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6 Mistakes You Make When Washing Your Face

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Often times, people complain that their skin isn’t giving them the confidence they desire or that their acne doesn’t seem to go away even after all the medications and after washing their faces regularly. What they do not realise is that there is more to washing one’s face than merely splashing some water and using a little face cleanse. The care and consideration that goes into properly washing one’s face are a little more than doing a little dance around. Proper face washing and cleansing is paramount to ensure a radiant and glowing skin. However, there are inevitable mistakes people make while washing their skin, which they might have no idea about. Here are six (6) mistakes made during face wash:


Some might assume that washing one’s face before going to bed automatically guarantees a fresh-faced skin after waking up. What they often forget is that germs do not take a break and can move from the air to their skin or even their pillows to their skin. At night, bacteria could also be transferred from saliva and sweat to one’s face. Also, due to thermal-epidermal water loss, the skin loses a lot of water at night, which could eventually lead to skin dehydration.

As such, the only way to get rid of the grim that builds on one’s face overnight and to also rehydrate the skin is to do a quick rinse in the morning which would not only freshen your skin, but also allow for other skin-care products to be absorbed appropriately.

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Just as washing one’s face in the morning is essential, so also is washing one’s face at night. During the day, bacteria, dirt, grime and other pollutants build up on the skin. Even without wearing makeup, there are still bacteria on the skin. Thus it is essential that one’s face is washed just before bed.

Hence, to properly get rid of this accumulates bacteria and germs, it is essential to do a face wash and cleanse before going to bed.


Using a face cleanser to clean off makeup does not guarantee that all the makeup put on is removed, especially as most makeup brands are waterproof or smudge proof, which means that one might still end up falling asleep with a full face of makeup which allows for skin dryness and irritation.

Just before washing off makeup, use a gentle face wipe, micellar water or oil-based makeup wipe to clean off the makeup properly.

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Many people also do not understand that there are different types of cleansers specially designed for each skin, and using the wrong one would also contribute to skin problems as well. Hence it is essential that before buying a face cleanser. For sensitive skin, a hydrating gentle cleanser is perfect. Foaming or salicylic acid is the best cleaner to remove oil and dirt from oily or acne-prone skin.

On the other hand, dry skin requires a lot more moisture; hence, a moisturising based cleanser is just perfect.


Using the same towel used to clean the body also to clean the face is a fast way of spreading bacteria from one’s body to one’s face. Bacteria exist in separate parts of the body and can be easily transferred through various medium, a washcloth being one of such. As a result, one must have a different towel for the face and the body.

This face towel must also be washed regularly to ensure its neatness and prevent germs from building up on it.

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As absurd as this sounds, it is possible to wash one’s face too often. Ideally, science recommends that the face be washed twice a day; day and night, the exceptions being after workouts and sweating. Washing one’s face more than twice daily would not guarantee that even more germs are removed, except in cases of people with skin infection. More washing could lead to skin dryness, irritated skin or extremely oily skin.

After a face wash and cleanse, it is essential that the face is moisturised as a way to lock in moisture, and protect all the hard work that has been put into skincare. If the moisturiser doesn’t have SPF, then apply a sunscreen on top, this is a form of protection from the UV rays of the sun which could cause untold damage to one’s skin.


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