38

Commission: 30% Per Sale

Cookie Life: 60 Days

Astra Pro priced at 3 segments, where $41 is the least & $419 being the highest, you can earn up to $125 per referral. Offering more starter sites, better design options & the popularity of the Astra theme pushes beginners to upgrade to the Pro version.

Click here to register for the Astra affiliate program


When it comes to drag & drop page builders in WordPress, no page builder can beat Elementor’s features, flexibility & pre-built templates. Using Elementor, you can create a page from scratch just by dragging & dropping that widget from its library or you can import the page template & can edit the page, the way you want. Elementor Pro is Elementor’s premium version where you can get advanced widgets, Woocommerce shop builder & popup builder features too.

Image 13
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 39

Commission: 50% per sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

Elementor Pro’s prices range from $49 Per year to $199 Per year. If anyone purchases Elementor Pro using your affiliate link you will receive a commission of up to $99 within 30 days.

Click here to register for the Elementor affiliate program

Best SEO Tools Affiliate Program


SEMRush, a popular SEO & competitor analyzer tool that helps digital marketers & website owners to increase their organic traffic & to scale their performances.

Image 14
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 40

Niche: SEO tool

Commission: 40% per sale

Cookie life:  10 years

BERush is the affiliate program of SEMRush, that gives you a recurring commission of 40% per sale till your referral pays for the product. BERush uses a first cookie attribution model, which means you will get a commission if your referral cancels & repurchases in the span of 10 years.

If you write about SEO tips or digital marketing strategies, promoting SEMRush is the best option due to its long cookie life & first cookie attribution model.

Click here to register for the SEMRush affiliate program

Mangools SEO Tools

The popular longtail keyword research tool KWFinder powered by Mangools SEO tools helps you to find long-tail keywords for your website, analyze their SERP results & backlink analysis.

Apart from the KWFinder tool, Mangools offer a SERP checker that gives SERP analysis, a SERP watcher that gives rank tracking, Link Miner that provides backlink analysis & a Site profiler that provides SEO metrics & insights tools.

Image 15
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 41

Commission: 30%

Cookie Life: 30 Days

As a Mangools affiliate, you can promote all of their SEO tools $30 Per Month to $80 Per Month. If anyone purchases the tools from your affiliate link within 30 days,  you will get a commission of 30% as long as he/she uses Mangools SEO tools. On average, a Mangools affiliate will earn up to $500 Per Month which is a high amount when compared to the other SEO tools.

Click here to register for the Mangools SEO Tools affiliate program

Best Analytics Tools Affiliate Programs


Knowing what your audience needs are the most important aspect of any business. When it comes to online websites, Google Analytics is the powerful tools which gives information about how much time your reader spends on your website, where does he/she locate, how they visited your site & a lot of metrics that help every blogger/website owner to understand their customers & offer what they need.

But, in this competitive world, in addition to the customer’s demographics, you would need to know the behavior of the customer while he/she is browsing your website.

Smartlook is a powerful website recording tool that records your audience’s moves on your site that helps you to know their exact behavior and create content accordingly. Apart from the recordings, it generates Heat Maps that give information about where they clicked or scrolled on your site, Events that give you information about how they’ve used your features & funnels that gives you information about your customer steps till closing your website.

Image 16
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 42

Commission: 20% Per Sale

Cookie Life: 30Days

Smartlook’s pricing starts from $31 Per Month to $108 Per Month. You will get a recurring commission of 20% for every sale if anyone purchases Smartlook using your affiliate link.

Click here to register for the SmartLook affiliate program

Best Landing Page Builder Affiliate Programs


Every website owner or business owner wants a landing page for better conversions & a higher number of sales. Lead pages let you build amazing landing pages without requiring any technical skills.

Image 19
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 43

Commission: 40% – 50%/sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

You will receive a base commission of 10% for all the sales that are made through your link. You can earn an extra commission of 40% if you are able to drive new sales worth $50 or more in a month. Similarly, you can earn an extra commission of 50%, if you are able to drive new sales worth $50 or more in a month.

Leadpages offer their services at three slabs starting from $27 a month to $297 a month. With their premium pricing, it is easy to achieve $50 a month that will give you 40% of the commission.

Click here to register for the Lead pages affiliate program.


Instapage is a perfect post-click landing page builder that helps you build unique landing pages for each target segment & track their performances with A/B testing & heatmaps.

Their robust page builder helps to get better conversions & you can create AMP optimized landing pages that load fast.

Image 20
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 44

Niche: Landing page tool

Commission: 50% recurring revenue for the first year & 30% from the second year.

Cookie life: 120 Days

They offer two plans, one is a business plan that costs $149 & the other one is a custom plan. Having costly plans & lengthy cookie life, you can earn huge money with an average number of clicks.

Click here to register for the Instapages affiliate program

Best Sales & Support Affiliate Programs


Pipedrive is a sales-boosting CRM tool that helps business owners to manage leads, track the calls, emails & to automate repetitive tasks. They can access Pipedrive from a mobile application & can analyze the performance.

Image 18
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 45

Niche: Sales tool

Commission: 33% per sale

Cookie life: Not given

They offer 4 different plans that range from $7 – $79 per month. Once a referral purchases any of their plan you will receive a commission of 33% in the first year.

You will get additional training about their products & access to their logos & creative banners.

Click here to register for the Pipedrive affiliate program

Live Agent

Live Agent is a powerful support tool for any business that helps in increasing customer satisfaction by solving their problems.

They provide ticketing software, call center, live chat & knowledge base channels & can integrate seamlessly with other software.

