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10 most profitable niches on Amazon KDP

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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One of the most dependable online passive revenue streams is Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP. Thousands of authors publish their work on Amazon KDP, some make thousands of dollars while others make very little or nothing. 

So what is the secret to making money on Amazon KDP? 

The primary determinant of an independent writer’s earnings via KDP is the niche they choose, among other things. Your niche relates to the genre or subject of your work.

By identifying the books that sell the most on Kindle and evaluating the categories in which you have the highest chance of succeeding, you may find the ideal niche.  

Below are the top 10 niches on Amazon KDP that will make you a fortune in no time: 

1. Romance

One of the most lucrative Kindle book themes is romance. These novels are aimed at women who like spending time alone. They provide readers with a secure and comfortable haven from the daily grind, tension, despair, loneliness, etc., letting them take charge of the story and enjoy it without worrying about how it will end.

There are several sub-niches within the romance genre to choose from, such as Mystery romance, New Adult and college romance, Medical romance, and Contemporary romance.

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2. Comedy

Another excellent field for publishing is humour. Because they are among the most-read books, these titles are well-liked on Amazon.

To succeed as a comedy writer, you must possess strong storytelling abilities and a clear sense of the kinds of humour that appeal to your target audience. Anything too intricate might hinder the success of your book.

In this area, the top-selling sub-niches are Satire, Comedy, and Relationships.

3. Fantasy & science fiction

Although women account for the bulk of digital readers, males also purchase books on Amazon KDP, particularly science fiction titles. 

You’ll probably need to publish several novels or short stories to profit from science fiction books on Amazon KDP. In these works, worldbuilding and crafting a well-thought-out narrative with no gaps in it should be your main priorities. 

Within the sci-fi genre, popular sub-niches include Cyberpunk, Genetic Engineering, Myths and legends, Dark Fantasy, and Epic Fantasy.

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4. Suspense, mystery, and thriller

Writing for the mystery, thriller, and suspense niche demands talent, just like writing for other fiction genres. To keep everything tightly wrapped and prevent major spoilers until the very end, you must know how to create tension and craft a plot. 

This category’s suggested sub-niches include Legal thrillers, Psychological thrillers, and Crime thrillers.

5. Women fiction

One of Amazon KDP’s most diverse genres is women’s literature. There is a plethora of keywords to choose from and a significant earning potential as well. 

The majority of readers on Amazon KDP are women. If you want to succeed financially, you can’t afford to overlook this area.

In women’s literature, the best-selling sub-niches are Contemporary, New Adult and college, Historical, and Suspense. 

6. Politics

The internet has increased interest in political and social science subjects in recent years. It makes sense, given how well these books have been selling recently on Amazon.

Within this area, popular sub-niches include Ethics & Morality and Cultural Anthropologies. If you are a student of the topic and have followed it long enough to create a well-rounded, opinionated book, then you should consider publishing in this area.

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7. Psychology & counseling

Books about psychology and counselling aid in people’s understanding of both themselves and others. They are particularly well-liked by working professionals. It is also an area of interest for young people who want to understand the intricacies of the human mind. 

In this area, the best-selling sub-niches are mental health, social psychology, and interactions. 

8. Self-help 

Self-help books are sure to find their way into everyone’s bucket list in an era when mental health, emotional wellness, and personal development are becoming more important to individuals. 

The self-help market is enormous and profitable as well. Self-help books have become best sellers on Amazon KDP due to the increase in people who are actively seeking self-improvement in recent years. 

One issue with this specialization is that it requires a certain level of expertise. You are losing the war if your advice doesn’t produce the desired outcomes. Self-help books also often include lengthy keywords. It might be challenging to optimize for them, particularly if your keyword research isn’t thorough. 

9. Health and fitness

Everyone wants to achieve good health and physical fitness and will go to great miles for it. People are willing to spend to learning more about their health and solutions to their ailments, so it is not surprising that this is a very popular niche on Amazon KDP. Whether you are a medical professional or not, as long as you have information on how to. To improve your health, you should try this niche. 

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10. Business

For budding writers on Amazon KDP, business is the most popular non-fiction genre. Ambitious readers are eager to hear from experienced entrepreneurs and are receptive to guidance. 

To produce a great business book, you don’t need to be a great writer. There is a wide range of subjects covered in the Business life area. While some of these subjects are quite competitive, others may provide excellent entry opportunities. 


Making money on Amazon KDP is not just about hard work. There are a lot more factors that come into play, and one of the most important is choosing a profitable niche. This will give you access to a vast pool of audiences that are willing to patronize you. So you must research the right niche, sub-niche and keyword before you start publishing. 



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