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How To Survive Valentine As A Single Lady

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It’s that time of the year again when everyone begins to talk about their “baes and boos” as they get ready for the love known to be associated with Valentine’s Day.

You probably have friends who won’t shut up about it and for every corner, you turn, the businesses around are advertising a valentine package or valentine special.

All these are reminders that you are still single stupor and most likely to end up spending the day alone in front of a TV (if you are lucky to have electricity) watching Zeeworld soap operas.

Yes, we get that, the story of our lives, right?

If you are hoping to spend this special day in a more fun way rather than on your couch binging on chips and talking to your pet dog, there are many ways you can own the day.

Below are some ways yo spend your valentine as a single lady.

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Visit the less privilege and show some love

Children living in the less privileged homes can use some love on this special day and while a special man may not be showering you with love, you can give love to someone else. Valentine is about love and this day set aside to show love is the time to show others love. Buy gifts you can afford and surprise them with it. The happiness these children radiate is enough to fill you up with love.

Organize a getaway party for your single friends

Misery loves company they say but instead of moping around feeling miserable about not having a date for Valentine, you can invite your girl pals over or decide to go out to a cool hangout spot. Laugh, gossip, make jokes about your singlehood and just ket your hair down for that day. Love is love and having loved ones around you is enough love in itself.

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Go to a concert

It is a sure fact that concerts would be organised to celebrate the special day of Valentine. Attending these concerts not only means you get to have fun but you are also potentially opening yourself up to the chance of meeting someone new. After all, Cinderella met her prince charming at a ball.

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Spend it with family

Family is everything because, without them, we are next to nothing. Your family will always be there for you through thick and think so if you don’t have the romantic love of a man, at least you are certain of the love of your family. Home is indeed where the heart is.


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