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6 Types Of Toxic People To Avoid

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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In our every day lives, we come across people and have interactions.  Every time we meet people; some make a lasting impression while some are easily forgotten.

It is the impression these people with us that sometimes help us decide whether they stay or not.

However, no matter how careful we may be in our selection process, every now and then, we let some toxic people into our lives. It takes just one toxic person to cause chaos in our lives.

Toxic people bring negativity, strife, unnecessary problems, tension and stress. For the sake of your mental, emotional and psychological well being, dealing with toxic people should not be something you have to deal with.

Toxic people tend to subdue your confidence, your mental health, your feeling of self-worth, hence if you spend too much time around toxic people, you may find yourself picking up some of their bad traits.

To avoid toxic people in your life, we have listed six types of toxic people to avoid.

The Pessimistis

This set of people are downers. They are negative about everything and anything around them. They always see nothing but the worst in every situation. They are full of negative vibes and puts fear in you when you want to take that big step that would move you forward, giving you instances of people who tried and failed. Pessimistic people have a way of playing with your emotions and if you are not careful you would give up on your dreams because you believe it’s never possible. These people tend to believe that bad things are more likely to happen than good.

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The Haters

These people never see the good in everything and everyone. They always have something bad to say about other people, funny enough these people often suffer from inferiority complexes and hatred is a relief for them. They tend to be toxic because they never let you see the good in others and hatred is a spirit that can be consanguineous.

The Envious 

Instead of celebrating their own achievements, these set of people always want to measure their accomplishmenta with others. A lack of self-esteem and fragile self-confidence has them constantly comparing themselves to others and dealing with feelings of inadequacy.  Their perceived need for recognition often leads them to overreact on anything and anyone. People like this are toxic because they can destroy your self-esteem and confidence to the point where you no longer believe you believe you are good at anything.

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The Needy

We all have needs and at some point, might need help from others but there are people that are always in need and have made it a habit to always ask. The needy only come to you when they want something from you. They only know you exist when they need you to help them out. They are never available when you need them but would want you to be when they need you. Needy people can be clingy for a number of things ranging from financial assistance, emotional support, quality time or what have you. They like to get what they want irrespective of whether it is convenient for you or not. In other words, they are users.

The Self Absorbed

Showing yourself some self-love is not bad in itself but when it becomes a narcissistic obsession that turns off other people around you, then it becomes a problem. The self-absorbed treats every other person as irrelevant as they are too preoccupied with their own feelings and what interests them without consideration for the rest of the world. They are always the “me” instead of the “we”. Whatever they do is always centered around them.

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The Closeminded Conformers

A close-minded conformer is anyone who tries to stop your personal growth. Their intention might be good but then they just want you to be at their level. When you want to shed that bad habit and develop a good one, or you don’t want to be stuck in the same place forever because you feel there is so much more you should be doing with your life, there are just there to give you reasons why you should be comfortable where you are and there is no need for change. They do this not because they hate you but because they fear to lose you. They don’t want to move outside their comfort zone and don’t want you to leave yours and by holding you back you will always be within their reach, so you don’t grow apart.


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