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Don’t Register In Miracle Centers (A.K.A Runz, Expo)

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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In most of my articles, I do preach about how to pass Waec and Neco 2021 without expo or runs. This suggests to you that it is also very possible to pass Waec with expo or runs in various Miracle Centres.

There are many Waec and Neco centres where expo (malpractice) is being advertised. Teachers and Runs boys/men copy Waec answers on the board.

Waec/Neco answers could be sent to you via SMS, Whatsapp Message, Facebook, etc in the examination morning, even before you enter the exam hall. These centres are referred to as Waec/Neco expo and miracle centres.

Waec and Neco miracles centres can make you pass easily without reading. This is because all answers would be sent to you. The funny thing is that there are Waec and Neco miracle centres at every State in Nigeria.

However, patronising Waec runs and miracle centres is one of the biggest risks you can take in Waec. Below are the reasons you should not depend on Waec runs and expo.

Reasons Not To Look For Waec And Neco Special Centres In 2021

  1. 99.9% of the guys advertising expo and runs online are Fraudsters. They don’t know anything about Waec and Neco runs. They want to collect your money because you are too desperate.
  2. Most of the answers you would get via SMS may not be correct.
  3. Expo makes you lose confidence in your self. You will always believe that you cannot pass Waec/Neco on your own.
  4. Since many persons would copy similar answers, Waec and Neco officials would suspect cheating and your result would be held.
  5. There would be a mass failure in your Waec centre.
  6. Waec withholds thousands of results yearly to do malpractice.
  7. Your centre would be blacklisted.
  8. You may have to sit for another Waec and Neco; even Jamb
  9. Even if the miracle centre works for you and you make all “As” in your nine subjects, your Jamb performance would be poor and you may end up wasting years at home before gaining admission.
  10. You would learn to always depend on runs and expo for every examination.
  11. You would waste time you would have spent on reading Online to browse expo on Google and search for expo centres on the internet.
  12. It is very expensive to register in Miracle centres. You would end up spending a whole lot of cash and time.
  13. You won’t be proud of your result anywhere.

With my few points above, hope I am able to convince and not to confuse you that Waec and Neco expo could do more harm than good? Of course….. Say no to miracle centres and click here for how to pass Waec and Neco 2021 genuinely.

Let me know how you feel using the comment box…


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