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10 Companies that hire students in Nigeria

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It is hard to make money as a student, especially in an undeveloped country like Nigeria. You do not have enough qualifications to be given a good job, and you may not have enough money to start a good business. Even if you manage to find a job or source funds to start a business, your time will be split between making money and studying. 

There are a lot of reasons why Nigerian students will want to earn their own money. Allowances from parents are hardly enough, so they might want to earn some extra income. Money may not be an issue for others but they will like to gain some work experience before graduation to add to their resume.

Regardless of the reason, it is always hard for students to find jobs in companies. The unemployment rate in the country is high and the job market is saturated with unemployed graduates. Students will have to compete with these more qualified graduates, so finding jobs will be hard. However, it is not impossible to find a job in a company as a student. Some companies in Nigeria offer job opportunities to students. 

In this article, I will outline 10 companies that offer job opportunities to students. So if you’re interested in finding a job as a student, you should research these companies thoroughly to find out which positions you can apply for and when they are available. 

1. Global Techpreneural Agency 

Global Techpreneural Agency is an enterprise headquartered in PortHarcourt, that provides various services including business development consultancy, advertising, talent hunting, freelancing, graphic design services, content creation, editing services, and many more.

They often hire students to provide some of these services to their clients. As long as you have profitable skills like graphic designing, content creation, and so on, you’ll be able to make some money working for them. 

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2. ValueGate Consulting 

ValueGate Consulting is another company that hires students. They mostly give internship positions but may occasionally pay students to work for them especially to help them with social media marketing. The company is based in Abuja and provides consulting services to clients.  

3. Bincom Dev Center

Bincom Dev Center is a Nigerian company that offers multi-location base training and development centre for technology talent development and solutions. They offer trainee positions, industrial attachment and internships to students.

There’s a lot to learn while working for Bincom Dev Center as a student. It will help in your career development especially if you are studying an ICT-related course. 

4. Shoprite

Shoprite is the largest supermarket retailer in Africa, operating over 3,000 stores across Africa including Nigeria Even though it exited Nigeria, the new owners still maintain the name and structure. The company offers several jobs for students including cashier, baker, stock management and others.

These jobs do not require you to have any special qualifications apart from your O’level certificate making it perfect for students. If you live close to a branch of Shoprite, you can look for part-time positions that you can do as you study, or wait till the holidays and apply for a full-time position. 

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5. Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic is a fast-food chain restaurant that specializes in chicken recipes, especially fried chicken. Many simple roles can be filled by students like cashier, cook, cleaner, kitchen assistant, and others.

These roles do not require you to have higher qualifications which makes them a goldmine for students. Usually, you will be given on-the-job training once you land the job, where you will be shown all the ropes and what is expected of you in the role. 

6. KenRicana Group

The KenRicana Group is a food services company in Nigeria with over four subsidiaries. They offer jobs to students in simple roles like cashier, cooking assistant and many more. With just your O’level certificate, you can land many of these roles. On-the-job training will be given to you once you start, and as long as you apply yourself, you’ll do excellent in these roles. 

7. Mercer Consulting Limited

Mercer Consulting Limited is a consulting firm located in Abuja which specializes in SME consulting, Human Capital Development and Business Growth, Business Re-engineering and acquisition. They provide several services including Workforce development, ISO certification, Project financing, Project management, business plan development, business management and many more. 

There are simple roles available in Mecer Consulting Limited which require only an O’level certificate like a driver, cook, cleaner and so on. For these roles, they even hire students as long as they meet the qualifications for the role.

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8. RA trading and think design

RA Trading and Think Design is an Isreali-Nigerian company based in Ketu, Lagos. They design and produce various products including living and dining room furniture, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, shop fittings, space partitions, wall covers, balustrades and so on.

They hire students in simple roles like cleaning, cashier, carpentry and others. As long as you are qualified for the position, you will be hired even if you are a student. On-the-job training will be given to help you understand your job role better. 

9. uLesson

uLesson is a free educational learning app designed to help primary and secondary students with their studies, and even those writing external examinations like WAEC, NECO, JAMB, Junior WAEC, and others.

They often employ students to perform simple roles in the company and occasionally hire them as tutors. As long as you meet the requirements for the role you applied for, you will be hired even if you are a student. 

10. EHA Clinics

EHA Clinics is a primary healthcare service provider with several branches all over Nigeria. They offer internships and some entry-level roles to students in Nigeria. There are some roles like cleaning jobs for which only an O’level certificate is needed to be eligible for the job, and students can apply for these roles. 

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It may be hard to find a well-paying job as a student in Nigeria since even graduates are finding it hard to find good jobs. However, with careful planning and thorough research, you will find something worthwhile as a student.

All you need to do is learn important skills that may be useful in the role you’re interested in to become more competitive. Stay up to date with vacancy updates so that you can always apply on time. 


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