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How To Prepare For An Important Exam or Interview Overnight

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Every day, serious students research on how to prepare and pass their exams, but unfortunately, many of them still haven’t found out ways to do that. The issue becomes more complicated when you are still not fully prepared even few days to the examination or interview.

Like you, I went on a merry-go-round for the right tricks to use for preparing for an examination or interview overnight. In this article, I will be sharing with you just how you can prepare for an examination or an interview that is already very close.

Now, there are times when the examination suddenly gets closer. And you are like, “I still have a whole lot of topics to cover; how do I pass this examination?”. This could be due to some circumstances beyond your control. These circumstances make you not to be fully prepared yet when you have few days to sit for the exam.

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The truth is that, you might be tempted to give up. Yes, I understand that you are under pressure to cover a whole lot of topics within the very short period. However, do not let the pressure to measure up cause you to give up on your chase for academic excellence.

Steps To Prepare And Pass An Examination Overnight

Back to the topic, “How To Prepare For An Important Exam or Interview Overnight”. I have a trick that will dramatically help you to prepare and pass an exam within a very short period of preparation. Lets see how the trick works……

1. Reading With Revelation:

At this point, you need to understand that it is no longer Funfare but Warfare. You need to read with full concentration and depth of understanding. It is studying with revelation that finally brings the elevation.

The simple question now is, how do I study with revelation? I will explain the various ways you can study with revelation below:

a. Go For Key-Points:

You don’t have all the time. So, pay more attention to important points than details. Search for very important points in the topic and jot them down. However, you are permitted to scan through other points.

How do I know the key-points? They usually come in form of definition, classifications, major types, illustrations and examples. Also, when the author asks you to note something, mark it as a key-point.

If you attend classes or tutorials, this is the time to use lectures to predict the questions that would be ask. Mark the salient points emphasized by your tutor. These are the stuffs you should prepare for. Other details are usually irrelevant as regards your examination.

b. Quickly Go To The Past:

Yes! check the history of the examination. What has been the frequently ask questions over the years? This will help you save time. It is no longer time for hard reading but wise reading.

The best way to go to the past is by using past questions. Examination bodies do not have new questions to set. All they do is repeat old  questions in a new pattern. Studying past questions help you understand the nature of questions and pattern of the examination.

c. Check The Present:

As it stands now, what are the current situations surrounding the exam/interview? This will enable you know what works currently. Yesterday’s information cannot help you in today’s reality. A whole lot would has changed about the nature of questions. Understanding this makes you far ahead of others.

You can also check the present by going through the recent questions asked or the latest syllabus released by the examination body.

d. Predict the future:

Use the knowledge of the past and present to predict what will come out in the exam. With this, you will never get surprised in the examination or interview hall.

e. Face Your Weakness:

It is true that you would have certain subjects giving you challenge. Do not run away from them. Because, you will likely see it in the exam hall.

So many students fail examinations because of the weakness they never addressed. If you don’t handle your weakness, your weakness will handle you. To solve this, you may want to read the tricks to understand difficult courses here.

f. Seek Help:

There is no time to do everything alone. To save time, meet people (you know are capable) to explain certain areas you are having challenges. This will enable you remember more in the exam hall and also understand the topic(s) better.

g. Prioritize:

As you prepare for the exams, make sure to prioritize your time and topics so as to finish the most important tasks within a very short time. Do not major on the minor, neither should you take minor things majorly. If I may ask, what is the most profitable use of your time now?

Other tricks you should try out are…..

  • Constant reading and practice.
  • Answering more of questions.
  • Don’t skip important points.
  • Organize your materials even as you prepare for the examination.
  • Memorize using mnemonic devices like acronyms and song.
  • Get the fact and concept surrounding each topic.
  • Say no to distractions.

2. Desperation And Perspiration:

At this point, you don’t need to be gentle or normal. In fact, if you are too gentle you will end up in the kettle. It is time to get desperate.

Tell yourself that you will not fail the exam no matter what. Remove every fear or option of poor performance from your mind. Most of our challenges are psychological . You need to psychologically build your confidence even as you prepare for the interview.

Also, you need to perspire. Coming across new topics and the ones you are not very familiar with makes you discouraged. At least, considering the fact that the exams are very close. Yet, do not get tired. All you need to tell yourself is, “even if the exam is tomorrow, I still have hours to prepare and not minutes”.

The five factors below will help boost your desperation and perspiration:

  • Meet people preparing for the same exam or interview.
  • Have a mentor.
  • Don’t have plan B (let all your focus be on hard-work and success)
  • If necessary, get a reading partner.
  • Engage yourself in questions and answers.

3. Appreciating And Utilizing Your Adrenaline

Like I always say, nature has a way of balancing itself. As the examination or interview approaches, the fire and passion to study naturally ignites in you. This is what I call the season of Adrenaline.

The Adrenaline provides you with useful energy and stimulation. It also helps you to:

  • To study for long hours with full concentration.
  • The Adrenaline empowers your brain to retain more content.
  • It dramatically boosts your appetite for reading.
  • Makes you cover a whole lot within a very short period.
  • Prevents you from breaking down easily.

From the benefits above, you can see that making good use of Adrenaline can help you prepare for an examination overnight.

When you notice this sudden zeal to read, do not kill it. Rather, build it up by reading voraciously. This could be your best bet in preparing for an exam that is very close.

4. Rocket Reading:

No matter how we paint favor, the role of labor cannot be neglected. There is no product without process and no glory without story.

To dramatically prepare for an examination, you need to study like you have never done. This is what I call do or die affair. You need to adopt the top 8 jarking/reading styles that pays.

5. Flash Revision:

You might be wondering, what is the meaning of flash revision? It simply means quick revision. Make sure you revise more than 90% of everything you have read before you enter into the exam hall. This will place the information in the part  of your brain that is easily accessible.

Not revising before the exams makes you forget little things in the hall. Again, you may be asking, “how do I revise when the exams are already very close? It is very easy. Revise very fast and smart. That is why I call it flash revision.

If you feel that you are studying but the book is not entering your brain, there is an answer for you. See the article below:

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