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Instagram Marketing Strategies: Building a Brand Presence Through Visual Storytelling

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In the hands of a marketer, social media is beyond a photo or video-sharing platform. When optimized in such a way, they can be an effective marketing tool to convert the audience into loyal consumers. 

What’s special about social media is the multiple media formats we can use to share our brand values. There’s the basic photo and video sharing on the feed, and then there are some new additions, like Reels.

Seeing how much the options are today if you want to market something, which platform you would like to use? Normally, we will seek a network that has many monthly visitors, and Instagram fits really well. 

With the existence of Reels and updated Stories that let users share short videos of a maximum of 15 seconds, you may share more about your brand and the unique content you’ve made to gain more followers. 

Besides using the new features, is there any other way to use Instagram as an effective marketing tool? See the details in the explanations below!

The relevancy between website and Instagram

The point of using social media is to spread the word about your brand through the available features. However, before actually starting to make a social media account, it would be best for you to first create a platform where the customers can see the brand a lot closer. You may start by using a website builder. You can consider using compared cheapest website builders to find which one may suit your needs the best. In order to make a quality website, you don’t actually need to spend a lot of money. As long as it’s working great, you’re good to go. 

Once the website is established, you may connect it to Instagram. The way you do it is by putting the link to your website in the bio. Each time you promote something on your feed, you can always include the link somewhere in the post. That way, if they feel curious, your audience may actually visit your platform through this link.

Is Instagram Still Relevant?

The arrival of the biggest competitor ever existed, TikTok, has made a few people question Instagram’s relevancy in this digital world. But, with 2.45 billion monthly visitors, we can say that Instagram is still pretty much relevant, whether as an entertainment or marketing platform.

Seeing how many people actively use the platform, you may use the opportunity to share and improve your brand awareness through more proper marketing strategies. Although the competition looks tough, there’s always a chance for your brand to shine through as long as the good strategies are nicely implemented.

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How to make your brand presence on Instagram

There are some methods you can do to increase your brand awareness on this competitive platform, such as:

1. Making a business account

If the reason you use Instagram is to promote your business, the very first thing you need to do is to create a business account. Yes, it’s really different from a personal account, especially when you look at the perks.

By changing your account status, you may gain useful features, including metrics, analytics, and other features that are exclusive to business accounts. At the same time, the platform will give you a credibility boost to grow your Instagram account, although its effectiveness is still debatable.

What matters is the analytics, which are definitely essential to keep track of what you’re doing and know your target market better. Changing to a business account is also good for optimizing your Instagram profile to look more appealing to the algorithms.

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2. Target market research

After changing your account to business, you may start doing your research to determine who is your suitable target market. Your products and services must have a specific target market that looks more promising than the others. 

Do your research by using search engines and available analytic tools offered by Instagram. Although you got them for free, they are pretty useful.

3. Adapting to new trends

The key to a striving business is the ability to keep its relevancy. See what people are doing today, and don’t be shy to follow the trends. As long as they are positive and relevant to your brand, it’s not a bad idea to hop on the wagon. 

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4. Make valuable content

Content is the key to social media marketing. Once you create content many would feel relatable, there’s always a possibility to get a huge amount of followers the day after. If you don’t know where to look, see what’s on your search and check what’s on the trend.

Currently, many people love the behind-the-scenes content of a business. You can do the same thing by making similar content with the narrative of telling about your business. Share the things you may find to be valuable, like the business process from the start, daily activities in your office, and many more.

The user-generated content like this is always useful and effective in bringing in more followers. Other than sharing the story behind your business, you may also collaborate with influencers to boost your presence even higher. At the start, you may create a partnership with micro-influencers, who may give you similar effectiveness with less costs.


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