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Budgeting advice

How to get student loan in Nigeria

A student loan is a facility that affords the student the ability to pay for room and board, personal living expenses, stationaries, and other academic costs while attending a higher institution. A student that has financial difficulty can apply for the...

What you should consider choosing a business

What you should consider choosing a business…….You have to appreciate the fact that there are various forms of business organizations that exist in the environment. Again, business is a profit-seeking enterprise established for the purpose of creating goods and services...

15 vital money lessons you should have been taught in school

Ah, school. For most of us, there was too much talk about Quadratic Equations (knowledge we all need on a daily basis), and too little about managing money. Financial education finally became part of the national curriculum in September 2014 – too...

Student Money Scam To Avoid

Students are generally an intelligent group, especially when it comes to the online world. But that doesn't lead you to invincibility for scams, so listen up! While most people don't respond to emails from foreign princes claiming to offer an...
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How to start shawarma business in Nigeria

A shawarma is a pita bread wrap loaded with the ideal amount of meat, cream, and vegetable combination. Although...
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