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I Will Help You Answer Your Fiverr Skill Test Question

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Fiverr is constantly changing their own search algorithm. Recently some Fiverr basic skills test has mandatory on freelancer’s category based. At present is not possible to publish any gig without Fiverr basic skills test. Fiverr English test is one of them.

Fiverr tests help the system recognise that you are doing everything you need to do to increase your visibility. Clients looking at your profile are more likely to request your services once they see that you have passed test on your aptitudes and are recognised by Fiverr.

You are increasing your visibility, seen as a professional by potential clients and increasing your chances of getting clicks and orders.


Fiverr just started their new testing system. They have tests for some skills for now. If you have a profile, you can take these tests and showcase your abilities.
Here is the list of available Fiverr test Answers we provide with 100% Guarantee.

Here is the list of available Fiverr test Answers we provide with 100% Guarantee.

  • U.S English Basic Test
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress 5.1
  • Social Media Marketing Test
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Content Writing
  • English Language (Words and Phrases)
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Virtual Assistant
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • Customer Service
  • Analytical Skills
  • German Grammar
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Italian Grammar

Why its Beneficial to Pass Fiverr Tests

Now we will discuss some of Fiverr test benefits.

 Good for New Profiles

As a new worker at, your profile doesn’t have any reviews or ratings to impress clients. so you need to know how to pass Fiverr tests as it could be a great way to showcase your abilities for that skill and whoever visits your profile will admire your knowledge and this can increase your chances of being hired or your gig being sold. Another question comes to mind that are fiverr tests free ? Answer to that is Yes, they are absolutely free and you can take all you want but be careful with that if you fail or score lower then expected you will get another attempt after 24 hour and after that you have wait for 3 months for next attempt.

 Getting the Extra Edge

Already active Fiverr profiles which have reviews on it can also pass Fiverr tests if they want to attract new customers on a continuous basis. As these tests results show up on your profile.
Research proves that all the clients check a customer profile and notice the test score as they are shown very prominently on their profile like shown below.

Active Profile
I Will Help You Answer Your Fiverr Skill Test Question 3

Now you can see how attractive it looks.
Not only that you will get your skill verification upon passing each test, that will appear on your profile as well in your Skills section. For example, if you pass HTML test, WordPress test, Microsoft Excel test, Fiverr English Test your skills verification will show up as below

I Will Help You Answer Your Fiverr Skill Test Question 4

 Above average score is not Great

Clients do not show much interest in Fiverr gigs if relevant test score is above average or just passing score. You need to have 85% or higher score to win client’s trust that you are worth giving a chance.

 Great for Already Active Profiles

We know that client’s don’t only hire you because of your Fiverr exams score but if a client has to choose between two profiles, one has high test score in all test and other does not have any test passed, the client will definitely go for the one having Fiverr tests passed with high score.
Upon passing every test you are awarded Badge which is forever shown on your profile as efforts of your results.

Are Fiverr tests tough to pass?

These tests are very hard to pass due to difficult and confusing and sometimes stupid questions. Plus, if you fail one time you can reattempt in 24 hours if not you have to wait for 3 months for next attempts.

Fiverr test retake

Another question comes to mind that are Fiverr tests free ? Answer to that is Yes, they are absolutely free and you can take all you want but be careful with that if you fail or score lowed then you desired then you have to wait for 3 months after 2 attempts which is a long time. So, Let us help you with this tough situation. Our experts will take the required exam on behalf of you and will help you achieve a high score like 85%-98% guaranteed for all exams of your choice. We always keep updating our database with new Fiverr test questions answers so you can get best results.

What if your Fiverr Test Fail ?

If Fiverr test passing marks are not achieved and you fail then you are allowed 1 more attempt but you have to wait for 24 hours for that attempt to be available. You have to be super careful at this point at this will be your last attempt and you should know How to retake test on Fiverr because if failed 2nd time you will be stuck for three month waiting time for next attempt, which is too much time and no one wants that to be honest. So, it’s better to hammer the nail at first strike and score the best possible results using our Fiverr test solution. We will make sure you end up with score you want so your clients end up impressed by your profile and have a solid impression to get more orders. Listed below are some of our most sold Fiverr skill test answers. You can check them and buy the ones related to your services/gigs.

Fiverr Gig Approval Tests

There are 2 Fiverr tests which are showing up upon gig creation as a requirement for gig approval. We can help you pass both of these 2 with good marks. If you tried yourself and didn’t score well enough they will allow you another try but after that they will put you on a 3 month wait which as you know is too much for someone who just want to start his Fiverr business so don’t take a chance with at least these 2 tests and hire us to handle them. Fiverr Actively keeps updating these 2 tests with new questions. So, if you try the free questions answers websites you might end up failing test.

