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5 Things Couples Waste Money On

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Couples subconsciously spend too much money on irrelevant things, it’s so easy, for example, to overspend while out on dates, when visiting friends, or while buying each other gifts. But the good news is, you can make it all right by being more aware of where your money goes.

1. A Bigger House

Research shows that “Single people will happily stay in a one bedroom apartment” But couples often tend to be struck with the instant need to move to a bigger place. This always happens, but it’s important to remember that a larger place often means higher rent, bigger bills, and so on. So take a moment to assess the situation and figure out what you’d really like to do.

It may be possible, and quite comfortable, to stay where you are and save that money instead.

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2. Outings with friends

More often than not when you’re out having fun with friends, buying drinks, and ordering food, you may not think you’re spending that much. But bills can add up fast. It can help to find new ways to see friends, without breaking the bank. Why not go to your local superstore and invite some friends over for drink; it’s more relaxing and can save your money!

3. Having More Than One Car

Just like getting a bigger house, it might seem like a no brainer to get a second car once you move in together. But the question is do you really need it?

Parking, insurance, fuel, gas, and repairs are typically more expensive when you have more than one car. And it can all add up to be a big waste, especially if you can easily drive each other places instead.

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4. Buying Too Many Groceries

More often than not, People spend roughly #600 per minute in the grocery store and the average trip is 41 minutes, which is why you and your partner will definitely want to sit down and look at how much you’re buying, what you’re actually eating, and if it’s all worth it.

If you want to stick to a budget, make a list and challenge yourself to get in and out of the store in 30 minutes or less. There’s a good chance you’ll spend less, and only leave with the things you truly need.

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5.Treating Each Other

Lots of couples can fall into the ‘I deserve’ mentality, especially once they further into their careers, and have spent lots of time together. They tend to feel like they’ve worked hard enough, so they deserve a new house or a new car at this stage in your life. And yet this type of thinking can result in a lot of debt.

You can definitely have nice things, plan trips, and so on. But make sure you’re budgeting for it, and not going beyond your means.


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