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10 Best languages to learn for your career growth

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Communication is an important part of our daily lives, and being able to effectively interact with others can build lasting connections. The major barrier we face to effective communication is language, and despite the advancement of technology and methods to allay this problem, it is almost impossible to form a deep connection through a third party. There are many opportunities available in various parts of the world, and being able to communicate with the natives is essential to raking in the benefits. 

It doesn’t matter what your reason is, learning a new language will always be beneficial, especially in career advancement. Most companies are global and the demand for multilingual applicants is high, so knowing a second language can help build your professional profile and open you up to greater options and more opportunities.

While it is important to know many languages, some languages will advance your career more than others will. In this article, I will outline the 10 best languages to learn for your career growth. 

1. Mandarin Chinese 

Due to its prevalence in the global business world, Mandarin Chinese is a highly sought-after language by employers. It is also the most natively spoken language in the world, so learning it can open up opportunities in business, trade, and international relations, particularly in China and other East Asian countries.

Mandarin is one of the most popular Chinese dialects and is widely spoken in the international business world. For native English speakers, Mandarin is one of the hardest languages to learn due to its complex grammar structure that is completely different from that of English. However, with the right mindset and continuous practice, it is not impossible to become fluent in Mandarin. 

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2. Spanish 

Spanish is a language that is widely spoken especially in countries in South and Central America. Spanish is also the second most spoken language in the United States after English. If you ever plan to work or do business in the US or any other Spanish-speaking country then you should learn Spanish.

The good news is that Spanish is not hard to learn for English speakers as it has a similar vocabulary as English. 

3. Hindi

India has a rapidly developing economy, so learning Hindi might allow you to engage in business and explore the vast market in India. Hindi is not spoken widely outside of India, and you can get by in India without speaking the language since English is widely spoken.

However, to truly immerse yourself in the various business opportunities and career prospects available in India, learning Hindi is crucial. 

4. Japanese

Japan is a global hub for technology, automotive manufacturing, and finance. Learning Japanese can open doors to career opportunities in these industries and enable better business relationships.

Although Japanese is not spoken widely outside of Japan, it still is in your best interest to learn it especially if you’re interested in conducting business in Japan. 

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5. Korean

South Korea has greatly influenced the world’s technology, entertainment, and automotive industries. Learning Korean can provide opportunities for careers in these sectors and facilitate business partnerships. Korean is the official language of both North Korea and South Korea, and South Korea is one of the most productive economies in the world.

Many big companies are found in South Korea including Kia Motors and Samsung, so learning Korean might allow you to explore the Korean market. 

6. German 

Germany is a leader in many industries including automotive, chemical, electrical and mechanical industries. If you want to work or do business in Europe, German is the best language to learn. Not only is it the official language in Germany, which is an economic powerhouse in Europe, but it is also widely spoken throughout Europe. 

For English speakers, the German language is not hard to learn since both languages share many similarities. However, the language has some peculiarities that may confuse the learner at the beginning, but it gets more fun as it goes. 

7. French 

French is the official language in many European countries as well as Canada, so learning French will open you up to opportunities in these countries. After German, French is the best language to learn if you want to perform business in Europe. Many countries in Africa also have it as their official language. 

French is not a hard language to learn for English speakers, it is one of the easiest. It is estimated that it will take around 600 hours of study to become fluent in French, which is about 24 weeks if you study 5 hours per day.

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8. Arabic

Arabic is widely spoken in numerous countries across the Middle East and North Africa. 

Learning Arabic will open you up to potential career paths in oil and gas, diplomacy, international relations, and journalism. The British Council also considers Arabic to be the language of the future. 

There are numerous opportunities to be found in Arabic-speaking countries, and learning Arabic will give you access to that. Many opportunities will knock on your doorstep if you can communicate effectively in Arabic. 

Arabic might be a bit difficult to learn for English speakers, due to different grammar rules and writing, but with practice, you can become fluent in no time. 

9. Russian

Russia plays a major role in the world economy and politics, so learning the language will open you up to greater career prospects. Learning Russian will open you up to the Russian market and the markets of other Russian-speaking countries, like Belarus, Kazakhstan and many other European countries.  

10. Portuguese 

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America. It is also widely spoken in several other countries in Latin America. Brazil has a booming tourism and hospitality industry making it the perfect language to learn if want to go into those fields. It can be advantageous for careers in international business, trade, and tourism.

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The world is a global market, so it is crucial to invest in learning more languages. To conduct business and communicate with diverse clients, knowledge of additional languages is crucial. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition and make yourself highly valued by employers then becoming multilingual is a great step. 

Though proficiency alone may not guarantee career growth, when you combine language skills with industry-specific knowledge and cultural understanding, you can maximize benefits in the job market.


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