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10 reasons you should invest in Cryptocurrency today

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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The Cryptocurrency space has elicited much interest and attention in recent years. A lot of people are investing hugely in blockchain technology, and many others have claimed huge returns of their investments.

The price of bitcoin five years ago was less than $100, now it is over 50k dollars, this makes it obvious that cryptocurrency investment is profitable. Also with the volatility of the market, investments can go down the drain quickly and investors can lose all their money.

There is a lot of bias and misinformation circulating about Cryptocurrencies. So you might get confused and wonder if a cryptocurrency investment is worth it. This article highlights 10 reasons why you should invest in cryptocurrency today.

1. Cryptocurrency gives you control over your assets

The cryptocurrency space is essentially a decentralized platform and gives the user control over the assets that they own. In Cryptocurrency, you own and store your assets without having to involve a third party.

This is quite different from the traditional investment space where third parties play a very powerful role in asset ownership. In crypto trading the value of your assets is not determined by an exchange or a middleman, rather traders have the freedom to get maximum profits from the prevailing exchange rates.

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2. Cryptocurrency investment can potentially lead to high returns

We all want to make profits off our investments, hence profit-making is the major motivator that influences people’s cryptocurrency investment. Money makes the world go round. The possibility of high returns on investments in cryptocurrency as compared to investment in stocks is higher. One can make enormous profits from just one trade in cryptocurrency because of the high volatility.

The volatility is in both ways. One can also lose everything in a second hence traders need to have an effective risk management strategy to limit losses.

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3. Cryptocurrency investments are open source and publicly verifiable

The transparency and security of Cryptocurrencies transactions is a reason why you should invest in Cryptocurrencies.

Although some people associate cryptocurrencies with illegal activities and scams, there is huge trust in blockchain technology, hence many people are going into crypto trading.

The blockchain transactions by nature are encrypted by nature, signed by a private key, and verified by a public key. This makes them almost unhackable – which is a major reason to invest in cryptocurrency.

Major cryptos like Bitcoin are open source. For example, anyone can access and view everything bitcoin on Github.

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4. Cryptocurrencies are good investment choices for the long term

Investments in cryptocurrency are viewed to be extremely beneficial in the long term notwithstanding the volatility and fluctuations that characterize the crypto market.

The value of a coin can increase by thousands of percentage in the long term and thus can act as a reasonable source of savings for your post-retirement phase of life or give you some much-needed financial buffer during a sudden economic crisis.

5. Cryptocurrency gives you a vast range of choices

Having a range of choices is important when investing in any field. The Cryptocurrency market is expanding every day and currently, there are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies in the world thus the diversity of choices available influences your investment decisions.

New coins are created and added to the market regularly. When you have more choices, you have better investment options. You can choose to invest in any of these cryptos.

Now you don’t have to think too much by studying all of the 2000 cryptocurrencies. You can narrow down your choice to the top 20, top 10, top 5 and select the ones to invest your money on.

When investing, don’t restrict yourself to buying only one crypto, invest in several coins as diversity is essential in Cryptocurrency investment.

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6. The future of Cryptocurrency is bright

We are living in interesting times as cryptocurrency continues to gain wide acceptance. A lot of financial experts have stated that cryptocurrency is the future of finance as individuals and corporate institutions and organizations are moving and converting their assets from the traditional banking sector to the digital blockchain space.

The world is now pursuing virtual reality in the metaverse era of the internet and this movement is powered by Cryptocurrencies. There is the rise of NFTs(Non-Fungible Tokens) taking Arts to unbelievable digital dimensions. All these are backed by crypto coins and tokens.

7. Cryptocurrency helps you learn new skills

When you start buying bitcoin and/or trading cryptocurrencies, you will find yourself learning as you seek to master the art of crypto investing. This knowledge will impact heavily on your financial decisions and trading skills. You might not become rich from cryptocurrency investment but you can apply the knowledge in other areas of your life; in your habits, emotional self-control, discipline, reactions, etc. No knowledge gained is a waste. The new knowledge will set you apart from your contemporaries and can make you become a financial consultant to them.

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8. The Influence of Enterprises makes Investment in cryptocurrencies viable

Many top organizations, companies, brands, and industries are beginning to invest massively in the  Cryptocurrency market. They are also making and receiving payments in the form of crypto coins and tokens. This drive is accelerating the growth of the crypto market and giving it the much-needed push.

You should not be left behind because when the markets take a giant leap, the profits will be enormous. Wall Street in the USA has come to see crypto as a viable and efficient form of payment. A company like Tesla has investments worth billions of dollars in Bitcoin.

These large and influential companies working with digital coins are playing an essential role in the development of the virtual currency.

Also, many organizations have gone into mining cryptocurrencies. Aside from trading, you can go into mining as another option of cryptocurrency investment.

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9. Cryptocurrency gives you independence and flexibility

No matter the coin you chose to invest in, the money is yours. You don’t have to rely on banks to hold your money for you.

The crypto market is open 24/7. You can trade anytime and close anytime without having to worry about how/when to buy or sell. You can organize your time and set up your trading routine. You can trade fulltime or partime. Cryptocurrency gives you so much independence.

10. Cryptocurrency has a low entry threshold

One of the reasons why you should invest in cryptocurrency is the low entry threshold it offers. While some other types of investments such as real estate and stocks require huge capital to start up, you can start trading with as low as $100.

You can start buying and selling cryptos with little funds and grow them over time to huge amounts. There is no need for paperwork and complicated procedures with cryptocurrency investments.

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I hope this piece has thrown light on the subject of investments in cryptocurrency. Before you start any form of cryptocurrency investment, I advise that you do your research and understand the volatility of the market.

You can make a lot of money from cryptocurrency investment as well as lose a lot of money. You need to study the coins and tokens that you want to invest in, get to know their use cases and the platforms that you trade on.

Gain awareness of the key roles in the cryptocurrency industry, know the proper exchange to trade with, etc. Cryptocurrency investment has been referred to as the future of finance and hence you need to plug in so as not to be left out. The world has gone digital with digital assets and we are living in interesting times.


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