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How To Pass Waec Without Expo Or Runs

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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After hearing much scary news about Waec, you’re left with a question. Is it possible for me to pass Waec without an expo? Yes, you can pass Waec by yourself.

If you have ever wondered how to pass Waec without expo or runs, this article is for you. The truth of the matter is that you can pass Waec without Expo. That is what I will show you in this article.

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How To Pass Waec 2021 Without Expo

1. Don’t Think Waec Failure:

There is a general saying that it is not possible to pass Waec without expo. This popular saying has limited many Waec candidates that they search for Waec expo questions and answers online.

I am here to boldly tell you that you can pass Waec without Expo. All you need to is is believe in yourself. You have the ability, you got all it takes to pass Waec without expo. Look within you.

Waec is honestly not as difficult as people claim. With the Waec Syllabus, Recommended Texts, AidTheStudent Waec Class and hours of daily effective study, Distinction is sure.

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2. Study Harder And Smarter:

The second step you must take to pass Waec 2021 without expo is to face your studies. You need to read like never before.

It is true that you will have one or two distractions. But, try to put them aside. Make your examination your number one priority.

Go through Waec syllabus and hot topics. This will guide you on the major areas to focus on while preparing for Waec.

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3. Face The Topics You Fear:

It is true that you will have one or more difficult courses and topics. You are not alone. Others have their weakness as well. However, you do not have to avoid difficult areas.

Do everything you can to understand the topics that challenge you the most. Even if it takes meeting your tutors or fellow candidates for help, do it.

The area you did not read may come in the exam. The reason many candidates fail Waec Mathematics is that they avoid topics/subjects as a result of phobia.

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4. Study With Past Questions:

Like I always tell Jamb Candidates, Past questions are prophecies of future questions. Waec doesn’t have new questions to set. They repeat old questions with a simple tweak. Do not cram past questions; make sure you understand the questions and Options.

The more Waec past questions you study, the better prepared you are. The Waec past questions give you the exact format in which the examination questions usually come. English carry comprehension passages and summary. It is your ability to analyze the passages that will help you out.

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You may be wondering, how do I get Waec Past Questions for all years and Subjects and with accurate answers? You will get more than that with the AidTheStudent Waec CBT Applications. Click here for AidTheStudent Apps.

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5. Test Your Readiness:

To Pass Waec 2021 without an expo, set Objective questions for yourself regularly. This will help you build confidence and overcome unnecessary fear. Make sure you know the correct answer to any question you fail. With this, you will surely pass Waec 2021 without runs.

Make sure the following materials either in softcopy or hardcopy are close to you when preparing:

  • Waec Past Questions (AidTheStudent Apps)
  • Waec Syllabus
  • Note and Pen for Jotting
  • Calculator for Solving Subjects
  • At least one good Textbook per Subject
  • Water to calm yourself down
  • Full attention.

6. Watch Waec Videos

The AidTheStudent Youtube Channel offers the best resources you can get when it comes to Waec, Jamb, Post UTME and other examinations.

There are many videos across Waec Subjects and Topics. Apart from Topic to Topic Teaching, Past and Likely Questions for Waec are Solved with detailed explanations.

Hope you found this guide helpful? Feel free to share with others and don’t fail to let me know how you feel using the comment box.



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