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How To Get International Passport For Kids In Nigeria

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What are the passport requirements for children between ages 1 & 6? And what’s the cost of passport application for kids (under 18) in Nigeria? I need for my kids & my wife, mine is renewal.

In this article, I shall be explaining how to make an application for children’s International Passports and pricesplus how to renew your own passport.

For how to apply for an adult International Passport, you may want to click here. I have also explained all the steps required to apply for a visa. You may want to see that here too or continue reading for today’s topic.

Apply For Children’s Passport In Nigeria

The following are documents and steps you need to follow to apply for your children’s passport application so that they can fly abroad with you.

  1. Completed passport application form.
  2. The application form should be attached with 1 passport-sized photograph of a minor (child) to be endorsed on the reverse side by the consenting parent(s);
  3. Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parent/s; to show that you are a Nigerian as the parent.
  4. Birth certificate (certificate must be issued by the National Population Commission for minors born within Nigeria);
  5. Letter of consent from both parents (Court Order to support a parent’s unavailability);
  6. Acknowledgment slip and evidence of payment;
  7. Court Order and Letter of approval from State Ministry of Women and Child Development (This Requirement is strictly for adopted child).

Requirements For Re-Issuance International Passport

Expired Validity:

  • Application Letter;
  • Passport Booklet;
  • Photocopy of Data Page of Passport;
  • Acknowledgment Slip and Evidence of Payment.

Unexpired Validity:

  • Application Letter;
  • Passport Booklet;
  • If Validity is more than Six (6) Months, Applicant should state the reason(s);
  • Photocopy of Data Page of Passport;
  • Acknowledgment Slip and Evidence of Payment.

Fees For Fresh Passport (Both Children And Adults)

If you are wondering how much you need to get a fresh International Passport in Nigeria, the follow table is for you. She the prices/amount you must sacrifice to get a passport.

Note: All fees are exclusive of bank charges, ₦2000 Address Verification fee.

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