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4 Things You Should Never Say Or Do To Your Partner

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Spending quality time with the one you love and trying to practice effective communication are the two inevitable benchmarks of any relationship or marriage.

However, it may feel like everything and anything can be talked about and can be said to your partner but that is not the case. There are certain things that should never be said or done which include:

I Regret…

Hold it right there! Don’t complete that thought or sentence. What hurts as bad as a break up is the words of regret towards someone you once said you love. It makes him or her feel less of a person and “not good enough”. This could lead to reducing your significant other’s self-esteem and most times there is no healing from that.

I don’t Care

This is you telling your partner that you couldn’t be bothered about them and what this does is create a feeling of abandonment in your partner.

Being in a loving relationship means always caring about your partner, no matter what the situation may look like.

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You Are Just Dramatic

If your partner is upset about something, chances are – it is a big deal to them! To downplay their emotions as a case of undue hysteria and exaggerated theatrics is insensitive.

If you feel the need to make that statement, you should probably take a few steps back to assess the situation then patiently explain your point of view.

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Do Not Insult Your Partner In Public

It is the highest form of disrespect if you insult your significant other in public; one which he or she does not deserve. No matter how out of line your partner is, or how vast the disagreement, it is far better to be discreet and respectful when calling them to order or correcting them.


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