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10 Best Nigerian cities to move to after graduation

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Nigeria is a wonderful place filled with talented people and numerous natural resources. Despite the poor state of the country, there are still many things to boast about, including our rich history and cultural diversity. No one place in Nigeria is the same, and each of the 36 States has its unique blend of attractions, resources and opportunities.

As a recent graduate, Nigeria has countless opportunities for you, you just have to know where to find them. Some places in Nigeria will be more beneficial in helping you build your career than others. In this article, I will outline the top 10 best cities to settle in Nigeria after graduation.

1. Lagos

Lagos is where everything goes down in Nigeria, being the centre of economic and financial activities. It is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria, and covers 3.577 squares, making it the smallest state in Nigeria. Despite its small size, Lagos is also the most populated state in Nigeria with a population of over 20 million. Due to its small size and large population, Lagos is a very congested city, evidenced by devastating traffic congestion that plagues the lives of every Lagosian. 

Lagos has a rich blend of unique infrastructure, diverse cultures, and numerous work opportunities. Lagos is a fast-paced environment and one of the fastest-developing in the world. It has the most start-ups in Nigeria, with numerous job opportunities making it the perfect city for any recent graduate to find employment. 

Various industries thrive very well in Lagos, including fashion, entertainment, sports, retail, tech, media and many more, making it the ideal city for hustlers who are willing to work hard to pave their way in life. 

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2. Abuja

Being the capital of Nigeria, Abuja houses the most prominent figures in Nigeria. Abuja is a diverse place, with a rich blend of cultures and people, including foreigners. Abuja is known for its planned layout, government institutions, and diplomatic presence.

It provides a relatively higher standard of living and a growing job market with countless opportunities for recent graduates. If you’d like to live and work in a safe, clean and beautiful environment, then Abuja is your plug. However, the cost of living in Abuja is one of the highest in Nigeria. 

3. Port-Harcourt

Located in the south-south region, Port-Harcourt is the capital of Rivers state. As one of the oil-producing states, it offers numerous job opportunities for recent graduates. Port-Harcourt is also a culturally diverse place, with plenty to see and do.

It has a beautiful landscape with lots of bars, restaurants and gardens to explore. It also has good roads and an excellent transportation network. However, the cost of living is high, and crime rates and pollution are also on the rise. 

4. Enugu

Enugu is the capital of Enugu state, located in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Also known as the “Coal City”, Enugu is one of the safest places to be in Nigeria, and also one of the fastest growing. Young people can enjoy the exciting social scene and strong academic community provided in Enugu.

With emerging industries such as technology and entertainment, there are growing job opportunities for graduates. 

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5. Ibadan

Ibadan is the capital of Oyo state located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. Oyo is the best state to settle in for graduates of agricultural-related courses since the majority of the labour force in Oyo works in the agricultural sector. Ibadan may be a small town compared to the big cities, but the cost of living is low making it one of the best places for young graduates to start their careers.

Unfortunately, English is not widely spoken so you may have to learn the main dialect – Yoruba. Also, poor connectivity, slow internet, and unstable power supply may be frustrating. 

6. Benin City

Benin City is the capital of Edo State situated in the south-south region of Nigeria. Benin City is rich in history and culture and is known for its artistic heritage. It has a lower cost of living, and numerous educational institutions, making it a great place for students and young graduates. 

Edo as a whole thrives in agriculture, and is the centre of the rubber industry in Nigeria. Various other cash crops are produced and processed in the city including timber and palm nuts. There are many attractions to visit including the Oba’s palace, Benin City National Museum, and Okada House.

7. Calabar 

Calabar is the capital of Cross River State located in the south-south region of Nigeria. Cross River is naturally beautiful and contains many sites for tourism. With a population of about 4 million people, Cross River is a quiet and peaceful place to live in.

The beautiful scenery and peaceful state of the state, make it perfect for those wanting to live and work quietly. 

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8. Uyo

Akwa-Ibom is located in the southeastern region of the country and its capital is Uyo. Uyo is home to the Ibom E-library, a world-class informal world-class.

The city is also one of the most beautiful places in Nigeria with an organized road infrastructural network and streets lined with solar-powered lights. The multi-billion naira stadium situated in Uyo attracts sports lovers from all over the country. 

9. Owerri

Imo is located in the southeastern region of Nigeria and is blessed with abundant natural resources including zinc, crude oil, limestone, etc. It is also home to over 160 oil wells and several petroleum companies including Chevron Corporation, Shell, Agip, Addax Petroleum.

The city has a high population of young people most attracted to the numerous job opportunities, luxurious buildings and infrastructure, buzzing nightlife, and attractions like Ada Palm Plantation, Oguta Lake, and National Museum. 

10. Warri

Delta state is the top oil-producing state in Nigeria and is home to several amazing cities including Warri and the capital Asaba. Warri is a hub for the petroleum industry in Nigeria and is the commercial capital of Delta State. 

Delta State as a whole has a thriving economy and good roads, perfect for building a career in engineering, urban planning, environmental science, conservation and business. For film and television enthusiasts, Asaba is the best place to be since it is the centre of Nollywood production. 

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There are many things to consider when choosing a city to start your career including employment opportunities, cost of living, quality of life, infrastructure, and personal preferences. The cities above provide the perfect avenue to build a thriving career. When choosing a city to live in, make adequate research while putting your career goals, personal preference and opportunities into consideration. 


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