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6 Steps To Inform A Friend About Their Body Odour

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Body odour is one topic that has generated lots of discussion. We all know someone that has body odour, however, because of the delicacy of the issues, people hold back from informing the people concerned. Below are some ways to inform someone with body odour without being rude to them.

Talk privately

When you want to inform the person with the body odour about the problem you must have noticed, it is essential you tell them in private. This is to avoid any form of embarrassment and for your help not to be considered malicious.

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Words of praise

Do not jump to the main issue like you do not care about their feelings. You can start with words of praise, things you like about them and how you like them. Do not make your good intention look sarcastic also, be honest about their good qualities.

Be diplomatic

Be very expressive, however, let them know you are about to discuss a sensitive issue with them, Disarm them, ask for their apology before you start. This will let them know the gravity of what you are about to talk to them about. Be very diplomatic, make the atmosphere relaxed. Prepare their minds for the message you want to drop for them.

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Be as direct as possible

Let them know it is body odour you are talking to them about. Do not just leave vague comments about hygiene, they might think you are referring to mouth odour or something else. You can say things like: “I think you might need to get a perfume”.

Ask for their side of the story

Before you dismiss them and feel like a saviour, you can ask if they know of these problems. Some times, medical conditions that they have no control over might cause body odour. If they are aware, appreciate their honesty and if it is something they probably have no control over, promise them not to bring the topic up again.

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If you know ways that might help them manage the situation, you can suggest it to them and assure them of the utmost secrecy. Once they get better, let them know, you can even volunteer to get them perfumes that will help with the odour. Be as polite as possible.


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