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Should School Teachers Tint Hair? Fashion vs Profession

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How would you feel as a Parent or Guardian seeing one of your child’s Teacher with Tinted hair? Should Teachers Tint Hair to School or you think Hair Tinting is absolutely Unprofessional for Educators?

This question was raised in a concerned Parens and Teachers group I belong to. While some parents and teachers think it is unprofessional for school teachers to tint hair, others feel it is Fashion. Continue reading for numerous opinions…

Note that Hair tint differs from hair dye in the sense that the tinting process adds an extra layer of colour to your strands while dying gives uniform colour to your hair.

Opinions On “Should Teachers Tint Hair”

Sodiq On Hair Tinting for Teachers

It is very funny how some people here ascribe tinted hair to being fashionable as a teacher. So you mean to tell us that teachers must tint their hair to look cute and trendy. Western Education is not only affecting the youth, it affects adults as well. If your pastor or iman tint his hair green what will you say? Imagine a Nigerian professor with blue hair. When we begin to see normalcy in abnormality as teachers then we have a problem.

Jennifer On Hair Tinting for Teachers

It’s only in Nigeria that you see people argue over things like this. In foreign country their hairs are not all of the same shade or color..some have dark hair and they go ahead and tint it to blonde. Nobody complains. But in Nigeria, hmm our inability to embrace change will always stand as a barrier. I’m a teacher and I can tint my hair to school.

Caleb On Hair Tinting for Teachers

If you call yourself an educationist and yet dress and make anyhow hair. You’re directly abusing your role as a mentor and role model. That position deprives you of some things you want to do but can’t due to the sensitivity of the job as future builders and not destroyers.

Omirin On Hair Tinting for Teachers

I had my hair tinted during the lockdown and I had a very nice time rocking it. Immediately school resumed I cut it off and now I am on low cut. My proprietor, proprietress or my school administrator didn’t ask me to cut it off but deep down I just knew I didn’t have to rock that to school. #LetYourConscienceLead.

Oluyemisi On Hair Tinting for Teachers

 You are a teacher doesn’t automatically translate to a shabby dresser. We should always remember that. A teacher could tint her hair if she wants. Just be moderate and not tacky that’s all.

Patricia On Hair Tinting for Teachers

What happened to not judging a book by it’s cover? Because she tints her hair does it make her less of an educator than a stern bun wearing, thread- making, makeup-less individual? We really need to change our ways of thinking

Dada Omodolapo On Hair Tinting for Teachers

What’s wrong with hair tint? What’s the overall look. Cooperate and responsible? If yes, then I don’t think it’s a deal. Sometimes we just want to explore with our look. Nothing else

Oluwaranti Ayeni On Hair Tinting for Teachers

It’s actually funny that many people are pretending to have forgotten that some professions have their dress code in the name of being woke.

Even in higher institutions, some departments have a dress code based on the nature of their profession.
A teacher is like an automatic role model for his or her students. As they are growing, they are picking different attitude from everyone they come in contact with. And a place or a people where children spend most of their time don’t just have a great influence on them, but they are major factors in forming their personality.

If bankers that deal with mostly adults are given a dress code, why shouldn’t people dealing with young people be conscious of their dressing?

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Now that you have seen what others have to say, do you think teachers should tint hair or others wise? Let me know how you feel using the comment box and don’t fail to share with others using the share buttons.


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