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Claytrader – Trampoline Trading Download For Free

Claytrader – Trampoline Trading
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Worth: $997


The “bounce trade” is the most popular and profitable set-up among traders. At the same time, it is also carries the most risk.

The Trampoline Trading system is designed to maximize the success of your bounce trades, while decreasing the risk and ensuring you “play the bounce” like a professional trader would.

The Trampoline Trading system is designed to help you find trampoline bounces, before they happen. Trampoline bouncesare always happening around the market. you just need to know where to look. Here are a few examples…

Besides knowing where to look, you also need to know what to look for in the chart. This way, you will not waste your time with charts that have little chance of bouncing, but rather, you will spend your time trading charts like these…

Trampoline Trading teaches you how to master the art of playing the bounce like the professionals.

There are many strategies out there designed around playing the bounce; however, these strategies carry such a high degree of risk that the entire “Risk vs. Reward” ratio is destroyed (they just fail to tell you this).

This training will teach you all you need to know to not only find the proper set-ups, but also the buy-signals you should wait for before making your move. And of course, once you are in the trade, you will be taught exactly how to manage it with stop-losses.

The strategy is broken down into a very easy-to-understand method of four separate process steps.


  • What attributes and characteristics you should be looking for.
  • Is it even worth adding to your watch list? Since you will know what to look for, you will know whether or not it is worth your time to monitor.


  • Just because the attributes and characteristics pass the initial test, that doesn’t mean you should be entering the trade.
  • You now need to wait for the price to behave how the strategy says it should. If the price does not behave accordingly, you simply move on. You never entered the trade, so no money lost.


  • The price action behaves how you want it to, so “now” it is time to enter the trade. But how?
  • There are two choices for how you can enter the trade. Both carry pros and cons. It’ll be up to your personal preference on how you want to enter the trade.


  • Like any successful ninja, you must be disciplined and follow the strategy rules that have been mapped out.
  • Long term trading portfolio growth is all about one thing: trade management. This stage teaches all the vital trade management components including where you should…
  • Be entering the trade
  • Be locking in profits
  • Be exiting the trade because your stop-loss has been violated

As you can see, there are two stages of teaching before you are even instructed to enter into the trade. Everything is covered!

If you have any questions about any of this course material, pleae do not hesitate to ask by clicking here.


“Hey Clay, wanted to mention that this week I’m having the best trading week I’ve ever had. The reason that’s a big deal is because 6 of the 7 trades I’ve made were my own picks that I selected using skills I gained from Robotic and Trampoline trading courses. Cheers!”

Tozer Max – view the testimonial

“Trampoline Trading: Another winner! Just wrapped up my in depth review of Robotic Trading earlier tonight and moved on to the Trampoline Trading video series. I how you tie in the psychology behind the moves the market makes in Trampoline Trading (got through 3 of the videos tonight and understood everything you were saying). Your presentation and explanation of complex topics are top notch. Even my wife was casually looking over my shoulder at your video and had no problem following what you explained. You have an awesome gift of breaking down the complex in a way that just about anyone can understand it. I see why you are the most followed member on iHub. Your videos are worth every dang penny you charge for them. Keep up the great work and I will continue to recommend the heck out of your video series to family and friends.”

JohnCenaFan – view the testimonial

  • Introduction
  • Video 02 (Trampoline Trade Secret)
  • Video 03 (Trampoline Trade Secret)
  • Strategy Environment
  • Strategy Tools and Ideals
  • Trade Management: 4 Step Process
  • The Winning Attitude
  • Case Studies: Success Trades Part 1
  • Case Studies: Success Trades Part 2
  • Case Studies: Success Trades Part 3
  • Case Studies: Success Trades Part 4
  • Case Studies: Ninja Trades
  • Building Your Watchlist


I acquired this for a huge sum of $997 and am giving it to you guys for free not to encourage privacy but i know how hard the economy is on student. Please if you have the money to purchase it, Please do so by going to the sales page download link I’ll be giving below this post to encourage the author.

If link is dead or was taken down, message me on messenger or email

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Claytrader – Trampoline Trading Download For Free
Worth: $997
Mega FREE download link: Click Here
Sales Page:
 Click Here

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