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5 Persons Responsible For Exam Malpractice in Nigeria

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Some persons call it “Biscuit, some even refer to it as “help, some call it “bomb, a few say it is “chukuli, majority call it runs and others called it “expo. These are terms for exam malpractice in Nigeria. The rate at which students engage in examination malpractice in Nigeria has assumed a gargantuan proportion.

There is malpractice in almost every exam in Nigeria. From Universities to Secondary Schools to Colleges of Education, the West African Examination Council (WAEC), National Examination Council (NECO), Junior Waec (BECE) and more. Thanks to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for drastically reducing malpractice in the system.

The rise of exam malpractice in Nigeria can be traced to 5 categories of persons. The Five Sets of Persons sponsoring malpractice in Nigeria are The School, The Exam Body, The GovernmentThe Home and The Student. In this article, I will be introducing you to these sets of persons and how they are responsible for malpractice in Nigeria.

The School

The school is a citadel of learning. It is a place where students are supposed to acquire sound knowledge to blast examinations like Waec, Jamb, Universities exam, aptitude tests and more.

Instead of achieving the above, the school has changed its purpose to feasting on malpractice which they are supposed to be fighting against.

Note: This doesn’t change the fact that there are still a few schools in Nigeria with integrity.

10 Ways Schools Sponsor Malpractice in Nigeria

  1. Not preparing students adequately for the exam
  2. Accepting money from students in exchange for answers
  3. Encouraging teachers to solve the exam questions
  4. Paying invigilators to allow students cheat in the hall
  5. Giving admission on bribe and not on merit
  6. Low-quality teachers. Many school teachers can’t even pass these exams
  7. Failure of schools to cover the syllabus
  8. Teachers favouring some candidates in the hall
  9. Teachers selling questions to students before the exam date
  10. Selling low-quality books to students.

The Exam Body

The Exam Body refers to boards and institutions conducting examinations nationwide. The exam bodies also include supervisors sent to invigilate exams. The high rate of misconducts in examinations can be traced to these persons.

8 Ways Exam Bodies Sponsor Malpractice

  1. Making exam questions leak before the exam day
  2. Invigilators accepting bribe from school and students
  3. Invigilators solving exam questions for students
  4. Failure to reward brilliant students
  5. fail to penalise persons caught cheating.
  6. Poor conduct of examinations.
  7. Selling questions to certain students
  8. Accepting payments in exchange for a high score.

The Government

The Government is a group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office. The Nigerian Government has failed the Educational system and has contributed to exam malpractice in the following ways:

7 Ways Government Sponsor Malpractice in Nigeria

  1. Poor educational facilities
  2. Lack of proper attention to conducts of exams
  3. Poor or no incentive to best performing students
  4. Inability to provide  jobs for graduates making them not to see reasons to be serious
  5. Poor incentives to teachers
  6. Inadequate training of school teachers
  7. Failure to provide stable electricity to boost learning in schools and at home.

The Home

Home here refers to Family. The home is responsible for training students in the way they should go; Charity begins at home. If the home which is supposed to serve as a foundation to students is destroyed, the students become helpless.

Note: Some homes have actually done their best.

8 Ways Home Sponsor Malpractice

  1. Not speaking against exam malpractice
  2. Not encouraging students to read
  3. Going to schools to pay so that students can be allowed to cheat
  4. Registering children in miracle or special exam centres.
  5. Parents are not raising children right or to have integrity.
  6. Not able to afford quality education for their children
  7. Not paying attention to students academic history and performance.
  8. Parents and family members telling students that they can’t pass the exam on their own.

The Student

The student here refers to all candidates in Nigeria sitting for one examination or the other. Students have also failed the system and play a major role in examination malpractice. The truth of the matter is that students enjoy malpractice more. Some students are actually serious but are still forced into malpractice.

9 Ways Students Sponsor Malpractice

  1. Bad reading attitude
  2. Not reading outside what is taught
  3. Saving money for exam runs instead of buying books
  4. Not taking the examination as a priority
  5. Choosing to register in special exam centres
  6. Sneaking phones into the examination hall
  7. Ignoring parent ideas and accepting charity from society
  8. Lovers of comedy and dirty things than academics and serious things
  9. Lack of confidence in their ability.

How AidTheStudent is Fighting Malpractice in Nigeria

  1. Video Tutorials for Students. 
  2. Complete Academic Guide for Parents And Students
  3. CBT Applications to enhance assimilation. 
  4. Free Online CBT Quiz Platform for all Students. 
  5. Free Discussion Forum and AidTheStudent Classroom.

In general, society is responsible for malpractice in Nigeria. Hope you found this guide helpful? Feel free to share with others and don’t fail to let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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