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How To Prepare And Pass Waec

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The dream of every Waec candidate is to pass Waec once and for all. I explained this in my article on reasons people fail Jamb and the best way to survive the recent Jamb CBT Update. In this article, I have highlighted the 20 tips you need to pass Waec without expo or runs.

You must understand that Waec is now a major factor for gaining admission into your desired university and to study your desired course. Make sure you do every positive thing possible to pass Waec and gain admission once and for All. It will enable you to leave your current level and face the University admission trend.

  1. Be convinced that you want to sit for Waec 2021. It is your mindset that determines your life-set.
  2. Understand how Waec set their questions by getting more exposed to Waec past questions and answers for all subjects. Don’t undermine the use of Waec syllabus. You can download all Waec syllabus here.
  3. Don’t believe the common saying that it is difficult to pass Waec on your own
  4. Spend quality time to study your books and do not fail to ask questions.
  5. Get the recommended Waec textbooks for all your courses.
  6. Register in a reliable and trusted Waec centre.
  7. If you don’t understand any difficult course, meet those that do. Learn how to understand difficult Waec subjects here.
  8. Develop a strong study habit. There are Waec study habits that lead to failure. Prepare a Waec time-table for your personal reading.
  9. Improve your writing. Many persons fail Waec because they have poor writing. Writing is the first thing the Waec examiner sees.
  10. Do not write out of point. Go straight to what you are been asked.
  11. Don’t fail to use the right formulas and units in Waec calculation courses.
  12. Work on your speed since there may not be enough time for you in the exam hall.
  13. Cross-check each line you write because you may not have time to come back.
  14. Ask the Waec invigilators anything you do not care about.
  15. Don’t worry too much about how the Waec result would be. Write the exam first.
  16. Test yourself regularly with standard Waec questions. This will help you pass Waec 2021/2021 once and for all.
  17. Make sure you remember everything in the hall. You may want to read my article on how to remember everything you read in the Waec examination hall here.
  18. There are Jarking styles that pay in any exam. If you do not read well, you will face challenges.
  19. If you are taking Waec together with Jamb 2021, you may want to read the Jamb keys to outstanding success here
  20. For Waec updates and frequently asked Waec questions,

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