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4 Ways To Get Noticed By The Girl Of Your Dreams

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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To a certain extent, we can agree that many guys are straightforward when it comes to professing love or interest in a lady. This in the sense that they just walk up to the lady and say, “Hey! I like you. Go out with me.” However, there are quite a few situations where the straight-to-the-point approach doesn’t seem like an appropriate choice. For example, having a crush on your best friend or a girl who is totally out of your league.

Having a crush is a beautiful experience that becomes ugly when she remains oblivious to your feelings. There are days when you stare into the clouds, smiling at the potential chemistry that could exist between you two. Despite your subtle hints like substituting “cove” for “love” while talking to her, she still doesn’t notice. The feeling of frustration washes over you, causing you to sometimes contemplate letting her go, but seeing her beautiful smile makes your heart melt. You secretly wish there was a way to get her attention.

Call us a genie, because we are about to grant your wish. In this article, similar to a recent article, we listed four ways for you as a man to get the attention of your crush, make her fall in love with you and live happily ever after.

Ignore her.

Sounds confusing? Hear us out first. It’s no big secret that ladies love attention, especially from guys. So, if you are unbothered by her presence, she will be intrigued and look for several ways to get your attention. Now the tables have turned; it’s no longer you trying to get her attention but the other way round.

A good example would be if your crush is a beautiful girl who, anytime she passes by, you and a group of friends compliment her. One day, decide not to do so and make it extremely obvious that you don’t give a damm in the world about her. Trust us, in less than twenty minutes from that incident, she will be hovering around you, questioning your actions. Thank us later.

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Be a father figure to her siblings.

The best way to get someone is through their family (even kidnappers understand this). Quit thinking about directly approaching your crush; go through her family members, siblings to be specific. As awful and annoying as her siblings might be, your crush loves them very much. So, become a sort of father figure to them by taking care of them and occasionally spoiling them with gifts.

Not only would you gain the family’s approval, but you will also position yourself as a potential father/husband material.

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Become a bad boy.

There is a reason why many girls love and read Wattpad rom-coms where the good girl falls in love with the bad boy. Girls love bad boys. Being a gentleman is an obsolete trend. Now, bad boys are in demand more than ever due to the exciting thrill and mysteriousness that they possess.

A motorcycle, a leather jacket, tattoos, a cigarette in your mouth, a bad attitude, distant parents, a husky voice, terrible exes, toxic masculine friends who don’t believe in love, and a pair of boots are all you need to become one.

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Save her from danger.

Many girls want a knight in shining armour, and we bet your crush is one of them. People can hardly wash away the feeling of indebtedness to someone who saved their lives. Quoting a line from a Bruno Mars song, “Catch a grenade” for your crush (it doesn’t have to be a literal grenade, but you get the idea).

The truth is that the best way to get her attention is by being her savior, preventing any harm to her. Doing this makes you a hero, and might earn you a first date.

It’s a crushed wrap (see what we did there). For these ways to work, remember that persistence is key. Never give up on getting your crush to notice you, even if it takes a hundred years. Beware, we are not liable for any rejection, disappointment, and regret. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Sharing is strongly allowed. Thank you very much


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