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How to Resolve Bank Dispense Error Online in Nigeria

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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One of the most annoying situations you can be in is having a dispense error happening to you. Dispense error occurs when you are debited without the transaction being completed be it a transfer, withdrawer or bills payment. You then have to go to the bank and waste time, which is money by the way, to lodge a complaint. so today we will be looking into How to Resolve Bank Dispense Error Online in Nigeria

What it if I told you you can get this done yourself without having to go to the bank. What you don’t know is that these banks have online platforms where you can log your dispense error.

While matters concerning banks or financial services are quite sensitive, this is why this process does not ask for your pin or full card details. Also, you can only do this on the official website of the bank in question. Under no circumstance should you reveal your details to any third party including this site. Even the official channels don’t ask for information like PIN, full card number or CVV2 number that can be used to execute a transaction on your account.

As at the time of writing this, only Zenith and GTBank have online dispense error logging platforms that do not require logging to internet banking. For the other banks like UBA, Access bank, Firstbank and others you will have to go through their other channels. Other contact channels you can easily use is their email, call-line or live chat where applicable.

How to solve dispense error online for GTBank customers

Did you try withdrawing with your GTB card and was debited without the transaction going through? GTBank makes it easier with their online dispense error logger. Be mindful of fake sites and make sure the domain name is ‘’, check every letter carefully for misdirection.

Back to resolving dispense error, to do this, just head to From there you will click on the part that says ‘Click here to report a dispense error’. It should take you to this page where you can just fill in the details and get your dispense error resolved.

Image 30
How to Resolve Bank Dispense Error Online in Nigeria 3

You can also do this by logging in to your internet banking platform if you have one and follow the steps in the video below.

How to resolve dispense error for Zenith bank customers?

Zenith Bank also has a dispense error logger available on their website and you can do this by simply visiting their official website ‘’ and then to Scroll down to this part.

Image 31
How to Resolve Bank Dispense Error Online in Nigeria 4

Input the details and then search for transaction in question. you can then log the dispense error and the problem is solved.

How to resolve dispense error for Firstbank customers

Although Firstbank does not have a dispense error logger, you can easily submit a dispense error complaint on their official website. Anything other than is not to be trusted. That being said, you can head over to and fill the form to get your dispense error attended to.

How to resolve dispense error for Access (Diamond) Bank customers

You can also easily get your dispense error resolved without visiting the bank if you are an access bank customer. Albeit there is no dispense logger here as well, you can easily email or contact to help you resolve it. All you need to do is provide the details of your transaction and you are good to go.


Nobody will ask you for your full details, not even the official bank channels, your CVV2 number or PIN or your entire card number is not needed to get your dispense error resolved. All you need to do in most cases is provide your account number, part of your card number, time of the transaction and the amount of money involved.


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