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5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Relationship

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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The need for companionship, to love and be loved in return are just some of the few reasons we engage in romantic relationships. Relationships evolve, some into something beautiful, others lose flavour or become toxic.

No relationship is perfect. All relationships need time and effort from both parties to work. However, there are some unhealthy relationships that one needs to quit.

Below are the reasons why you need to quit your relationship:


Emotional abuse may not be visible but its effect often leaves long-lasting scars on the mind. It may come as constant criticism, verbal abuse or threats, shaming, withholding affection or communication and manipulative mind games.

Physical abuse is a huge deal breaker. It is unacceptable to hit one’s partner. If it happened once, it can happen again.

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Before you got into that relationship, you had an identity, you had dreams and ambitions. Romantic relationships demand sacrifices from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you should lose grip of who you are in trying to make things work. If your relationship doesn’t give room for you to develop, maybe it’s time to find the exit – it’s not a prison.

If he/she makes you lose your family, lose your friend, lose your confidence, lose your self-esteem or lose your happiness – you need to lose him/her.


When your partner cheats, it leaves you in a tricky position. You either choose to forgive and move on with the relationship.

However, the stain of that action would never leave. You second-guess every action he/she takes. Trust is probably the hardest thing to gain, especially when it had been shattered.

When cheating becomes consistent. Quit.

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Lots of people out there dating themselves thinking they are in a relationship. You’re the one always reaching out. You’re the one investing time and energy into making the relationship work out. While your partner, on the other hand, acts unbothered.

For a relationship to work out, both parties must be willing to put in efforts. If only one person keeps putting in efforts eventually he/she would get weighed down.

Most relationships tend to fail not because of the absence of love. Sometimes it’s because one was being loved too much and the other wasn’t being loved enough.

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When you first fell in love. You called each other, every hour, every minute you wanted to hear his or her voice. Texted back and forth every minute. It felt like he/she was the best thing that ever happened to you.

Now, the calls are no longer regular. The texts are replied hours later, some never. The awkward silence has now taken over your conversations.

Remember the first time you both exchanged “I love you”, now those words don’t mean the same anymore. That’s how you know you’re drifting apart.

It might hurt to walk away but that will never compare to the pain of staying. Don’t let the fear of being alone keep you in a relationship where you are alone.


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