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Home Remedies For A Sore Throat

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Have you ever woken up with a sore throat? The itchiness and irritation in your throat can affect the entire productivity of your day.

Try out this home remedies below to get rid of a sore throat:

What's in this guide?


The magic ingredients are lying in the comfort of your kitchen. Add one teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water and stir with a spoon. Gargle the salt water to get relieved from the soreness.

Salt water helps to kill bacteria in the throat responsible for the soreness.

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Honey helps to fight throat infection and provides relief from the soreness. To fight soreness, mix honey with warm water and herbs.

However, it is not advised to give honey to children under the age of one because their guts have not acquired healthy bacteria that can fight off germs, such as botulism spores which is sometimes found in honey.


Garlic contains antibacterial properties known for its ability to fight off infections. Add garlic to your food menu to help get rid of throat soreness.

You can chew the garlic raw or add it to your meals when cooking. After chewing the garlic, ensure you brush your teeth afterwards as the smell is quite potent.

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Hot soup is a great recipe to help combat a sore throat. You can add garlic to the chicken soup

to provide fast relief from a throat infection.

Plus who does not love the taste of chicken?


Nothing trumps the need to consume water daily! A sore throat tends to feel much more painful when you don’t consume enough fluids.Try to drink a cup of warm water daily.


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