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5 Signs You Need A Break From Your Relationship

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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It is not unusual that relationships go through a rough patch. Some people think a relationship has just two options; you can either be in the relationship or call it quits. Taking a break does not necessarily mean a breakup but in most cases, it leads to a break up because your significant other might just realise the relationship is not worth saving.

There are a variety of reasons why a couple might decide to take a break. Maybe one person needs to reflect on some personal issues relating to self-esteem, trust or deep-seated fear. Maybe both of them just need some time and space to identify the dysfunctional aspect of the relationship before diving into something as sacred as marriage.

How do you know when you need a break rather than break up. Here are some signs to look out for?

When you fight about the same thing over again

Having misunderstandings is normal in every relationship. If you find that you and your partner are arguing over the same thing all the time and the outcome is not changing, it might be time to take a break. Staying away from each other might help you understand their perspective and figure out if it’s compatible with you.It’s not the same as taking a break after a big fight. If you want to take a break because of fighting, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Make sure it’s because you are genuinely concerned about the fighting and disagreement and you want to come to a reasonable conclusion by taking some space and time apart. If you want to do it just to gain the upper hand in the fight, you are not doing it for the right reasons and it’s likely to blow up on your face.

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When you have doubt about committing to that person

Relationships come with a goal. The goal of spending the rest of your life with that significance is what we all desire to happen someday. While in some relationships, marriage can be daunting for one or both partners. At this point, a break might help you figure out how important your partner is and if they are worth committing to. Sometimes a direct break up would not give you a clear answer. You might feel like your partner is right for you but you’re not ready for a commitment, in that case, you might just talk to your partner and if they agree, you can both decide to take things slow. A break also helps you clear your mind and gives you the strength to break up if you’re not sure they are the right person for you.

When cheating becomes the order of the day

Being cheated on is a deal-breaker for a whole lot of people. Sometimes it’s difficult taking a bow when you cherish and feel that a relationship with that person is really special. Sure that person is special but is it possible to rebuild that trust after the betrayal? It’s normal to want to have some time alone, it’s also important you don’t make a decision in a are things to look at; Are they remorseful and understand that you are hurt? Have they been completely honest about the level of cheating? Do they understand what it takes to build trust? Asking yourself sincere questions like these can help you know if their cheating is what you can deal with or not. Taking a break at this point helps you see things clearly sometimes.

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If you have mismatched expectations of each other

Having mismatched expectations is the same as you both having different plans of what you want the future to look like. When one of you feel the relationship should dominate all aspects of your lives but the other does not feel the same. When you both cannot agree on common ground, you both need a of you may have to grow up and that space might be just what you need. You both need to decide what the relationship means to you.

When you don’t feel listened to

If it ever gets to a point where you don’t feel valued or listened to, that’s not a good sign. You might need your alone time to think what you’re really getting from the relationship. Don’t be quick to break up, be quick to talk to your partner about it and if you don’t see any change, take a break and see what life is without the significant other.


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