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Best Place to Buy Android And iPhones in Nigeria 2021

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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The best place to buy a Good Android Phone or iPhone in Nigeria this year 2021 is somewhere that you trust and is convenient for you. You have a choice to either Order Online or Buy Offline when it comes to buying of Phones.

The best selling phones in Nigeria right now are iPhones, Samsung Phones, Infinix Phones, Tecno Phones, Gionee, Xiaomi, Nokia and Huawei Phones. The two places to buy any Phone made by the brands above are:

  1. Buying Online
  2. Buying Offline

Go through the explanations below to decide where to buy your next phone.

Where to Buy A Phone Online in Nigeria

To buy a phone online means to order Phone at the comfort of your Home using a Phone or Laptop. You can even use someone’s phone to place an order. Depending on your location, the phone will be delivered to you between two to five days.

The good news about buying phones online is that there is an option to pay on delivery. You can even reject the order if you change your mind. And if you are not okay after paying for the phone? You can return it within 7 days.

The best places to order phones online in Nigeria are:

Visit any of the links above and search the product you want. It is very easy and convenient.

But note that shipping fees apply to orders. You can be charged between NGN400 to NGN1,500 Shipping fee depending on your location. Those living in Lagos are usually at Advantage when it comes to delivery time and shipping fee.

Where to Buy A Phone Offline in Nigeria

You have nothing to be scared of making orders online on Jumia and Konga. However, you may want to buy your new phone offline if you don’t want to pay for shipping or wait for days before receiving your order.

Buying phone offline means getting your phone without using the internet. You can walk to any reliable mobile SHOP around you to check and order good phones.

Make sure the STORE is well known and reliable before placing orders. In addition, be careful about buying phones on the road side or with someone who doesn’t have a permanent location.

If you have someone you trust and is very good at Tech, you can let him or her go get a New Phone for you. You can either let the person go alone or follow him/her.

Having gone through this article, where would you want to buy a New Phone this year?

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