Image 21
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 46

Niche: CRM tool

Commission: $5 for every sign up & 20% recurring commissions.

Cookie life: 90 Days

Live Agent has both free & paid plans that range from $15-$39 per month. You will receive $5 if a referral register using your link within 90days & you will get a recurring commission of 20% of the lifetime the referral uses the Live Agent.

Click here to register for the Live agent affiliate program

Best Affiliate Programs By Graphic Design Tools


Adobe is a dominant leader in the designing industry for several years. They have various products for photo designing, video editing, logo making, video effects & whatnot.  Adobe is capable of generating a revenue of 9.3 Billion dollars. This shows the dominance of Adobe in the Designing market.

Image 22
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 47

Niche: Designing tools

Commission: 85%of the first month(monthly payment for creative cloud), 8.33% of the first year(Annual payment for creative cloud), $72 for adobe stock.

Cookie life: 30 Days

As an affiliate, you can promote their Creative cloud, Document cloud & Adobe stock. You will receive a commission of 85% of the first month if your referral purchases a monthly subscription of creative cloud or document cloud or if he/she purchases an Annual subscription you will receive 8.33%. If your referral subscribes to their Adobe stock you will receive a commission of $72 & the commission model is the same as Creative cloud if he purchases the Adobe stock assets.

Note: Adobe stock & Document cloud are only available in specific countries.

Click here to register for the Adobe affiliate program


Although Canva is new to the designing industry, it gained a lot of popularity in the last 2 years. A lot of social media Influencers & microbloggers use Canva for designing their posts, banners & logos due to its easy to use editor, hundreds of templates & infinity features.

Image 23
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 48

Niche: Graphic designing tool

Commission: $36 per sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

Canva is available in both free & paid versions. Their pro plan is priced at $12.95 Per Month or $120 for a year. If your referral purchases a monthly subscription you will get a commission of 100% of the sale i.e. $12.95 or if your referral purchases an annual subscription you will get a commission of 25%of the sale i.e. $30. If your referral signup for trial, you will get a commission of $6.

Due to its gaining popularity & low-level priced products, promoting Canva will bring you good commission.

Click here to register for the Canva affiliate program

Best E-commerce Marketplace Affiliate Programs


Fiverr is the biggest platform for freelancers to sell their services online. At Fiverr, one can get freelancers for logo design, website development, graphic design, video editing, social media management & marketing, data entry, etc.  

Image 24
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 49

Niche: Marketplace

Commission: $150 per sale or $10 per sale+ 10%

Cookie life: 30 Days

They follow a hybrid model for commissions where you can get $150 per sale or you can get $10 & 10% commission on the sale. As an affiliate, you can promote more than 3 million digital services over 250+ categories.

Apart from freelancing services, you can promote Fiverr’s other services such as

Fiverr learn, an online course platform, where you can get 30% of the commission when anyone purchases a course from your affiliate link

Fiverr business, a business solutions software where you can get $100 + 10% revenue share, freelance tools platform where you can get 50% of every sale purchased from your affiliate link.

Click here to register for the Fiverr affiliate program


Amazon needs no introduction, but do you know, you ont only can spend money in Amazon but also earn money as an Affiliate. They have vast product categories include electronics, home appliances & accessories, fashion, cosmetics, packaged food, jewelry, books, sports, outdoor accessories, DIY, tools, luggage & bags, etc which will be apt for any niche

Image 25
27 Best Affiliate Programs In 2022 50

Niche: eCommerce

Commission: 1%-10%

Cookie life: 24 hrs

If anyone purchases from your affiliate link, you will receive a commission of up to 10% based on the product category. In order to receive the commission, your referral should buy the product in 24 hours or should add the product to your cart & purchase the product in 90 days.

In addition to the physical products, you can also promote their digital products such as Prime Video, Audible, Amazon business.

Click here to register for the Amazon affiliate program.


With Jumia Affiliate Program, you can earn up to 11% commission on every sale. Jumia Affiliate Program is the most reputable affiliate program in Nigeria (someone even made millions). Through Jumia affiliate program, you can turn your website or blog into a money-making machine. Simply drive traffic to Jumia online store by choosing from their thousands of products to advertise to customers and make money when your visitors buy from them.


If you have a website, blog, social page or an audience you think you can monetize with and you looking for the right way to do this, the Konga Affiliate program is a good way to start earning some easy income. Konga Affiliate Programs is one of Nigeria’s topmost affiliate program that allows you to make money online by selling products to consumers for great commissions. The program allows you to earn easy money just selling products online.


And that sums up the list of best affiliate programs for 2021. Most of these affiliate programs are free to join & easy to sign up for.  While promoting your affiliate links, we recommend you to go through the affiliate program’s Terms & Conditions for their link sharing policies.

As already said, choosing an affiliate program is so crucial in affiliate marketing as your earnings depend upon the affiliate program’s commission & cookie life.

I hope this article helped you in finding the best affiliate program that can earn you good money.

And also, Website traffic plays an important role in affiliate marketing as it is proportional to the number of link clicks on your website. But, getting visitors to your website might be a bit tough for beginners. To ease the process, please read our blog “How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog ” where we discuss 9 Proven ways to increase your website’s traffic.

Apart from affiliate marketing, there are 6 more ways that can help you to make money using your own blog. To know more about those ways, please click here:

As you can see that there are so many ways to earn money from a website, But, all you need is a Website. And, also creating a website is not that difficult. You can create a stunning and beautiful WordPress in less than a week. Yes, that’s all the time you need, and the best part is you need to have any coding skills and watch long and boring videos.



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