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Love Languages: What you need to know about loving your partner satisfactorily

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Relationships are easier when you know your partner’s love language.

Love languages and how to best recognise them.

In the famous Love Language book, Dr. Chapman, through 30 years of experience arrives at the conclusion that relationships would be easier if couples could understand each other’s love languages.

He says people respond best to certain actions and to get the best out of your relationship, you have to know what your partner’s favourite action is.

While all the languages are great and should be a part of all relationships, there’s always a predominant one and that’s the one to mostly focus on as it is the one which your partner responds best to.

If you intend to have a happy relationship/marriage, you have to know which of these five things your partner best reacts to and relate with them based on that.

For some people, all they want to do is spend time with you to feel loved

1. Physical Touch

Partners like this are very hands on. They’re always willing to cuddle, hug, kiss, and generally just continuously be in physical contact with your body

Physical neglect and abuse should be avoided with this kind of partner. It kills them on the inside.

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2. Words of Affirmation

Your partner’s love language could be words of affirmation, which means that they’d love to hear you compliment them regularly, send notes or cards telling them how strong, beautiful, pretty and amazing they are, and generally just gassing them up.

If there’s a need to criticize them, it should be in a gentle manner because that’s how to get the best out of that relationship.

Gifts make some other people feel absolutely loved

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3. Quality Time

For some others, time and attention is all they crave.

The need to always be around you at every opportunity they get. They just want to have face-to-face conversations with you, spend time alone with you, go on long walks, trips and vacations and basically just get to do things together with you.

They don’t do well in long distance relationships and are not really happy if their partner spends more time with friends than with them.

Physical touch is what make some people feel most loved.

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4. Getting Gifts

Of course, everyone loves gifts but it is a special need to focus on if it is your partner’s love language.

Whether there is a special occasion or it is just another random day, gifts make them so happy. Try not to forget special days such as anniversaries and birthdays. They don’t like that.

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5. Acts of Service

If this is your partner’s love language he/she will love you deeper if you do stuff for them. Helping out with chores, repairs and maintenance as well as other acts of kindness gets to them a lot and will always charm them.

Selfishness and ignoring their requests no matter how little hurts them.


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