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Which Is More Harmful? Alcohol Vs Soft Drink

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It is next to impossible to avoid a good beverage especially during social interactions hence why it is necessary to make healthy choices in deciding which beverage to take.

There is a long-standing debate on the merits of various beverages, including soft drinks and alcohol. Which one is the healthier choice? Continuing reading on the details about the healthier choice between alcohol and soft drinks.

What's in this guide?


If you are to compare alcohol and soft drinks from a nutrition point of view then alcohol is easily your winner as soft drinks have absolutely no nutritional value with processed sugar being one of the major components. Sugar will bring down your insulin resistance due to the rise of toxin influx in the body and this makes you a prey to diseases like diabetes. On the other hand, beer contains a small amount of protein due to the ingredients added when it is brewed for consumption and also contains some amount of antioxidants and potassium.

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Kilo calories

Both alcohol and soft drinks contain plenty of kilo calories but on the parameter of kilo calories, soft drinks are a healthier choice over alcohol. People tend to drink soft drinks at a slower pace, which means that they consume less of it. Once you start enjoying an alcoholic drink, you tend to take more of them and much faster. Also, alcohol makes you hungry, which implies that you start reaching out for various kinds of snacks and other unhealthy food. In such cases, you will tend to gain weight much faster if you choose alcohol every time. This will not really be the case when you choose soft drinks.

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Alcohol is brewed in such a way that ensures it carries a lot of toxins, which are not good for the liver and heart in the long run. These toxins can easily clog the arteries and create complications for the functioning of the liver.

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Glycemic index

This is the count that is accorded to the level of insulin resistance in one’s drink of choice. For alcohol, the glycemic resistance is much higher, which means that you have better insulin resistance as compared to other soft drinks, which are high in sugar content. Therefore, it makes alcohol a highly unhealthy choice, which can also result in diabetes in the long run, if one ingests too much of it.


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