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How to Sell on Jiji and Make Money (In-depth Guide)

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Jiji is an African eCommerce site that connects sellers with buyers, for free. In this post, you will learn how to create an account and sell on Jiji without paying a dime. You will also learn about the premium services on Jiji, and how you can use them to promote your sales.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

What is Jiji, and how does it work?

Jiji is an online African marketplace. It’s the largest of its kind in Africa, as it has virtually everything you’re looking for on the internet.

Jiji allows sellers to post free adverts for their new and used products. Have an old generator that you’re no longer using, but is still in good condition? Post it for free on Jiji, land a buyer and receive money for it.

Jiji has many advantages over other eCommerce sites and online marketplaces in Africa. One of the free communication and message features between buyers and sellers.

The communication on Jiji is fast and direct, and there are no intermediaries.

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Are Jiji and Jumia the same? What Does Jiji Do?

Now, you may want to pay attention to this. Although they both help sellers in selling to customers on the internet, Jiji and Jumia are not the same things.

Jiji is more inclusive of almost anything that you want to buy, such as landed properties, vehicles, trucks, new and used mobile phones, furniture etc.

You should also note a few things about Jiji. Jiji does not offer services like storage or delivery of goods. shop. It’s an online marketplace where you can sell your goods and services to real buyers.

You can also post or get a job on Jiji. If you don’t sell products but offer services, you are also welcome. Whatever deal you’re making, you’re making it with real people. And Jiji exists to help you find each other.

How many countries does Jiji operate in? Jiji supported countries

As we said earlier on, Jiji is an African eCommerce platform. It is available in many countries and still expanding.

As of the moment of writing this article, Jiji is currently available in 5 different African countries.

  1. Kenya
  2. Ghana
  3. Nigeria
  4. Uganda
  5. Tanzania

How to create an account, sell on Jiji and make money

1. Visit the official Jiji website

Note that this varies depending on your country. Depending on the country where you’re residing, click or paste one of the following links in your web browser.

  1. jiji.co.ke (Kenya)
  2. jiji.com.gh (Ghana)
  3. jiji.ng (Nigeria)
  4. jiji.ug (Uganda)
  5. jiji.co.tz (Tanzania)

2. Create an account to start selling on Jiji

You can easily spot sign-in and sign-up buttons at the top right corner of the website.

3. Fill in the registrar forms

You can register with your Gmail or Facebook account. You can also register manually and then tap on the “Register” button.

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4. Confirm your email address

A verification code will be sent to the email address you provided. Note that this is a security measure set in place, to confirm if you’re the owner of the email address you’re providing.

5. Upload a profile picture

Click on the profile picture icon on the left-hand side of your Jiji dashboard and upload a picture of yourself.

This picture should have been captured and saved on your device before you start the registration. Also, the picture must clearly show your face, in order to gain the trust of customers.

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How to list your products and sell on Jiji

1. Click on the “Post Free Ad” button

This button is available in many places on the website, and you can access it from any page.

2. Select a category

This can be vehicles, clothing, electronic devices, sports, laptops and computers, etc.

Categories help buyers to find your products when they search for a particular category. It also lets your product show up when a different, but related term is searched for.

3. Fill in the details

On the next page, provide the title, description, price and other details of the product. If your product has variable sizes and colours, indicate them in your description.

4. Upload an appropriate image

The product image should be the original picture of what you’re selling. You should sell with integrity if you want customers to trust you.

Now here’s a tip. Upload clear images that will make the customer very eager to see the products physically. You should also upload as many images as Jiji allows.

5. Select a location

This is very important, as many buyers use the filter option to input a location. Only products in that particular location will be shown to such buyers. 

Ensure you indicate the state and town where that product is located.

6. Submit your product listing

You should click on the “Post Free Ads” button to save your product. This is the final step. Note that your products will first be reviewed by Jiji to see if it’s in accordance with their rules.

Also, you’re not allowed to sell stolen products, contraband items and harmful things (like poison) that are dangerous to human health.

Sell on Jiji: Mobile app download

You can use Jiji on a web browser, as well as a mobile app. Android phone users can download and install Jiji from the Google Play Store.

iOS users can also download Jiji from the Apple App Store.

What are the types of premium services on Jiji?

Remember that we said earlier on that Jiji is completely free to use. However, Jiji also offers some paid services, but note that this is optional.

There are 2 types of Premium Packages on Jiji that you can use to promote your ads.

Sell on Jiji with the Top Package

The Jiji Top package will promote and place your product at the top spot of the search results page. It will stay there for either 7 or 30 days, depending on the duration you set.

Since your ad will be seen by almost all potential customers searching for that product, you have the chance of getting up to 15 times more customers than other sellers.

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Sell on Jiji with the Boost Package

The Jiji Boost Package will make your products show up in search results more often. The duration can be 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Also, your products will be regularly shown in the Similar Ads area.

You can get up to 100 times more customers than other sellers while using the Boost Package.

How much does it cost to sell on Jiji? Jiji service charges

Well, here’s the beauty of it. It’s completely free to use Jiji. Jiji doesn’t charge a dime to list your products or connect you to buyers. Neither does it charge commissions whenever you make a sale.

This is very rare, as not many eCommerce sites offer this benefit to their sellers. 


Congratulations on becoming a seller on Jiji. Whenever a buyer searches for what you sell or something related, your product will show up.

If the buyer is interested, he/she will click on your product, view the images, and read the description. If the person likes your offer, he/she will message you on Jiji, or click your contact info to reach you outside of Jiji.
You can then negotiate prices further and arrange the delivery. Click here to create your account, sell on Jiji and make more money.


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