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How to become a successful Graphic Designer

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Do you know that an average professional graphic designer earns up to $45,000 per year? But how is that possible? 

Well, that is because they monetize their skills by selling their design to high-paying clients. 

As in any field, one way to succeed is to look at what the pros are doing and then do the same. Hence, in this article, I’ll be showing how successful graphic designers are selling their skills to earn a lot of money. But before that, let’s briefly see a few things about graphic designers.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

A Graphic Designer is a professional in the graphic arts industry who creates attractive visual content or designs — by assembling images, typography, and motion graphics — to pass ideas across to the outside world. 

What Do Graphic Designers Create?

Graphic designers create business cards, templates, graphic novels, web icons, fonts, Emojis, stickers, printable wall arts, logos, printable party decorations, GIFs or animations, eBooks templates, etc. 

How to make money with your Graphic Design Skill

Below is a list of the things you have to do to earn like top graphic designers:

1. Ensure Quality and state-of-the-art Design 

The industry is very competitive as many graphic designers have impressive portfolios and attractive designs. 

Your chances of making millions from your designing skills largely depend on the quality of services you render.

Therefore, ensure you create attractive and high-class designs that will capture clients’ attention once they see them. This is the first and most important way to sell your design skills to the world. 

2. Explore Online Marketplace to sell your skill 

Every graphic designer making huge money doesn’t rely on physical clients alone. Instead, they explore different digital marketplace to promote their expertise and crafts. 

So, another way to sell your design skills involves finding clients online via safe and secure platforms. 

Though there are different platforms to sell your quality graphic designs, you should be very careful with the ones you intend to explore. 

Having said that, below is a brief list of the best marketplaces for graphic design you should consider for your product.

1. Upwork

This is one of the many platforms where anyone can hire freelance designers or other professionals to get help in various fields. 

All you have to do is create your profile, fill it with your skills, and set your hourly rate, as in all similar platforms, you will have to prove that you are reliable. To do this, you will need great reviews and a good portfolio.

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2. Designhill

Designhill is undoubtedly one of the best places to make significant money off your graphic designing skills as it provides a secure platform to meet well-paying clients who will value your work.

Numerous CEOs and business owners are on the Designhill marketplace looking for hardworking and diligent designers to handle their projects. 

All you need to do is present captivating samples and mind-blowing proposals. You will certainly get a client ready to retain your services for a long time. 

Meanwhile, the Designhill platform allows designers to sell products like logos, brochures, business cards, custom mugs, etc. 

Interestingly, you can participate in any of the competitions on the web to win prize money after selling your works.

3. Fiverr 

Founded in 2009, Fiverr is inarguably the most famous and largest marketplace on the list and the web. 

Fiverr is a secure platform that allows you to negotiate a deal with potential clients who pick interest in your gigs. 

Create a seller’s account; launch a gig containing your sample and service charge. Interested clients will click on your gigs, and you will seal a deal with the client after successful negotiations. Deliver the work and get your payment.  

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4. Etsy

With Etsy, you can market all kinds of graphic designs to over 30 million potential clients from different parts of the world. 

The globally-recognized marketplace ensures a safe place to display your handmade goods and vintage items, including designs like logos, flyers, etc. 

However, Etsy isn’t a free marketplace. You need to pay $0.20 (every four months) for each item listed on your dashboard. 

5. TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace is another online marketplace for graphic designers willing to increase their earnings. 

Though it’s not the most popular platform, TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace gives you the chance to reach over two million potential customers. 

Hence, you are free to sell different types of designs, including patterns, backgrounds, fonts, icons, and illustrations. 

6. Art Web

With Art Web, you can be sure thousands of employers will view your art, graphic designs, prints, illustrations, paintings, and shirt printing designs. Its free package permits 15 images/designs, which should be enough to convince viewers. 

7. Social6

Though Social6 isn’t a platform to meet new clients, it remains one of the best places to earn money from your designs. The website will publish the best six designs created by its users every week, so interested buyers will purchase them.

You will receive payment as soon as customers purchase your designs. Therefore, you must be an active user and a great designer to stand a chance of earning via this platform.

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8. Big Cartel 

This is another place where you can sell your design skills for high payment on the web. Established in 2004, Big Cartel allows users to create a unique store for their works for free. 

You can promote your designs using the platform’s market analysis tools to enhance visibility and selling rates. However, you will pay some commission to the websites once you sell your products to customers.

9. 99designs 

Here is a third-party platform that facilitates your chances of meeting potential clients willing and ready to pay you for your graphic design skills.

The website will recommend you to a client whose brief matches your profile. You guys will negotiate and strike a deal for your services. With over a million clients looking for a capable designer, you have a high chance of getting a client in no time.

3. Explore Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms aren’t just for cheap chats and unproductive discussions. You can sell your skills and product via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other channels.

Consistently talk about your skills on your timeline, and you will eventually get people willing to hire you for their project.

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 4. Explore Person-To-Person Advertisement Or Publicity

Though many things are done online in this generation, you can’t completely rule out the chances of selling your graphic design skills to people you see offline.

Write to offices or organizations or meet a friend at an upcoming birthday party. Tell them your expertise, and they will gladly hire you for their job if you have convincing samples.


Don’t be afraid to sell your skills, explore the proven ways discussed above and you will see tremendous improvement in your monthly earnings. 

Meanwhile, kindly send a message if you want more advice and tips on how to get started.


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