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How To Afford What You Can’t Afford

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Adetunji Matthew
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Everyone wants designers, everyone wants the feel and weight that comes with original leather and everyone wants the fluffiness that comes with the ka-ching.

But not everyone can afford it. Preaching living within your means might not be as bad as you think. Most times, all you need to do is change where you shop.

Move over from all things Giuseppe, Birkin, and sneeze out of the Choo. Move away from that store that offers you champagne as you try out each Christian or Jacquemus if not for anything else, but to help you curb a certain desire that can and will be detrimental. This isn’t a clip from the shopaholic’s tale; it’s simply a guide and an encouragement telling you that you really do not have a serious or grave problem.

Well, yeah, name brands. As far as a lot of people are concerned, if it isn’t made by someone who rules the runway and magazine covers it isn’t worth it or it isn’t credible, original. When indeed the names on em shoes, bags, make them much much more expensive.

There are other name brands that are way cheaper and, pardon me, way stronger, durable, than the ones that grace the red carpets. Or better yet, you could just change stores, like I earlier stated, and get them cheaper. Only, no champagne…. no leather sofa!!

Online Vendors

Yes, some have really bad records, some have really expensive wages for subpar taste but the majority have really great wares, a wide range of selections, at affordable prices. When in doubt, you could probably just start off with Instagram for clothes, shoes and bags, or probably just go to a one-stop with hubs which can serve as a search engine for reliable affordable vendors.

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Thrift Stores (online)

a.k.a bend down select but you aren’t doing any bending down. It’s basically thrift store gone digital. A thrift shop sells second hand as the name implies, yes, BUT, look out for the really notable vendors and you’d be amazed at just how fabulously cheap some of the beautiful items are. All at the tap of your fingertips.

Lagos Island Market 

Now the truth is whatever you see online, you can definitely get at half the price at Lagos.


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