1. Fiverr US English Basic Test

This test generally appears if you are creating a gig that caters English language related services. Passing this test is basically a filter created by Fiverr to only those in the door who actually have good understanding of English language and are able to pass this Basic English test.

2. Fiverr SEO Skill Assessment Test

SEO Test recently started to appear upon gig creation for those gigs which are related to SEO services. There are 100s of SEO related fields for which people are providing their services and there are too many gigs being created every day. This test is a little experiment being done by fiverr to only let those freelancers make profile who have well understanding of SEO basics. This is being done to keep the spam away and only allow those new gigs who can do the job well.

Fiverr WordPress Test

Being a top web developer, you need to showcase your skills to the freelance world. Especially, if you are in early days of freelancing then you won’t be carrying any referrals, experience, and feedback. So you will have to take relevant fiverr tests in order to show your abilities. So, if you have just started to develop websites then you need to attach Fiverr WordPress test to your resume. We will not only help you in winning this certification but we will make sure that your marks remain on top. If you need to achieve all this on your first Go, then you will have to choose our Fiverr WordPress test answers only.

Fiverr English Test

This is most common and hot exam as everyone needs to clear this in order to show their fluency regarding their communication in English. However, this exam is tricky as it contains complex grammatical terms and abbreviations. So, why you need to put your time and efforts on stake? Buy our Fiverr English tests answers to get high score and top positions for this fiverr test. Passing this test will convey that you are fluent in English language. We urge you to not fall short against Fiverr English exam and make your chances of getting success clear. We will not get you indulged in any online practice. We are just like plug and play. You just need to pop in and name your certification.

Fiverr Social Media Marketing Test

Whatever you do online, you will feel the need for advertising your services. If you really need to reach out to a large number of clients then you will have to make yourself prominent. Basically, Social media marketing techniques let you advertise business to a large audience present on social media. It includes sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr etc. Ultimately you introduce yourself to the large audience and grow your business. So, everybody if you are selling your services as fiverr gigs for Social media marketing expert then you must pass Fiverr social media marketing test with flying colors so you can prove your expertise to clients. With our accurate social media marketing test answers, you will be able to pass this test quick and easy without any hassle. We promised you 85%-98% score as fewer marks won’t bring any charm to your freelance life. What you have to do, is to highlight yourself by taking test, so that every client could access the level of your abilities.

Fiverr HTML 5 Test

Every leading web developer must be containing skills related to HTML5. You can say that this is the core of web development. Due to its reliable features, digital industry has adopted this and almost every leading development has been done in HTML5. Your freelance life could give you a lot if have well enough skills for HTML 5. It is really a good approach to carry relevant experience in your portfolio but in order to have an extra edge over others; and to prove it on fiverr you just need to take HTML5 test. We are not leaving you with only a suggestion towards successful life but we are going to remain with you throughout the journey. Fiverr HTML5 tests answers are our most valuable equity that can help you in winning top marks.

Fiverr Virtual Assistant Test

Mobile technologies have taken over digital world and everyone is mesmerizing through brilliant features. Plus, everyone loves to have everything at their fingertips in the form of mobiles. If you have plans to become Android developer then you have a golden future ahead. But remember, you are not the only expert in that field. Being a Fiverr, you will have to compete with rest of the experts from all over the world. So we have a plan for you in order to stand tall among thousands. We welcome you if you are thinking to take Android exam. You will find us on the spot as we are passionate to provide you required marks up to your satisfaction with the help of our Fiverr Android tests answers.

Save your time, money, and reputation

You just need to rely on our test answers for once only and next time you will trust our services. You must be thinking that we are claiming very high but the thing is we have already done all this. We keep on reviewing tests answers on a frequent basis and thoroughly make sure that we are delivering accuracy. You don’t need to wander over the internet and waste your time and money. You can achieve your required result on your first GO. You just need to order our Fiverr exam answers only and that’s it. Ultimately, we will be saving your time, resources and reputation. You have a golden chance now to make your online presence unique and authentic using our services. You will be able to attract every client within your domain, no matter if you are new to the freelance world or not. We don’t suggest you leave your work regarding proposal making, portfolio update, and regarding selecting a niche. We just advise you to give yourself an extra edge by winning every relevant certification as we are giving you helping hand against any certification in the form of Fiverr skill tests answers.

Experts from every domain

We have industry experts from every domain who have given us great hype in terms of Fiverr skill tests. Their experience and hard work have made us able to say that every test answers we provide are perfect and accurate. Hence we have solved the most common question of every user that how to pass these tests? We have given relief to many of our users and still working to make our services optimized. Now we are so confident in our services and experts.

$15 per One Test. You can Order as many times as you want. After payment, lease, indicate the name of the test the way it is written, send your fiverr login and screenshot of payment to


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