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How To Pass Jamb Once And For All

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Jamb 2021 is going to be very competitive. This is as a result of the fact that Jamb has become a major factor in gaining admission into any University or Polytechnic.

Apart from the fact that Jamb now determines who gets admitted, the increasing number of candidates who apply for admission yearly has made the Jamb UTME very competitive. I explained this in my post on Jamb facts and Jamb fictions.

If you felt very bad when someone told you, “I wrote Jamb 5 times” then this article is for you. There is no other joy greater than writing and gaining admission once and for all.

In fact, to pass jamb is the dream of every applicant. However, this doesn’t happen until you pay the price of success. You may want to click here to first read my article on how to pass Jamb without runs before you proceed.

How To Pass 2021 Jamb Once And For All

The price you should pay to Pass Jamb 2021 Are:

Have the Passion to Pass Jamb

Action needs passion, or it will be sanctioned. The number one price you should pay to pass your Joint admission and matriculation examination (JAMB) is to ignite your passion towards the examination. The day your passion dies, success will run away from you.

Don’t be tired of writing Jamb, don’t be frustrated. Have the mindset, “this is my last Jamb and I’m going to do everything possible to pass it”.

Be Determine To Win Jamb

Determination is stronger than with-craft. The strength of every successful student is that they are determined. When you come across resistance, increase your persistence. With determination, you can achieve you desired score in Jamb.

Determination will Make you Get:

  • All the recommended Jamb textbooks
  • Jamb past questions and answers
  • Jamb syllabus for all subjects
  • Conducive study environment

Make Sacrifice To Pass Jamb

Sacrifice is your ability to leave pleasure and work things out in your closet. It is your ability to put in your best in quest for university admission.

Sacrifice never fails. It is time to sacrifice other things that are not relevant or necessary for your Jamb examination so as to pass once and for all.

Sacrifice will make you:

Develop The Vision for High Score

Vision is your ability to see the future through spiritual and mental projection. What you can see, you can cease. In your examination, what grade can you see? It is time to do that now. I will advice you to see 350 and above in your Jamb.

Vision will make you:

  • Aim to score above 250 in Jamb
  • See yourself as a 100 Level student

Increase Your drive for Excellence

Vision give you drive. Now that you have seen and understood what you really want, it is time to press forward to get it. If you perspire, you will acquire.

Drive to pass jamb 2021 and gain admission into your preferred University or Polytechnic. Drive will push you beyond your limit, it will make you study for 10 hours without you noticing.

Drive Towards the Right Direction

It is now left for you to drive in the right direction. You must seek the ultimate guide to pass Jamb once and for all. Direction makes you:

  • Study according to Jamb syllabus
  • It makes you know what to read and what not to read
  • Prioritize your time.

It is a lack of direction that will make you stick to Zee World or your favourite Tv show when you should be studying for Jamb. Whether you like it or not, you will always have time to watch Tv. But if you fail Jamb, you are shifting your life plans to another one year.

Why not pass Jamb once, gain admission and then forget about it? Parties and other pleasures are not running away. If you don’t make good use of them, they will make you useless.

5 Persons You Must Meet To Pass Jamb

Your success in Jamb 2021 is directly proportional to the persons you hang out with. Your hangout is what eventually determines your hunger. You need certain persons to achieve your desired score in Jamb 2021

The five persons you need to pass Jamb are:

  1. Mentors
  2. The Jamb writer
  3. Fellow Jambites
  4. The scholar
  5. Jamb official

Go through the recommended article below to see who these persons are and why you should meet them as soon as possible. Don’t live in isolation.

RecommendedFive persons you need to pass jamb

As part of my effort to make life easier for you in Jamb 2021, I have packed so many content rich Jamb expos and complete keys in a super-packed article.

The article will fully prepare you to blast Jamb 2021 examination once and for all. I know you do not want to miss it. It is either you pass jamb 2021 once and as well score very high or you must pass well.

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Still not clear about something? Feel free to ask me any question using the comment box below. You may want to share this with friends using the share buttons below.


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