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List of banks in Nigeria with their details

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If you are a Nigerian who is industrious and trying to make money online or offline, one of your biggest resources will be a bank. A bank helps you keep your funds, transfer your funds and more. It is very important to know your bank and all its contact information. That is why we are compiling a list of all the banks in Nigeria and their contacts.

There are about 21 commercial banks in Nigeria. At a point there were up to 89 until the consolidation of the banking industry.

The Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) is highest monetary authourity in Nigeria. The CBN have an oversight over the banking industry in Nigeria. Over the years, the CBN has carried out many reforms, one of them being the recapitalization of the banking industry in 2005.

It is safe to bank in all the banks in Nigeria. The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) was created in 1988 to protect depositors and guarantee payment of insured funds in the event of failure of insured institutions.

That means even if the banks collapsed, your money should be safe.

Important details you should know about your bank

There are important details that you should know about the banks in Nigeria, especially the one that you are banking with. These details will help make your life easier.

First, it is very important to know the name of your bank. I mean, where do you start from if you do not know the legal name of the bank that you are banking with? It is important and in this article we will help you.

You should also know the website of your bank. This will always come in handy. Because through the website of your bank, you can access internet banking, you can access forms and majority of the information that you may need to make your banking life easier.

Also the customer care number of your bank is very important. There are times things may go wrong and you need to speak with your bank. You may have enquiry to make, knowing your bank’s customer care will help you a lot.

Find the list of banks in Nigeria with their website and phone number below.

List of banks in Nigeria

Here are the list of banks in Nigeria and their details

NameWebsitePhone number
Access Bank
Citibank Nigeria
Diamond Bank
Ecobank Nigeria
Fidelity Bank
First Bank Of Nigeria
First City Monument Bank
Guaranty Trust Bank
Heritage Banking Company
Keystone Bank Limitedkeystonebankng+23470020003000
Polaris Bank
Providus Bank
Stanbic IBTC Bank
Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria
Sterling Bank
SunTrust Bank Nigeria
Union Bank of Nigeria
United Bank For Africa
Unity Bank
Wema Bank
Zenith Bank


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