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I’m Adetunji Matthew, an Economist, Social Media Manager, software Developer/Marketer Sales Consultant, and Ecompreneur. I’m popularly known as “Matt” As an artist and designer, I aim to create something brilliant daily. Eager to learn more, I use my free time to get better at w hat interests me, whether it's researching, teaching, or even something entirely new.
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Samyak Kumar – TAKE OFF YOUR STARTUP eBook download for free

FREE Download – Mega Link
Creator –   Samyak Kumar

Worth: ₹49.00

TAKE OFF YOUR STARTUP: How to start a business explained in 145 Startup Stories, 8 Steps to choose new business ideas, 72 concepts to create business plan and 7 scientific formula for team building.

If you’re working on a business plan and have new business ideas then keep reading…

  • Are you a graduate student with no business knowledge and have a plan of starting a business without or little money
  • Do you have an inferiority complex that you have not completed an MBA
  • Do you have a startup idea but no money
  • Are you doing job/ or planning to do a job to accumulate money for your startup ideas
  • Are you looking to validate your business plan
  • Do you have confusion to choose a new business idea
  • Do you have questions on Startup Funding

This Book is all about Untold Business Secrets and proven business plans, few of the topics are listed below.

  ✔ From where to get New Business ideas
  ✔ Formula to finalize one new business idea amongst all your ideas
  ✔ How to become financially stable and be ready for any upcoming crisis in your startup journey.
  ✔ From where to get fund for business
  ✔ How to make business profitable, right from the start
  ✔ All your business fears (like accounting) will be busted in dust
  ✔ How to search perfect team members and team building strategy
  ✔ How to start with lowest /minimum funding
  ✔ How to hire people with a minimum salary
  ✔ Setting up a business system, how to do it step by step
  ✔ Tips to handle family and society opposition
  ✔ How to Sell your products fast enough to breakeven

Learn From 151 Startup Entrepreneurs who have succeeded in stabilizing their businesses and have gone to the next level

  ✔ These stories are collected from real-life incidents of 151+ entrepreneurs, collected exclusively, mostly occurred in their first 5 years of the startup journey
  ✔ This isn’t a boring theory subject book
  ✔ A failure story and a success story,145+ startup story incidents are told with reference to business concept, which leaves no opportunity for further explanation of the concept
  ✔ These are not only motivation stories, but also failure stories which will make you wise to handle similar situations in your startup journey. You should always learn from failure, but not from your own failures, but from other failures.
  ✔ Contains business planning templates

Book Structure

Book is divided into 4 parts
  1) Why should you start a business
  2) Things you should fix before starting a business so that once you start the business you are not bothered by any crisis
  3) Four pillars of business on how to start a company
  4) Living the entrepreneurial life and Time Management

What will I find inside this startup book?

Concepts – A total of 72 concepts
Stories – Failure Story and Success Story for every Concept, a total of 145+ startup stories
Statistics – Startup/Business statistics with respect to that concept
Quotes – By famous mentors, business persons about w.r.t. concept
Concept Explanation – In a paragraph (No bombarding of theory)
Scientific Formula – A readymade Model, diagram or table form to copy and implement in your business
Business Pearl – Secret related to that concept which no entrepreneur would share

How to start a business in less than 6 months and crunch first 5 years of a startup journey without MBA Degree, reading thick business books, watching an unending list of YouTube business videos or joining any startup accelerator even if you have no money, have a home based business or have zero business experience.

Take Off is a perfect guide for firing up your Startup Dream.

So if you want to discover how to start a business and set yourself up for success, click “Buy Now”!


I acquired this for a huge sum of ₹49.00 and am giving it to you guys for free not to encourage privacy but i know how hard the economy is on student. Please if you have the money to purchase it, Please do so by going to the sales page download link I’ll be giving below this post to encourage the author.

If link is dead or was taken down, message me on messenger or email aidthestudent@gmail.com

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Samyak Kumar – TAKE OFF YOUR STARTUP eBook download for free
Worth: ₹49.00
Mega FREE download: Click Here
Sales Page:
 Click Here

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