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WAEC Examination (Everything You Need To Know)

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WAEC Registration and Exam Date Latest News Update. Registration for Waec has begun and Waec Exam would commence from June.

Latest Waec News on Registration, Timetable, Waec Syllabus, Exam and Releases of Results shall be discussed on this page.

Waec is paper and pen (Objective, Theory and Practical) and holds across Secondary schools in Nigeria. Waec Results will be released 45 days after the last paper. You will also get the original Waec result within a year.

To prepare well for Waec 2021, you need the Waec Syllabus, Timetable and  AidTheStudent Waec Application. You may Click Here to get WAEC Syllabus for all Subjects, Download Aiders Waec here App or Click here for the WAEC Timetable.

Waec Price

Different schools charge different Waec enrolment fees. It is no news that many schools in Nigeria (especially private secondary schools) charge up to ₦50,000 and even above for WAEC registration in their respective centers.

The normal price fixed by WAEC for registration is ₦13,950. Federal Secondary schools generally charge a lower Waec enrolment fee than Private Schools. You should also note that “Waec Miracle and special Centres” charge higher for WAEC registration.

Passing Waec Once And For All

After hearing rumors that Waec is difficult, you would be left with the question, can I really pass WAEC without runs or expo? Yes. I am here to boldly tell you that you can pass WAEC without WAEC 2021 runs or expo.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions in the hall if you have the full opportunity. However, never go to any exam hall blank no matter what you are promised.

Talking about how to pass Waec in this article will seem like a repetition. I have prepared a detailed guide on how you can pass Waec once and for all. You may click here to read it.

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 How WAEC Expo Works

WAEC expo is a situation where someone sends you WAEC answers on or before the examination day via SMS or social networks. Some centers do help their candidates by supplying answers in the WAEC examination hall. These centers are called WAEC expo centers or WAEC special centers.

I am not ignorant of the fact that WAEC expo centers and miracle schools exist. However, you must understand that those things sometimes affect your result negatively.

The answers supplied might be wrong or sub-standard. Besides, cheating is wrong and WAEC could withhold your result. Work hard and pass WAEC without runs, expo or special center if possible.

You Can Write Waec In Any School

You can decide to choose any secondary school as your examination center. You don’t really need to be a student there. All you need to do is go to the centre when WAEC registration 2021 is close and indicate your interest.

One thing you must note is that you could be charged more than the bonafide students. Schools are fond of charging external candidates more registration fees for Waec SSCE.

Can Someone Write Waec For Me?

Someone helping you to sit or impersonate for WAEC 2021 examination is malpractice. So long you can read and write, you should be able to pass WAEC. It just requires patience and a little hard work on your part. You can still prepare and pass any examination. Even the blind and deaf do pass WAEC exams.

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On the other hand, if you experience any health issue during the examinations, feel free to contact the school principal for guide and the way forward. Someone can possibly be assigned to write for you.

How to Access Waec Past Questions And Answers: 

WAEC past questions are important to score high. The use of WAEC past questions can dramatically boost your score. Waec Repeats past Questions and some times twist old Questions.

How do I access WAEC past questions? There are three ways you can gain access to WAEC past questions for 2021.

  • Downloading WAEC past questions
  • Practicing WAEC Past questions Online

How to Read Well For Waec:

The way you prepare for WAEC is very different from how you prepare for your class examination. And it is different from the way you prepare for Jamb UTME. Waec has Objective, Theory and even practical papers.

You should therefore learn to go beyond guessing answers to actually solving problems step by step to arrive at the final answer.

WAEC requires strong preparation tactics. One of the things you should learn while preparing for WAEC 2021 is studying for long hours without losing concentration and how to remember everything you read in the WAEC exam hall. Below, I present two helpful articles on this year and next year WAEC…

Reason Waec Holds Some Results

On one or two occasions, you would have heard someone say something like, “WAEC seized my result or withheld some of my subjects”. It is very common…

Now, have you ever asked why WAEC seizes results? It’s due to three major reasons and they include malpractice, errors while filling your WAEC details and errors on the part of WAEC. Error on the part of WAEC could be a missing script.

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Waec Online Registration For Schools

This step is not for Waec Candidates but for school owners…

The West African Examinations Council e-Registration System is a user-friendly online registration package for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Steps for Waec eRegistration

  • Payment for the examination
  • Identification of Examination Officer
  • Registration of Candidates
  • Reviewing/Editing of Candidates Information
  • Generation of Examination Numbers
  • Downloading of Information
  • Offline Registration

As a student, you don’t have to visit the WAEC Website for Registration. The following are the steps your school follow to do so…

  • Visit www.waeconline.org.ng
  • Click on the “May/June Examinations” icon.
  • Sign in as a new user.
  • Enters the necessary details like centre number, candidates WAEC passport, subject of candidates, name and surname of candidates.
  • Click on the “Checkbox” by the affirmation statement to affirm that all the entries including the attached passport photograph are correct.
  • You can then download syllabus, timetable and registration template.
  • Then the registration process continues.

Waec Registration Deadline And Extension

Waec Releases registration deadline yearly. For some years, registration deadlines get extended.  Over the years, the Waec registration deadline has been between the Month of January and February. It won’t be so this year due to factors that delayed registration.

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Hope you found this helpful? Feel free to share with others using the share buttons and don’t fail to let me know how you feel using the comment box.


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